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    Fun and engaging ways to celebrate Independence Day at home with the family

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    Disappointed about the subdued Independence Day celebrations this year? Worry not! Here are some fun ways to enjoy the significance of this special day at home, with your loved ones

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    Fun and engaging ways to celebrate Independence Day at home with the family

    India's Independence Day is celebrated around the country with much fervour and enthusiasm year after year. Flag hoisting, parades and various cultural functions to celebrate the birth of free India, and the country's rich cultural diversity, are usually organised in a grand and august manner.

    With the pandemic playing spoilsport, Independence Day celebrations are rather subdued this year with festivities being low-key, and restricted to much smaller gatherings as well, owing to the several precautionary measures and protocols that need to be taken.

    The usually vibrant and grand Independence Day celebrations at the Red Fort in Delhi will take a back seat this time. Vibrant performances by school children, food stalls, and the regular cultural extravaganza will be replaced by a simple solemn ceremony, contactless frisking, wearing of masks and social distancing. Even celebrations that are organised in smaller gatherings or communities must adhere to proper social distancing guidelines with the use of masks.

    Unfortunately, children are going to miss out on what they look forward to most - flag hoisting ceremonies in schools and the festivities that ensue. Instead, most schools plan to hold virtual celebrations in some form to celebrate.

    But let not the pandemic dampen your patriotic spirit! In this article, let us see how we can celebrate independence day at home with as much fun and fervour. We have a bunch of activities for you and the family that is not only exciting but also a great way to teach your child about the significance of this important day.

    Activities for the family this Independence Day

    Connect with your family virtually

    What better way to spend the day than for the family to come together - virtually of course! Schedule a virtual meet-up, on a video conferencing app, with extended family who is located in different cities or even different countries, if possible. But this won't be an ordinary call simply catching up with family. Instead, plan and schedule a few activities related to Independence Day for the call. For instance, you could conduct a quiz on freedom fighters, national leaders or significant events that took place during the Indian war of independence. You could even ask your family members to dress up as freedom fighters or national leaders. And, each person must talk a bit or give an interesting fact or two about the person whom they have dressed up as. Or, everyone could simply dress in the colours of the Indian flag.

    You can also instruct everyone to make small flags that they can pin up on their clothes. And, don't forget to stand up and sing the national anthem together at the end of the call. Make sure to include the younger children in the activities or prepare a special activity for them. It's sure to be a fun and interesting session and a great experience for the children to learn a thing or two about their country.

    Cook in tricolour

    National holidays always call for special treats from the kitchen. This Independence Day, why not indulge in some themed dishes? Yes, you guessed right - cook tricolour-themed dishes! This is a sure way to get your kids involved and engaged for the better part of the day. There are several tried and tested recipes available - from sandwiches and pastas to salads, pulaos and deserts! Bring out the carrots and greens to cater to the theme of the day. Let your child help in choosing the tricolour menu. You can all brainstorm about various ideas and combinations for some exciting tricolour dishes.

    More importantly, this activity can be an interesting learning exercise for your children as well. Make sure you explain to them what each colour of the flag symbolises, their significance and why they were chosen. In fact, there are several other fascinating facts about the Indian flag to discover. Together you can read up about when and how this version of the flag came to be, who designed the flag and also look at pictures online of the earlier versions of the Indian flag.

    Community celebrations

    If you live in a fairly large apartment complex, your association can organise safe celebrations to mark Independence Day with proper social distancing and other precautionary measures in place. Keeping these in mind, a few children can put up a simple dance or song performance to mark the occasion. You can get the children in the complex to make small flags for people to pin on their clothes. They can be distributed in a safe, contactless and orderly manner. In a similar way, some sweets can also be shared among all.

    During the celebrations, remember to keep safe and avoid activities that might pose a risk.

    Also, explain to the children why these certain measures are in place and why celebrations are low-key this year. Once they understand why they are more likely to follow the rules and measures as well. Tell them how festivities everywhere are subdued and about the various safety measures that are being put in place for parades across the country.

    Play dress-up

    Here's another fun activity. To get into the spirit of Independence Day, why not hold a sort of fancy dress competition at home? Don't worry about getting perfect costumes - simply make do with what's available. And, this is not just for the kids; you and your spouse can get dressed up too! Don't forget to include grandparents as well in the whole show. Once you are all ready, each person can talk a bit about who they are dressed up as or give an interesting anecdote about the person. For younger children, explain to them who they are dressing up as and why this particular person is important.

    To make things more interesting, you can even recreate a simple flag hoisting ceremony at home. Explain the event to your children and help them understand the significance of the ceremony. Don't forget to capture these precious moments with the family on camera!

    Walk your own parade

    Yes, indeed! Why not organise a mini-parade with the kids at home? If possible, involve your neighbours as well, keeping in mind safety measures such as masks and sanitisers.

    Each person can represent a branch of the military forces, police or even other significant professionals, famous personalities or sportspersons from our country. March around the house to a famous marching song while waving flags. Or sing a patriotic song while marching to its rhythm. The children can even sing a patriotic song or perform an Indian classical or folk dance.

    This is another learning opportunity for your child to discover various interesting facts such as the military forces of the country, the various ranks of the soldiers, patriotic songs and anthems and other interesting facts and details about India's rich heritage.

    While this year's Independence Day celebrations are sure to be muted, you can certainly commemorate this special day at home with your loved ones. We hope we've given you fun and interesting ideas that you can enjoy to mark the occasion. Most importantly, if gathering with friends and neighbours do remember to follow all guidelines for social distancing and wear your masks to keep safe.


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