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Mother's Day


Mother's Day


We all would be having several unforgettable memories with our mother - funny, heartwarming, not so pleasant, painful, challenging, happy and much more! This Mother's Day, share with us one special memory of your mother that you would always cherish! Top entries win gift vouchers worth up to Rs. 5,000! Also, stand a chance to be featured on www.parentcircle.com. Contest closes on 20th May 2020. TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. Send original entries only. 2. It is deemed that participants are responsible/liable for the photos/ content that they post. 3. ParentCircle may use the photographs for publishing purposes in the future at its discretion. 4. The decision of judges is final. ... more


Team ParentCircle Jun 24, 2020

Congratulations to our winners!

Kanisha Jun 24, 2020

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Congratulations Winners!

Karuna Rai May 21, 2020

Mother Daughter relationship is very unique..Their connection is like none other...
I will here tell my life changing story which transforms me completly..Since my childhood i was very short tempered girl..on every small small things i used to get angey and behaves rude...due to this behaviour i was having very less friends and i used to stay alone mostly...I still remember it was my birthday and mom has made a Cake for me, decorated the Room,Made nice meal, Bought me a nice dress and invited the guest...Everything was set...Cake come and candles lit...The moment I was suppose to blow out the candle my younger brother who was standing besides me blow the candle and started clapping...I got very angry and not only i slapped him...but also throw the cake in ground...all were stunned !! Whole party got spoiled....Rest i cant explained how mom handled the situation...
When my emotion settle down and i was sitting in my room mumma came near me...And said...." See the whole thing...your precious day...your birthday got spoiled..not because of your brother...not because of you..its because of your anger..your Anger is your biggest enemy...the moment you get angry you forget everything...the situation, the people, the word we are saying...the word we say in anger to someone hurt others....it may penetrate deep inside them...those words affect them badly...they create wound in their heart....later no matter how many time you say sorry to them wound will always be there....anger will stole your inner peace...see here you are sitting alone...if you wont control your anger you will have no friends..this anger will make you feel lonly...dont get angry..it will not only hurt other people but also it will hurt you too.... so control your anger......!!"

I was stunned...i was listening all these with my head down...tears were rolling from my eyes...i realised my mistake ..and i hugged my mom tightly...and that moment i decided that i will control my anger and will not hurt others...I will not hurt my mom..will not hurt others...Will not spoil my precious moments.....It was not easy even....still whenever I get angry I recall my mom's precious advice and keep calm....I have learnt to control my anger...This is one of the precious lesson and memorable incident of my life which. My mom has taught me.
Mother's Love is Pure and unconditional. She know us the Best.

There are many moments in Life when I must show gratitude and say Thanks to you but i didnt do it...There are many moments i have taken you for granted....There were moments when you make me feel like princess but i didnt revert your feelings..There are billion way to say ThankYou but i am choosing this day to convey my feeling that I Love You...mom Bharti Gupta!!!

"Thank you Mom, for making me what I am today; Thank you Mom for making me learn to differ wrong and right; Thank you for always standing beside me and having my back and moulding me into a strong Women.

Kavita May 20, 2020

All mother's do a lot for their children and those memories keep flashing in front of our eyes all our lives.
I still cherish memories of my wait to reach home from school, college and later office and devour the yummy lunch or dinner cooked by my mom. I miss all the girly talks with my mom, who has always been my best friend. I can never forget that my mom was a strong support in educating me as much as i wanted to study and to stand for me against all those who opposed my inter-caste love marriage.

We can never repay our parents for all they did for us. However we surely can do something for them, that leaves long lasting memories in our minds and theirs too.

I am sharing here a memory of something i did for my mom, that brought a permanent smile on her face and joy to her heart.

Even after marriage and moving to a different city with hubby dear, ny friendship and bonding with my mummy remained very strong. I was very ambitious, enjoying a full time job and my career growth. I had married the boy of my choice too. So life was happy with a loving husband, a cushy job and a decent salary. There was no place for kids in my life.

I was neither very fond of children, nor had the time or energy to raise a child...hence me and hubby had no plans of.going the family way. My friend ( my mom) kept pestering me to have a baby and i kept brushing aside the topic.

One day she called me and refused to speak. She kept weeping like a baby. After some time she disclosed the cause of her unhappiness. My absence from her life was making her feel very lonely. She had begun to envy the grandparents in her vicinity, who had grandchildren to play with and ward off their loneliness. That particular day she met some lady wih an infant granddaughter. My mom began playing with the baby. After few minutes the lady went home with the baby, asking my mom if she did not have a grandkid of her own. That was the reason for my mom's tears. Funny though but she said that at that moment, she felt deprived of a happiness that only I could give her.

That conversation made me lose my sleep. The emotional black mail had worked on me. I began feeling guilty of depriving my parents as well as his parents of playing with a baby , who they could call their own.

My career growth and future plans began taking a backseat and this thought of gifting a grandchild to my mom, became predominant. In the meanwhile her requests and pleadings for a grandhild continued.

Finally me.and hubby decided.to give in to her demand. The day i broke the good news of my conception to her on phone, there was an unimaginable happiness in her voice. Soon she got busy preparing for the arrival of her grand kid.

9 months later i gave birth to a bonny baby girl. As the nurses got me back to my room and lay me on the bed....i saw my mom holding my lovely daughter in her arms and weeping again. This time though.the tears were of happiness and joy.

She walked down to me to show me my baby. I held her hand and told her, ' "this is my gift to you, for all that you have done for me "
The memory of that moment was priceless. Unfortunately i don't have a picture of her big , broad smile with tears overflowing from her eyes and rolling down her cheeks.

Later i did try my best to let her keep her gift for ever. I continued my job in mumbai while she took care of my baby in Pune.
However within 7 /8 months, the mom in me realized too that she could not live without her child. So i decided to quit my job and happily bring my baby back home to me. My mother willingly gifted her precious gift to me. After all she was a mom and mothers go to any extent to sacrifice their happiness for that of their child.

Look at this snap of ny mom admiring her grand-daughter while i smile seeinrg her happy

Sreelu Bhatt May 20, 2020

A SPECIAL GIFT FOR MY MOM: You start to appreciate your mother even more, once you become a mother yourself. This year on mother's day, I wished to gift my mother a 'moment' by which she could relive some of her cherished motherhood memories. Pictures are worth a thousand words - so I recreated some of my childhood pictures through my daughter, Tanaya. Through this, I could also tell my daughter that even the little things one does for their loved ones can have a huge impact on their heart. It is always difficult to pick one special memory of my mother that I cherish so I wrote about the most recent memory that I am going to cherish for the rest of my life.
Love you, mom, and hope, someday I could be as strong and independent as you!

Arathi Vishwanath May 20, 2020

Showing true love and affection without expecting anything in return is possible for only one person, that is a MOTHER. She is the only one who can punish you, guide you, teach you right behaviour and always think for your better future. She is the only one who can understand your pain and feelings very well. She cheers with your success and always guide you with the proper solution if you lose. God cannot be everywhere with us so he created mother.
When youll become a mother, youll understand me
These were the wordings I heard from my mother when I was growing. I never thought this could be true, but am now finding it true while bringing up my daughter.
Even though it was very difficult to manage the life with the earnings they had, my mother never said No to whatever I asked. She had worked very hard with my father to run a hotel business and give me a good education.
I would never forget that day when I got my job at Hyderabad and my mother came all the way from Bangalore to search for a hostel. I couldnt imagine how Id stay alone without my mother the day she left me in the hostel. But I never understood how she felt as a mother back then. But as a mother she was hard and didnt show her feelings in front of me as she knew that it was for my future. Today when I see my daughter growing, I cannot imagine myself on that day when she will be moving to hostel for further studies.
A mother knows when she has to be caring, loving and when she has to be hard with her child.
Again, I remember the day when she said bye to me while sending me with my husband. I never knew how to cook before marriage and my mom, in spite of getting tired due to the marriage, she spent a lot more time preparing all kind of spices and powders that made my job easier.
One more great time I can remember my mother is when she was with me during my pregnancy and after delivery. She never allowed me to work till 5-6 months after the baby was born and taught me each and everything about caring the baby. This was the time again I felt bad, and thought how can I stay without her help when she left me alone and went back. Now, I could realise that it was hard time for her too to leave me alone, but it was inevitable.
Today when I face problems bringing up my daughter, I realise the problems my mother suffered.
There are few happy moments with my mother to share too, whenever she visited my place, we all together went to many places and enjoyed. Even now if I visit her place she takes care of me like a child.
No matter how old you are, you are still a small child to your mother.
According to me my mother is always a super woman.

