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  3. Day 1 - #GFH2021 Challenge 1 | Go Fish, I Wish!

Gadget Free Hour 2021

Gadget Free Hour 2021

Day 1 - #GFH2021 Challenge 1 | Go Fish, I Wish!

Today is ‘Go Fish, I Wish’ Day. Don’t worry, nothing fishy about it. 😊
Remember those running races that you always wanted to win as a kid? Oh, the thrill of coming first, and the disappointment and vague excuses when someone else pipped you to the post. But all in all, it was the fun of playing, the hope of winning, and the silly-willy arguments that kept you engaged for hours on end. Well, today you’re going to relive those joyful days. So, here’s one for you and your children. Let the unlimited happy time begin!

What you will do:
● Make newspaper cutouts of fishes the size of your palm, one for each family member
● Mark the start and finish lines for the race
● Line up all the fishes at the start line
● At the ‘Go’ signal, everyone starts to blow their fish toward the finish line
● The fish that reaches the finish line first is the fastest!

A Reminder:
At the end of the activity, click your Fishy Formula 1 family picture (with the fishes) and share it here. ... more

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  • Nov 6, 2021