Vijaya lakshmi May 20, 2020

Oh beautiful Mother.. Your love is so pure, selfless and unconditional. No one can can ever replace your love towards us. Your endless nagging and scoldings are just to ensure that we walk in the right path and be perfect in everything that we do.

I think about how I will never be able to do anything to repay you for everything you have ever done for me. From carrying me in your womb to bringing me into this world, you have given me everything that you have, from the food on your plate to the capacity in your ears to listen.

I can't imagine how hard being a mother is, especially being a women like you, so hardworking, creative, innovative, energetic, clever, focussed and the list goes on without an end. I can't imagine my life without you MOM

Growing up, my memory is filled with how you took every effort to be there for me at all times especially in a time with no technology and staying apart due to your work commitment. Nevertheless, you never made excuses and took all the extra miles to be present in my life. You allowed me to grow, guiding me in making right choices and most of all taught me to stand for myself.

Though we have all grown up, you still put us first all the time ensuring we have food on our tables, clean clothes to wear and a happy home to live. Well, I guess you need to start putting yourself first and stop worrying so much about us and how we are.

Mother, I love you.. i love you always and forever. You're my best friend and pillar of my strength.

Bhaswara Bandopadhyay May 20, 2020


Priscilla May 20, 2020

My mom is my BEST FRIEND FOREVER. She has been there for me in every situation of life. She cried with me in my pain and laughed with me in happiness. She scolded me when i did wrong and corrected me when i went in wrong path. She is the one who worries for me more than anyone.She is my biggest support,strength and happiness.well there are many best moments with mom, our daily conversations which usually go long.And dont stop and her care for me when Iam sick and food made by her is my favorite.. Iam away from my parents because of my studies but whenever she comes to see me she prepares all my favorite dishes and her prayers for me.Well, one of the most memorable moment in my life is..
As I said Iam away from my parents for study. I was 18 years old by that time. and i was really scared and homesick to stay away from my parents.Once they came to see me. and we enjoyed few days and they were leaving that day and before stepping into the car, SHE KISSED ON MY FOREHEAD and said dont worry we will come back soon ,take care..i still remember that moment and it is best..
And i have many other memorable moments with mom uncountable and just cant express them..mom always made me gave me the best,best care,best love and everything the best both in quality and quantity ..LOVE YOU MOM and MISS YOU..

Sudha Sehgal May 19, 2020

My daughter.. my heartbeat..
The best person in my life after my parents, is my husband.. Well because of him only I got my lovely daughter..Her loving and cheerful nature is the reason of happiness in our house.. When she walks with her little feet, it seems like some music is on.. She makes me complete. Though my mother taught me many things but she taught me to love somebody unconditionally, to have patience, the art of giving and to pamper somebody. I wish if we all can become carefree like all those sweet kids, no tensions and no worries, half of the chronic diseases will end their own.
I remember when she was about two years old , I asked her about one of the Lord Ganesha statue at our home, that why his hand is positioned like this (giving ashirwaad)? She simply replied me that Lord Ganesha is her friend and he was giving her high five.. That was the cutest answer I have ever heard. . She understands everything so well. When I told her about the coronavirus infection , she never asked me to go out and play. She is the sweetest thing that happened to me till now..
Just to please her few lines for my daughter..

You were born with a sweet cry..
But you made me smile..
You opened your eyes for a while,
Saw this world and might thought "where am I"
You were tiny little girl with big eyes
Wondering in her own world with a sweet smile..
Sometime you were playful and sometimes you cried..
You are growing beautiful and fast,
Your playful nature and lovely talks..
Scattering things with your tiny walks
Still remember your first word,
After that your endless stories and chirping like a bird..
Slowly slowly you started running,
About your surroundings, you keep on learning..
You are like silky soft string,
Tying a family in one ring..
You are the Apple of my eyes
I wish that you always fly high,
Without any cord, without any boundations,
And also wish you to be a great human..
Wish you always be in a better health,
And yr life is always full happiness and wealth...
Lots of love

Sudha Sehgal May 19, 2020

My Mom... everything for me..

As far as I remember my mom was my first teacher for everything.. She is the reason of being me... As a doctor, as a good cook, as a good mom and above all as a good person.. She is everybody's strength.. She was the strongest pillar when my father left us in between because of an accident.. Her hardwork and the patience are the reason for both of us sisters, to be successful in life.. I still remember the tears in her eyes when I got my BDS degree. She understands me and helped me to study further ( post graduation, MDS), though we are short of money.. She taught me to be an independent girl.. And told me that girls are not only the marriage material.. Hey girls, we can do anything if we have backbone like her..
Though words are not enough for her but still wrote few words for her..

With the morning sunlight,
I came to your life,
You made my every second bright..

From changing diapers and as a doctor me,
You are always there for me..
For any puzzle, you are my key..

You made my first step possible ..
You always smile on everything, though sometimes, I was terrible..
You just fought and get everything away,
If anything would came my way..

I remember how you taught me my first lesson of drawing..
You are my first teacher in everything, either learning or writing..

My first alphabet was because of you..
My first word was because of you..

You are the reason of my first round chapati..
Your tricks always work to enhance my beauty..
You just not made me independent ..
But also taught me always be like friend..
Your beautiful heart always make me a good person..
And makes me to shine like Sun..

You are the reason of my smile
Whenever I am sad, you just hold me tight..

Nothing can beat you mom..
Your lap and shoulders be always remain at the top..
Because of you only, our home is THE HOME..
love you maa!!!

Jasmine Bose May 19, 2020

My Mom was a working woman. 9 to 5:30 government job. From my birth, I had seen her busy. She even had no time to pick up me in her lap and cuddle. Unlike most of her colleagues, she was dutiful. She never came early from her office. Neither she attended my school's parent-teacher meetings nor was she present when I received the first prize of my life. So, we had very few memories to cherish. When I had time, she was busy and when she had time, I was busy. My mother was quite busy looking after my father. He was suffering from Parkinson's disease followed by paralysis. And when she finally started staying, I got married. She retired from the job but not from the household chores.
After marriage, I did not miss her much and was not very eager to meet her either. But as per the old rituals, I had to stay with Mom during my first delivery. As always, I thought of her as a bad mother. I was not expecting any special attention from her. Whatever she was doing was more than enough for me. Thank God I had two brothers who were there to make me happy.
I was willingly waiting to go back to my home. So, at the end of the third week when hubby called, I asked him to take me and my newborn daughter back. He insisted on me to live for at least a few more weeks but I refused. Mom was too busy with Dad and household chores. I felt neglected. He promised to take me home next day. My sasural was in the same city with a distance of hardly 35 Km.
When Mom heard this, she said, "It will be better." I started packing my bags. Too tired of all this, I lay down on the floor itself. As I was sleep, my eyes opened suddenly. Mom was trying to wake me up.
"What happened?" I asked, annoyed.
"Nothing. Get up and sleep on the bed. You will catch cold."
I was not interested but rose up and lay on the bed. She also sat near me, You must be tired. I have made garlic-mustered oil. It is good for you." Then she took a bowl from table and started massaging my hand. I looked at her face. Her wrinkled face had a sign of satisfaction.
She massaged my feet, head, oiled my hair. Before leaving the room, she said, I had no time to look after you when you were a kid. But at least I looked after your baby for these few days. Keep coming."
I was surprised. That day was the most cherish-able day with Mom who is no more today.

Jigna Tushar shah May 19, 2020

Gol vina molo kansar
Ma vina suno sansar

Prabha May 19, 2020

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My MOM means the world to ME ??

Prabha May 19, 2020

Woh chhoti si bacchi jo
Baat baat par ruth kar
Ek kone mein baith jati thi
Jo apni baat manane ke liye
Kai tarkeebe dhund laati thi
Woh chhoti bachi nahi rahi main..
Maa ab main badi ho gayi hu

Shipra May 19, 2020

Sushma Chaturvedi May 19, 2020

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Moumita Seal May 18, 2020

Shipra May 18, 2020

Shipra May 18, 2020

Shipra May 18, 2020

Afreen Shanavas May 18, 2020


An ethereal entity caressing past my life,
Destiny was it,
I could feel the warmth of her hand,
For only too short a time.

The scent of your body,
Sprinkled with perfume,
For me to breathe.

The heartbeat of our home,
Her love as pure as gold,
Unblemished like a clear sky,
Pouring down scintillating hailstones,
Diffusing an aura of benevolence.

Floundering throughout life,
Never halting for breath,
Nor for leisure,
Hands rotting, never resting,
Pleased to bestow her life
For her scions
Her mouth never escaping a word.

A love so unique,
It is neither acquired nor deserved,
Your memory a treasure,
Missed beyond measure.

I still feel her stare on my face,
The thousand kisses she planted,
The eternal hug,
Lasting for moments longer,
The sweets of laughter.

Never can I completely repay her,
But I did as much as I could,
Nursed her until
She was no more,
And will idolize her until
I am no more.

P Sailaja May 18, 2020


I love my kids

Shipra May 18, 2020

Dyuthi May 18, 2020

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If I start to write about one memory with mumma ,I am sure I'l end up writing my entire life story untill now because every page of my life's diary is incomplete without her.
Anyone in this world can turn their back on me some or the other day but my mother is stronger than the captain America's shield. She will be my ultimate protector.
My eternal feelings for her in few words:
You are the gold dust
You are the world's best
You are the moon without any scar
You are the angel who heals all my scars
There's no such poem that I can dedicate for you ,
Because you are the most beautiful rhythm of my life

A special memory with my mom was when I had class 4 summer vacations and she took me to her school . She showed her prayer hall too .We played on the seesaw and also swinged in a nearby park. She told me that she used to go to that park with her friends and was very happy to play with me there after so many years. I can't explain how happy she was. She had always been a great mom but that day I found my bestfriend in her. Itseems in her childhood, she used to often visit a Shiva temple nearby and she took me there. Even after so many years one of the pandits recognised her and she was jubilant to seek his blessings for me. Later Mom took me to her favourite chaat , dosa , pakora and sweet shop. It was such a joyful evening.

Another special moment that I remember was when we went on a family trip to hongkong. We all went to Disneyland on one of the days of the trip. It was so vast that mom and me were lost. Initially she panicked, then we decided not to waste time , we both started off from a super fun ride then met the Disney characters and clicked pictures, we watched smurf and the Madagascar show and the very special Disney parade. We had forgotten about everyone else and enjoyed like never before. It seemed like a fairytale to me with my life's barbie.

A mother is thoroughly the magician of our lives. She takes away all our grief and fills us with laughter.
But the bitter truth is that most of us take her for granted and forget to value whatever she does for us and this is the saddest part. Only on mother's day we just post 'I love you mom' on social media but forget to love her and care for her. I may never become a perfect daughter, but I will always love her.
MOM is like the daily festival of lights and colours.
Every mother is a superwoman.

deeptipachauri May 18, 2020

Undoubtedly, life is sure a bumpy ride,
But it's not so bad when you have your mother by your side;
There's times when you wanna escape and hide,
And your graceful mother makes everything as smooth as a slide

Prabha May 17, 2020

I love my daughter ?? she remind my childhood and maa.

Sonal May 17, 2020

The time when I was missing dad , the hour when I felt week in my happiness. My mom was there to hold me tight and hug me,to make me feel that she is there ,and will always be there by my side.

Prabha May 17, 2020

Worshipping to God.
I am watching Religious Serials with my Mother like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Sri Krishna etc in presence of children.
We all together are getting close to God by watching these Serials.

Prabha May 17, 2020

This photo is very special and this day also a memorable one....this has taken during lockdown period wen I met my daughter after 35 days on mother's day... As a health worker i did long hectic schedule in hospital and she sent to far away from home due to her safety... And the day we met after long time was really memory.. Whole day we both just lied down together and talked a lot

Geeta sahu May 16, 2020

With mothers, one cannot explain the one best memories as there are bundles and bundles of memories and we can write them on and on.. however , one of the recent and happiest moment of my life with her was when I, myself become mother and she was there with me to share all infinite emotions and tears into my eyes. She's there in the beginning of the journey of my motherhood. Due to lockdown, I am still with her and learning the best out of her towards the betterment of my motherhood for the best future of my son.

Satyaki Das May 16, 2020

My best friend, my Maaa...

Rahul Rajee May 16, 2020

I wrote a poem for my Super Hero Maa -

"Ghar ka kona kona Maa ki jhalak se saja hai .Rasoi ho ya kamra ,varandah ho ya chatt .
Maa makan ko ghar banati hai .
Swadisht pakwano ki khusbu aati Rasoi ghar se
Kamra sajaya Maa ne bagiche ke phoolo se
Varandeh mein rakkha chidiyo ka ka daana paani aur mere jhoola
Chatt pe rakhhi achar ki barni
Sab mein hai Maa ki Chavvi"

Someday Mom will start her school for under privileged children
I LOVE Mom because my mother has a Heart of Gold she not only loves and cares for her family but always ready to help needy people,she teaches in a orphanage and participate in Swachta Abhiyaan and plantation drive to keep environment clean and green.
Mom gives training to down trodden women to make eco friendly sanitary pads so they can earn some money and contribute to save the environment as well.

Sapna Udaywal May 16, 2020

Mothers Day

My mother is my One Woman Army who empowers ,supports ,paints the canvas of my life with colours of love and positivity.
She fought against all conservative people around who never wanted a girl child to go out of station for higher studies and helped to fulfill my dreams.
She has a Heart of Gold, she teaches under privileged children and give training of stitching +handicrafts to slum dwellers ladies so that they can earn not only money but self respect too.
I wrote a poem and made this purse for my super hero to express my gratitude and love towards her on this Mothers Day

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I feel blessed to have two Moms who shower their unconditional love on me .One is who gave me birth and other is sent by God itself after I got married means my Mother In Law. She has been my strong support, mentor ,cookery teacher as I used to be pampered princess before getting married so was very fussy eater and did not know cooking at all .My Mother In Law made me perfect in cooking now with her utmost patience +support.
She is my shopping pal and great advisor . Above all she is my honest critic as well in order to bring best out of me. She has never been partial between me and her own daughter . She proved all that so called Saas Bahu sagas myth for me.
One special quality of my Mother In Law is -Never Give Up and never bear injustice as she believes- No obstacle can be bigger than your courage and self confidence to overcome it". This quality makes her my role model .

Prabha May 16, 2020

To moms
1. She gets up before the Sun to complete the morning work.
2. She doesn't get rest until the work gets best.
3. She lights like the Sun.
4. She cools like the Moon in difficult situations.
5. She guides us like The Stars.
6. She smiles when everyone smiles.
7. She motivates everyone.
8. She stands like the Himalayas to guard her house.
M - Master
O - owner
T - Teacher
H - Head
E - Enter
R - Rare

Prabha May 16, 2020

Debarati Roy May 16, 2020

When remembering my days with Ma, along with her love and care I fondly recollect the delicious dishes she cooked for us. During festive days of Durga puja we mostly have to eat veg dishes and no one ever grudged about it because Ma used to come up with delicious combos like luchi paneer or polao paneer. A special dish on such occasions was Sahi Malai paneer. The soft paneer cubes in rich aromatic buttery gravy tasted simply yummy. I still remember those days watching her to prepare it and that day when I first prepared and served it to her. She was so happy that she hugged me and kissed on my forehead. Today I like to share the recipe of Sahi Malai paneer with all of you in memory of my beloved Ma. Love you Ma.
Sahi Malai paneer


Malai Paneer: 300grms,butter :2tsp, white oil:3tbsp,tomato puree:2tbsp,green elachi:3no,bay leaves: 2no,salt,sugar:to taste,kashmiri mirchi:1tsp,card:2tbsp,kajubadambata&melon seeds:3tbsp,green chili:3no, kasuri meethi leaves:1tbsp,shahi garam masala:1/2tsp


Cut panter into cubes and soak in lukewarm water with pinch of salt and sugar for ten minutes
Heat oil and butter in a pan and add elaichi and bay leaves.
Add tomato puree, paste of ginger, cashew and melon seeds. Then add green chillies, and curd, kashmiri mirch powder,salt,sugar and kasuri methi powder cook till oil separates from gravy.
Add the panter cubes and the water in which it was soaked and wait till it start boiling. Add garam masala, put off the flame and keep the pan covered for five minutes before serving.

Nidhi May 15, 2020

My daughter Anindita made a beautiful picture. She is 8 years old.

Rajamani Revauthi May 15, 2020

first memory

It was my first day at school at the age of five,I still remember, I was holding my mothers hand and was very nervous, My heart felt so heavy that I felt like I had a ball juggling between my chest and the throat, silently choked. I know it was time to go and if I let my mom know my anxiety I thought she would fear. So, I mustered up all my courage to bid a good-bye , to my surprise i saw her eyes had a tear, sliding down from her sunken eyes that she gently wiped to wave me a bye, with a little smile on her lips. I hushed, Mom, are you crying? , No, Im not! she replied. That was her second lie.

second memory

It was when I graduated, I saw my mother like a flutter fly, dancing like an innocent child with a feeling of fulfillment and joy. She looked like as if she has accomplished the utmost achievement on earth. And later it was time for me to fly abroad, to pursue higher education and to look out for a career. When I asked her if she was happy, she replied with all her sorrows within, Yes, truly Im, but I could see her grief within, yet she was grinning outwardly.

third memory

My mother started training me to enter the mantle of a daughter in law, right from when I was a fifteen year old girl. Holidays were tuition sessions for me with my mother in the kitchen. She made me stand by her side in the kitchen and taught me how to cook.

Weddings are a major milestone for moms too. It seems like just yesterday she was watching me take my first steps and now she's watching me walk down the aisle to my future husband. Needless to say, she couldn't be any prouder.As she helped me into my dress, watched me walk down the aisle and recite my vows, She was so incredibly enamored with the beautiful young lady that I had become, both inside and out.Then inevitably the emotion overwhelms her and she tears up, but she doesn't want to be a blubbering mess on my big day. Here she goes again when interrogated, "Amma, are you crying?" she lied again saying "No" which was a painful reply.

Being a mother now I realise nobody prepared me for this time. Nobody told me of the heartache of the teenage years with a child, and nobody especially told me of the heart wrenchingly bittersweet moment in your childs life when they grow up, and you watch them fly from the nest. I think that if someone had told me that, if there were a self help book about that, I would have most likely saved myself from years of heartache and years of headache, because this job does not come without risk. There are times that I want to cradle my child to me, There are times when I want to do this, and I have to stop myself sometimes, because I have to allow my child to run free, to experience lifes pains and joys all on their own. For, how else will they learn?

Parenthood is a life-long journeyand its also a life-long (often-painful) practice of letting one season go as a new season begins. It begins postpartum and doesnt end on our eighteenth birthday or their high school graduation or when they leave for college or when they graduate from college or when they get married or even when they become parents themselves.

You will never know how much your parents are worth till you become a parent. If your mom is alive and close to you, give her a big kiss and ask her for forgiveness and if she is far away, call her. If she has unfortunately passed away, pray for her.

Rajamani Revauthi May 15, 2020


You are the one who taught me how to walk and talk, You never skipped your duties even when life showed you tremors and shocks.

Ma, you are the power house of my life , since my life began, Mother! the word where the meaning of love begins and end.

Even though life decided to be grave with you , you ultimately chose to be courageous and brave.

Everything else in the life is unsure, but mothers love in you is very pure for sure.

Ma, you are the one who never gave up on life despite all the struggles, Just to make sure that all your kids are happy and snuggled.

Mom! You are sure the meaning of perseverance, sacrifice, hard work and love. Many thanks to you, but thats not enough and for your endurance, I bow!

My mom is the epitome of sacrifice.

Uma Gautam May 15, 2020

Surbhi Bose May 15, 2020

Me and my daughter

Subhojit Panda May 14, 2020

A mother can take everybody's place but no one can ever take a mother's place. She is the most beautiful creation of God and definitely a blessing for her children. I am truly blessed to have someone in my life- my mother, who loves me more than anyone else in this world. I will share an instance here where she proved how much she loves and cares for me- Last year, we went to Mauritius on a short trip. On day 3, we were taken to Nepalese Bridge, the highest Nepalese bridge on the Indian Ocean. It was perhaps 150 feet long and suspended over dense forests. I and my mother decided to go for it. Initially I was very excited to walk on the bridge but as soon as I stepped on it, I was terribly frightened. The bridge had very small wooden planks to walk. The bridge was shaking since there were several others walking over it as well. While my mother was happily walking and enjoying, I was way behind her. After few moments, she could realise that I was getting nervous and immediately told me that she was there with me and there was nothing to fear. After hearing these words, I got a mental boast and she asked me to closely followed her steps and walk slowly without looking down. After 15 minutes, we both reached the other end of the bridge and I immediately hugged her for being my strength throughout. I love her very much! I have even attached the photo of our walk on Nepalese Bridge here..!

Nidhhi sharma May 14, 2020

Happy mother's day to all members
In mother's day we can only say that mother is starting ND end of d person without mom you can't understand anything she is only one who introduced us to the world she tells wrong ND right she always keep in mind that I have to make my child happy in each ND every path of life she is the real God because she tells don't do beta it will create problem to u
She always care us as a new born baby .we cannot explain what is mother ????
Mother for me everything and I understand this when I also became mom my daughter feels me what is the speciality of motherhood.Im always thankful to my mom for giving me ideal life ND learnme rules ND rights
Just like I m giving to my daughter
Maaa ko smjho dostoon dunia Mei bs maaa hjo tumhe kbhi rota nhi dkhskti aur uske Lia tum kbhi galat nhi hoskte lv u mom

Prabha May 14, 2020

Mothers day special 2020

Amma enbathu moondru ezhuthu kavithai ? No words can describe a mother cos she is great than everything else. There is nothing in this world is equal to mom. She is a unique. She is just wow. A big salute to all the mothers in this world. The best memory I always cherish is my ramp with mom

Sanchita Mittal May 13, 2020

*??? ?? ??? ???? ????? ?*
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God created Mothers because he cannot be everywhere, and my mom has a big heart
My biggest inspiration is my Mom, Indra Agrawal
Whatever I have achieved today is just because of the guidance of my mom.
We both share same choice, our favorite color is RED which is the colour of love and passion.
She is multi tasking, caring, Never angry..She is beautiful inside out
She is very down to earth person
She is very particular about her fitness and practices meditation and yoga regularly, which inspires me a lot, I remember how she used to be so regular, since my childhood, to wake me up early and make me practice yoga and meditation,
She always stands up for me as a rock, she is very intelligent and is a super woman.
She is a very good cook and makes some really unique authentic dishes apart from making regular day to day food
Besides cooking she also taught me home management, stitching, handi craft, knitting and embroidery along with being human to others and humble and polite in every situation.
I thank you for your unconditional love, boundless patience, warmth and endless support.
She is my angel, my sunshine my biggest smile, my support system
Mom keep showering your blessings on us.
No love is greater than mother's love

Parul Soni May 13, 2020

My mom is a mom of various colors she is a Chef, teacher , an inspiration , a guide a supporter a care person and what not. Mom is world

Dolly Sharma May 13, 2020

Mother is the best gift of God...This relation is the best relation which doesn't need anything instead of love........For me my mamma symbolises goddess Durga Lakshmi and Saraswati. She is great significant for me and my family. All her characteristics are no doubt appreciated by everyone in the family.
She is not only my mamma but also my soulmate where she is a good listener, someone whom I can confide on, encourages and advise me. She makes alot of sacrifices for us, all for the unconditional love, care and concern for us. She never lament the hardships she has gone through all because she loves us dearly and I am grateful for all she has done for me and my siblings.
My mother's love is selfless as she places the family's needs as her priority.
Without her, I won't be what I am today. My success today is my mum's credits as I blossom under her guidance, nurturing and patience.My mamma is my 1st educator, companion,playmate,caregiver,
driver,chef,discpline master,best friend,etc.
Now that Im married, she is still there to teach me how to cook and manage household matters. She love me for who I am. Shes my lifelong mentor. No matter what time it is or how busy she is, I can count on her to be there for me. Im very fortunate that I can always turn to her and there was never a time where I felt that I'm alone. She love me for who I am. I'm grateful for her and I appreciate the role she play in my life I am thankful to have grown up in a family full of love, laughter and memories that will live on forever. I love my mammma the most

No language can express the power,beauty and heroism of my mother's love
Roses are red, violets are blue

There is no one dearer,

than a Mamma like you!

Love you mamma

My mmmaaa's work journey is 24/7. 365days. All years round

It was a lovely and the most cherished moment for me when my mama took me in her lap. mamma's lap is the best place in the world.
Mamma's arms are more comforting than enyone else's.

Supta Sarkar May 13, 2020

There are lot of fond memories associated with my mom. As a kid when I come home from school with the most ridiculous and unimportant story to tell her, she would make me feel like it was some how the greatest thing she had ever heard in her life . She is an amazing listener and has turned the listening into an art. That's the one reason she is very special even to my friends who always wanted to come to my house and hang out with mom. I remember , whenever she was asked to do mimicry of comedian Tun Tun all my friends would roll into laughter. She gels with each and every age group, which is commendable. She has an amazing sense of humour!!! She can humour up any situation with witty one liners and jokes and can make any dull moment lively. Even the most mundane things seem fun and lively when mom is around

Bhakti Parekh May 12, 2020

Mother-Daughter duo when comes together can win any situation..when they motivate each other ..inspires each other..supports one another ..can bring lots of positivity and progress..makes their relationship more wonderful..
It is a beautiful moment when a mother is in the selfie taken by her daughter with her..

Sushma Chaturvedi May 12, 2020

Sudha means "Amruit"or nectar. She can't be defined in words. She is an Epic. An Epic of workmanship,diciplined life, dutifulness, regards for ethics, the list is innumerable.She is a lady to whom her own mother denied to allow to continue her education at the very yearly years of her teens. At the age of 13 she was allowed to go to school on conditions of wearing a sari . Where in kendriya vidyalaya all the girls wear a skirt with a measurement of two inches above from knees she was the only one to go with a sari and blouse with pumpshoes. This was her start of her struggle for getting educated and she did whatever she had to to get her education. She was a Gujrat state level champion of javelin throw. Yet an underdog because the system of society at that time didn't allow a girl to do all the thing . Her mother was a sheer follower of the society norms . The only thing to console her was her father who hold her hands tightly in every situation and supported her in every possible way to continue her schooling.

But as her destiny had decided to a girl who studied in three languages English, Gujarati,Marathi Hindi was her mother tongue and sanskrit was acquired by her father who was a sahitya Acharya had to be got married at an early age.In the year 1969 the day she was getting married in Mathura Uttar Pradesh and she got her class eleventh results the same evening. Now coming up with where I started she is a working horse. All her life is a story of struggle and sacrifice. In all those adverse situation she never failed to perform her duties following the disciplinary procedures as she also is a religious lady.
As I was her younger daughter she wanted me to excle all the spheres of life. She taught me to knead the dough at an early age of three. Besides cooking she also taught me home management washing, tailoring knitting and embroidery along with the rules of remaining humble and polite in every situation. She never allowed us to raise volume in any situation. We are four siblings and we never fought with eachother and never questioned to what she wants from us all . This was all due to her teachings.
Time passed away and the time came for me to get married. This time when Iam writing the story at the age of 47 the warnings and the parting words of my moomy on my first vida after one month of my marriage. And the words were, " You have to live in the in-laws house with all your humility and regards to each and every member of the house. Until you do this you are welcomed to your own home but if any of the day you come with a dispute or I get any complaint against you from your in-laws they will through away you from there place and I won't support you in any condition. "
Though the parting words sounds bitter and harsh but this is the reality of life. Today we see breaking of marriages every now and then because parents support there daughter's in all situations whether they are right or wrong. They don't let there daughter's to settle down in a new environment and the results are divorce and disputes.
Thank God to bless me with a mother to whom being responsible for deeds, respect and regards to elders and to live life with a disciplined approach is key to success.
God has also gifted me with a daughter and as I have taught my daughter the story of her nani she uses to say that she is an ideal lady.
Lots and lots of love to my mumma.

R. Brinda May 12, 2020

My respectable & lovable MOM #Gnanambal is my role model and special & super woman in my life. Why I'm telling this here, she was a brilliant and intelligent woman even though she was not studying much. She had a good & strong WILL POWER & POSITIVE THINKING in every aspects. She never be a lazy woman in her life until her last breath. She taught me many good values like "DON'T BLAME OTHERS, HELP OTHERS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN DO, LOVE OTHERS, DON'T USE HARSH WORDS, DON'T BE LAZY........etc.,. Till date I follow her advises only in my day-today life. I salute her on this great Mother's Day. I learnt from my Mom so many things. Especially she was an expert in cooking. She used to cook without any measurement instruments. She used to cook just with her experience in approximate quantities. All were very nice and tasty. She taught me the tricks in cooking that how to cook tasty with using little things. At present, I am able to cook and take the photos, write the recipes along wit h those photos to the familiar Tamil Magazines. All the credit goes to my Mom only.

Parveen Arya May 12, 2020

Parveen Arya May 12, 2020

@Parveen Arya

Being a working women; This Mother's day with my kids at home was awesome ?? we have done many things during Lockdown. These days cherish me always.

Nidhi agrawal May 11, 2020

There are innumerable such moments.... Can't even count them...one such moment that is unforgettable is when I was in my first year of college, I had come home for Diwali after 3 months. That was the first time I had been away from for so long. There was a family function as well in my family so my mother was busy with the others in its preparation. Though I tried a lot to have a moment with her so that I could share my experiences and excitement of college and hostel with her but as she was too busy we couldn't. But I didn't complain or crib as I understood the situation. The day when I had to leave, ma and papa dropped me to the station. As I hugged them both before getting into the train, I spotted a tear drop in her eyes. I asked what's wrong and she said she was upset that she couldn't spend time with me. She so much wanted to but due to the responsibilities, she couldn't manage to. I hugged her again and said its completely okay. When I got into the train and sat near the window, I started waving then goodbye but they couldn't see as the window glass was tinted. I could see my mom crying but I could go nothing as she couldn't see me. The train started moving and I called her up immediately consoling her and promising to share each and every details over the phone. That moment made me realise how important it was for her to listen to me and it made her cry that she couldn't. I love her the most in the world!

uma May 11, 2020

Happy Mothers day.my memorable moment.....when my daughter playesd holi with me.before marriage we used to play but after marriage no one plays.when my daughter understood the festival of holi.she played with me.

Sayandeep Roy May 11, 2020

"A mother's love endures through all"-Washington Irving ."Mother" the most beautiful ,most amazing "creature".She will protect you with all her power ,even if for that reason she has to go against you .She loves her child with her purest heart ,the most "selfless" love ."Mother's Day " is just a day to remember us ,that how lucky we are to have a mother in our Life .The only Goddess that one can see in her life ,so , that's why celebrate her presence everyday ,and ,feel the luck that you have

Santhosh Soans May 11, 2020

I surely believe in Love at First Sight as My mom was the first person whom I saw when I opened my eyes for the first time & truly I am in deep love with her since then. I always believe in doing my best in whatever way I can to ensure that little happiness & see that cute smile on her face. My mom is the most special person in my life as she brought me to this World,gave me the best though she managed to somehow live with the rest&has supported me in all my decisions & has stood by me in all my tough times. She always did less correcting &more connecting with me and I love her also being a Mom who always did less tugging but more hugging. I really owe her a lot and this Mother's Day if I can do something special for her then that would really mean a lot to me!

Rupa Ray May 11, 2020

There are lots of memories with my mother. That was my 20th birthday. When I just came from my college, I just suprised!! Ma decorate the room with balloons and makes a Cake and keeps new bengali story book "Feluda Samagra" by Satyajit Ray. All for me!!!! I was wondering. Ma you are really a great person. It was in 1993. Today again I am very clearly feel my mother's affection of pure love.

Anita Dubey May 11, 2020

Happy mother's day
My son made this beautiful flower for me

Prabha May 11, 2020

Subhasish Banerjee May 11, 2020

One of the most memorable and unforgettable moments of my life shared with my mother was the day when we were visited by an unwelcome guest in our house during my college days. It was a monkey and seeing him all the so-called bravehearts including me ran for cover under the safety of our rooms. But it was dearest Mom who stood still, unfazed by the situation, cool, calm, composed and she even fed the monkey with her own hands. Her actions instilled a tremendous sense of courage in me and taught me the importance of respecting other life forms. My Mom, My RockStar !!!

Haranarayan Padhi May 11, 2020

My memories with mother to visit different spiritual places are unforgettable. Our last visit to Dwarka dham was a memorable .

Prabha May 11, 2020


So After marriage for a daughter her mom is just like a dream to meet. so Time we have spent before getting married

Prabha May 10, 2020

Mom always said Be confident and work hard for the goal you set. It was a tiring day for me. Mother had come to visit me at my house after few months of my marriage.
I asked her how she managed to smile and be positive always. I used to get very angry at big n small matters. Mom simply answered that getting angry and hyped you don't gain anything. Then why to stress n remain moodless.
Cheer up, your make up should be your best smile. Hug people, love all. I at first felt what yaar would it really work.
I started smiling and letting things go. I found that I am feeling lighter. Slowly and steadily my face lit up
Thanks mom. Today you live in our hearts. Shine through us. Love u dear mom

Anjali nakade May 10, 2020

All memories with my mother is special for me, its very difficult to pick one from them but one special memory that I never forget .I.e during my S.S.C exam, I was very scared for geometry paper and I started crying because of less study but she is always there for increase my courage and told me to do not scared ,go and solve whatever you learn . We all are with you ,failure is a first step of success.that worlds increase my confidence and I went for exam and I passed in exam. I was very happy that my mom was there for me during my bad time and supported me like everything . She was always stand for me .Thank you world is nothing for you. Love you and happy Mothers Day.

Dr.A.k.Das May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's day to all....

Shivangi Singhal May 10, 2020

Mother, a whole circuit house she is rather than being just one light bulb. She lightens every persons life she meet, shes just amazing.
Everyone has a different definition for mothers in general, well mine is this.

Every person has a different kind of memory with their mothers, mine is to never stop making new and exciting memories with my mum. It would be an understatement to say that the picture Im sharing today is my best memory with her because trust me I have more than just one. Everyday is a new memory with her, its just that exciting. But theres a reason why Im sharing this particular picture as a memory with her, its too close to my heart (out of many). I share my birthday with my parents anniversary and its like this really historical and memorable event in our family. I know I said parents and this contest is for mothers day, but listen up carefully or in this case rather read up carefully, this year, because of this pandemic going on, I wasnt able to spend it with my parents as they are back home in India and Im here with my sister in California, USA. Well truth to be told, I was getting a little nostalgic and all. Then came mothers day and I was going through my photos library when this photo popped up just like that, a memory of 2 years back from the very same of our family history, their anniversary and my birthday and I started missing her even more. Its not that I dont miss my father but lets be a little honest here today is all about mothers, so I was and am missing her. If you look at the picture carefully, look how perfectly happy we are and dancing as well. We love to be happy, dance and make memories together. My everyday is a new memory with her my own special and exciting memory which I will cherish everyday. Mumma I love to the moon and back, I know I sometimes fight with you more than the others but still I love you the most. You are my kickstarter of life, my standing pillar, my moral and emotional support. Always there for me, you always support me, despite of the fact that most of the times Im just being silly. Thank you maa for always being there for me. Happy mothers day mumma

Nidhi Jain May 10, 2020

My mom is the best mom because she gave me life. She is selfless because she will do everything just to give us a wonderful life. I will always be thankful to God to have you as my mom. You have made me the person I am today, professionally and personally. Thank you for being my bestfriend, my supporter, counselor, savior, cook, nurse, and the rock that always stood by me through thick and thin but the best will always be the role of being my MOM. You are not just a woman, but a super woman in true sense.
You work like a super human, multitasking at one time....sometimes I get worried about your health. But, you always calm my anxieties by saying that this is what makes you feel alive everyday. Truly motherhood is one of the toughest jobs in the world but you are really doing well. After all, raising kids, managing the house, taking care of the kitchen and seeing that every thing is in order is no easy thing, but you have managed it all. Mom, on Mother's Day, I take the opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for me. You brought me in this world and are my greatest teacher. You nurtured me, taught me how to walk and utter the first words. Whatever I am today is because of you. Mother, my love for you would never match that of yours for mine. You have loved me always, even before I came into this world. I still remember those days when I would make a mistake and come pleading to you not to tell it to dad and you would always save me. Mother, this mother's day I wish you lots of happiness and joy in life and also want to tell you how much I care for you. I am very fortunate for I have such a wonderful mother like you. Happy Mother's Day! I love you so much :) thank you For your love in every condition mom you are always world's best.

Shalini Sharma May 10, 2020

My mother is my strength .she is always stands for me.

Garima Sen May 10, 2020

My Mom who always stood by my side in every aspect of life, takes a few steps back to become my support pillar. #parentcircle#happymother'sday#contest

Sunita Katyal May 10, 2020

You are the one whom I saw first on Opening my eyes!
You are the one who loves to always give me a surprise!
You gave me the best without making any compromise!
Spending every moment with you make me wise

I surely believe in Love at First Sight as My mom was the first person whom I saw when I opened my eyes for the first time & truly I am in deep love with her since then. I always believe in doing my best in whatever way I can to ensure that little happiness & see that cute smile on her face. My mom is the most special person in my life as she brought me to this World,gave me the best though she managed to somehow live with the rest&has supported me in all my decisions & has stood by me in all my tough times. She always did less correcting &more connecting with me and I love her also being a Mom who always did less tugging but more hugging. I really owe her a lot and this Mother's Day if I can do something special for her then that would really mean a lot to me! #Contest

Varun Vasisht May 10, 2020

Mom gave me New Haircut during Lockdown ...I'll never forget it

Prabha May 10, 2020

Happy mother's Day mom and love u so much ??

Kanisha May 10, 2020

With many memories juggling in my mind, choosing one memory is hard to find. Though, I tried to figure out one of the recreated memory that is extremely special. Like every Baby, I was always excited to be carried in the arm of mother. Moreover, I was curious to do amazing adventurous activities done by my parent. One of the special activity is when my mother lifted me as high as possible when I was small, and few years later I lifted my mother but couldnt succeed in recreating the same memorable moment. Herewith, I am sharing the photo of one of the special MOM Moment.

Suman May 10, 2020

The best day of life

Sonieyaa Tiwaarri May 10, 2020

#parentcircle #HappyMothersDay
We all love our mom unconditionally

Sonieyaa Tiwaarri May 10, 2020

#Parentcircle #MothersDay #love - I love you mummy from making me learn steps to walk properly and every poem of nursery to laughing together on papa's half cooked chapati... you are my best memory, mumma.
From your early morning wake ups for cooking my school lunch to preparing that exclusive special shikanji' of your hand... you are my best memory, mumma.
From chiding me seriously over my mistakes to supporting me like nobody else can in this entire world... you are my best memory, mumma.
From having a birthday kiss on my cheeks from you every year to doing video calls whenever this hostel room make me feel alone... you are my best memory, mumma.
From preparing morning chai and that unique macaroni cake on your birthday to gifting you that saree which you didn't like at all still kept it for my smile when I was in eighth grade you are my best memory, mumma.

Deepika Gupta May 10, 2020


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Deepika Gupta May 10, 2020


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Satej May 9, 2020

My mother has always been my emotional barometer and my guidance. I was lucky enough to get to have one woman who truly helped me through everything..I remember my mothers prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. When I had to undergo an open heart surgery she was the one who encouraged and helped me to overcome my fears. Acceptance, tolerance, bravery, compassion. These are the things my mom taught me. After successful operation, she found a wonderful husband for me,who accepted me as I am. Today God has blessed us with three children and I am so grateful to God for giving me such a beautiful and wonderful MOM..

Prabha May 9, 2020

During my marriage time, I was apprehensive and anxious, not only on the day of marriage, but days before it.
My mom understood my emotions and expressed her thoughts so well that it made my heart and soul relaxed. Her words and the way she guided made the marriage functions went smoothly.
Infact I danced during my marriage function, and let out the fear go.

This moment of mother-daughter on marriage day is well captured.
Photo speaks everything.

A mother is an angel which God send us.
Respect her. Love Her. Take care of her.

With Love,

Pankaj Gupta May 9, 2020

All my life we had stayed in a very small place. It was a 1 room kitchen flat. It was an old building with few amenities. But my mother never complained or made me or my sister feel inferior. She would always make sure that we get the best of food, learning, education. She would stay hungry but let us eat. She would not buy a new saree for years but get us clothes on Diwali.

As I got job and started earning, I decided that it is time that she gets a better lifestyle and she deserves it. I took a new 2 BHK flat where we can stay. It was a new construction, quite spacious and had all the latest amenities. When I took her to show the flat, the emotions that she had and the feelings that she got are priceless. I will never forget those moments. She told me that she is proud of me. I don't need any validation from anyone in the world as long as my mom says she is proud of me. For me, she was, is & will always be my first love.

I hope I get this prize as I would love to gift her something cool. #MothersDay

Ranjani Gangadharan May 9, 2020

The greys and wrinkles
Potrays your journey of sacrifices and hardships
You are the pinnacle of love
An exemplar of patience
A friend, a mentor, a warrior, a cook
Roles you donned to perfection
A bridge who kept the family bound
A path which led us to goal
Words are in scarce to define you
All i want to say is

Yamini May 9, 2020

My mom is my life line . when i was in school i participated in a school annual day . at that time our financial condition is not sound . but my mom supports my decision to participate and she purchases a dress for me worth rs 500 . she sell her new radio set gifted to her by my nana ji . This memory always bring smile and tears in my eyes . for me my mom is super women

Varsha Kamble May 9, 2020

Leaving my mom back home when coming to hostel was no less than a nightmare for me. The first month at hostel: I wish mom was here.
That 20mins conversation over phone was the best part of my day and her voice was simply love. She was everything for me: my best friend and we shared every bit of our lives with each other.
After two months-
Exams over. Time to go home- yayy! The only person on my mind was MOM!
Reached home and found mom asleep after being tired of the days work (doctor) and waiting for my 6hrs late superfast train.

Woke her up quietly. And I simply cannot explain how excited we both were to see each other. She simply hugged me and i thought it would would be an usual 10 seconds hug but wait 10 mins it was! I was back home. Those two months were even tougher for her I realised. Two persons who never spent an eve without seeing each other were now 500 kms apart, two months no see.
An evening had never felt better.

Vinita Ferwani May 9, 2020

"Meri pyari Maa"
My sweet mom is no more...she passed away twenty years back, after my forty days of marriage. Even today I remember all the beautiful memories spent with her and would like to share one special memory. I was almost broken after she passed away as I was very close to her ,so to see her eveyday I kept a photo of her with me in my wardrobe so that the moment I open it I would see her eveytime. I would even talk to her seeing the pic sometimes. I had attached the photo in my wardrobe door tightly so that it would not fall. On my birthday that particular year ,Iwas missing her a lot! I got very emotional and seeing at my mom's photo I said ..."mom if you too are missing me ,then please show me a sign of it" and then what happened was beyond my imagination!! Immediately the photo of my mom and me which was stucked tightly in the wardobe door fell down and I catched it . It seemed as if she gave me the sign of missing me too and I truely believe she sent me a sign of missing me. Though this memory of my mom is after her passing away but it showed me that she is still with me everytime loving ,guiding , helping and supporting me throughtout....Miss you my sweet mom everytime!!

Prabha May 9, 2020

"When you look into your mother's eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth. Happy Mothers Day!
My little Prince - My Greatest Blessing Call me Mom?

Anita M May 9, 2020

My mother, is my hero and my inspiration. She inspires and motivates me to grow without any barriers. It seems to me that this woman looks at life as a challenge and wholeheartedly intends to seize the day every day. My mother looked after me and supported me in every part of my life. Right from childhood she has been with me like my shadow. It had been riddled with hurdles and difficulties, but she has managed to cross them all to because of the amazing and independent person she is.Being physically challenged I am not able to move by myself and because of this I have not been able to do daily routine activities since childhood. At the beginning this was a hardship for my mother, but she was determined to make it work. She not only helped me whenever I needed but she also taught me to help myself. She taught me to keep myself clean and neat, how to eat and how to know how much to eat. She says, "a child does not learn from what parents say but from what parents do". I have had three operations and various therapies on my spine but none have been successful. I was rejected from schools because of their lack of infrastructure and facilities. I was finally admitted to one school. My mother had to be there with me the whole day, but at the same time she also had to handle our home life. So she started tailoring and working during school hours. That is how she was able to satisfy financial needs in the home. Now I've graduated in Business Administration and Im pursuing a Masters.Whenever I look at my mother I see an ordinary person but when I think about what she does and how she does it she becomes divine and the reason of my smile! The experience of my life so far has truly brought things into perspective. My mother has taught me that hard times can be overcome and that losing battles can be won. She has taught me more than I could have learnt from any book. She sets an inspirational example to me teaching me how to live life and make wise choices, even in the most uncertain situations.I respect her a lot. She is my inspiration, my role model

Pravina May 9, 2020

My mom only know about my hungry from my childhood to till age.she only give me food exact time..now my age 35..daily I am receiving call from my mom and her first question had ur breakfast??same like lunch and dinner also.now also she will tell this food is good for you and this food is not good for u..I love you AMMA

Komal sadhwani May 9, 2020

Mother is an angel on the Earth. There is no substitute of mother in the entire world. God personified himself in mother, for he could not be present everywhere in human form. I never leave the chance to make my mom HAPPY. LOVE YOU MOM

Goutam Dutta May 9, 2020

Me and my mom.
Love you mom. Team I tried a lot to remember my best memory with my mom but I couldn't because my every moment with my mother is best ?????

Goutam Dutta May 9, 2020

Rhianna Fernandes May 9, 2020

My mom has been my motivation since my childhood because she has always taught me the principles and values which I still follow. My mom inspired my to never give up on my dream and to keep working hard no matter what. She did whatever she could to take care of us and she continued to uplift and encourage me during my studies. When I was in Xth class she was diagnosed with a serious illness and yes it was hard time for me because i was the closest to her, when she was discharged from hospital and after coming home she used to cry but didn't let any impact to come on us ( me and my elder brother).
She is a brave lady who has seen many odds of life still never let any problem to come over me. She is a working lady and even after her illness, she continued to go to work and support us financially . She always supported me for anything I did whether being any sports any kind of personality development course. She taught me to respect everyone and yeah she is the reason for what I am today.

Prabha May 9, 2020

This incident happened before 6 months. I had to travel to my home town to attend my cousins marriage. Most of the time my brother-in-law comes to pick me up from airport. So I go to his house first, after staying there for few days I go to my home. But, this time me and my mom decided to meet at my cousins place on marriage day. Finally, after two days I went to my cousin's place. I was super excited to meet mom (was meeting her after a long time). The moment I entered my cousins house, my eyes started searching for my mom. But it was so crowded because of marriage function and I could not find her. Then I saw my Aunt (moms sister), asked her where is my mom. She told me you can meet your mom later, first go get freshen up. Function is about to start. I went to washroom, washed my face but couldnt find a towel to wipe my face. I came out of washroom in search of a towel. The moment I stepped out of washroom I saw my mom. She was looking so beautiful in a heavy silk saree. I ran into her and hugged her for a minute. Then I asked her a towel to dry my face. But, what she did after that was one of the most beautiful memories of my life. She patted my face with her pallu (pallu of her new beautiful saree).

Me (with a surprised voice): Mom, Its your new saree and I am not a kid any more. Just give me a towel, I will do it by myself.
Mother: For a mom her kids are always kid and when you have your mothers pallu, why do you need a towel.
That time I couldnt control my tears. Hugged her so tightly.

Mamta Gupta May 9, 2020

My mom is my wonder woman who forced me to listen to my heart and get the clarity about it. and that was the best decision of my life and she supported me in that. I was very fond of dancing and use to participate in school functions. After 12th
I decided to pursue dancing as my carrier which was opposed instantly by my family members as 30 years back dancing was not considered as good profession. But dancing was in my blood and I do it with my whole heart. My mom supported me and made me join an dance academy. I did 5 years diploma and started taking dance classes going door to door. I did job as a dance teacher for many years to collect some funds to start my own classes.
After few years I took a place on rent and started my classes. And my mom too helped me with her savings.in those years I've managed to make a name for myself. So my classes took no time to run. And I support those kids who can't afford my fees but wanted to fly to their aspirations.
Today when I sit back and think of my journey , I feel proud that i took. That step of going against that society. And when young girls say , Didi you are an inspiration the feeling is just out of the world.
Thanks for making me what I'm today

Shivam pal May 9, 2020

YOU ARE MY BEST MEMORY, MUMMA!! From making me learn steps to walk properly and every poem of nursery to laughing together on papa's half cooked chapati... you are my best memory, mumma.

From your early morning wake ups for cooking my school lunch to preparing that exclusive special shikanji' of your hand... you are my best memory, mumma.

From chiding me seriously over my mistakes to supporting me like nobody else can in this entire world... you are my best memory, mumma.

From having a birthday kiss on my cheeks from you every year to doing video calls whenever this hostel room make me feel alone... you are my best memory, mumma.

From preparing morning chai and that unique macaroni cake on your birthday to gifting you that saree which you didn't like at all still kept it for my smile when I was in eighth grade you are my best memory, mumma.

From seeing you handling tough situations with an ease to helping me understand the way one should live life... you are my best memory, mumma.

From sitting with you holding hands tight just when my board's results were about to come that year to bidding you tearful smiling bye-bye when you first left me in hostel... you are my best memory, mumma.

From saying achha hai on my small-small accomplishments to your inevitable routine of wishing me good luck before every exam

Prabha May 9, 2020

I've always been really close to my Maa. There are so many awesome moments that I could share right now but the one I'd want to share the one which is really close to my heart and always makes me emotional. She is the only person after my dads death ,checks that whether i have ate,slept.etc. as she gives me unconditional love but expects me to be deserving of it.
Back in 2007, I was suffering from a really bad illness. I was in 9th grade, I had my exams going. I'd always been a good student, so I still insisted on going to school until one day when I just couldn't move. I was hospitalised for 8 days and I spent those 8 days with my Maa by my side. Shes a workaholic and it's very difficult for her to sit at one place and not work. But she left work for me. We used sit and watch tv --wrestling to be precise, we used to have dinner together, she would eat hospital food with me because I wasn't allowed
to eat anything else. My exams were going on and I insisted on appearing for them. I used to go for my exams and my maa used to sit there for 3 hours, just in case I get unwell or need anyone. Even after I got out of hospital, she'd wake up around 5am to give me my medicines. We'd always been close but we never got to spend any quality time. Shes been working all her life, without an off just to give me and my brother a great life. But those 8 days gave us an opportunity to spend some time together. It also gave me an opportunity to look back at some of the worst days of my life and smile because I got something really beautiful out of those.
So, this is one of the most memorable experiences I have had with my Maa.
She taught me not to quit and work hard to achieve my dreams,taught me to stand up for myself and not let anyone dictate my life or choices for me.There is nothing called impossible,because every road that lead to success have to pass through hard work.
She gave the motivation and will power to do the most craziest and riskiest things in my life,so I always believed that without her I would never be successful.

Harry Bindra May 9, 2020

I learned about love from you,
Watching your caring ways.
I learned about joy from you
In fun-filled yesterdays.
From you I learned forgiving
Of faults both big and small.
I learned what I know about living
From you, as you gave life your all.
The example you set is still with me
I'd never want any other.
I'm thankful for all that you taught me,
And I'm blessed to call you "Mother."

Kishore Kumar K May 9, 2020

Every moment with my mom is unforgettable.
I was running a shop at beginning it was going smooth but suddenly ut began to run in heavy loss. I was about to drop my business at that moment my mom motivated me with one line there will be up and down u should keep on trying.
From that moment my business profit was increased i was happy
She is my motivator supporter friend

Neha Agarwal May 9, 2020

Shireen Srivastava May 9, 2020

I smile, she reflects. I shine, she radiates. I dream, she prays. I breathe, and she lives. . . that's the kind of love my mother has always had for me. She is the epitome of strength and courage.The values she has imbibed in me has helped me grow and prosper into a better human being. I took my first step holding her hand, and even today, when I grope for my way in the dark she holds my hand and leads me to light. I may have outgrown her in size ages ago, but she's still the tigress, fiercely protecting me from every evil. I'd like to share the memory of an incident that dates back to my teenage years. I had made a wild bunch of friends and wanted to go to this real 'cool and happening' late night party with them. When I asked Mom for permission, she strictly said No. I tried my best to convince her, but she still refused. I was quite rebellious and called her old-fashioned and conservative. We had an argument and I somehow managed to sneak out without her knowledge. It wasn't long before I realised what a blunder that was. The environment at the party was nauseating and I felt more uncomfortable every minute. I realised, to my horror, that I wasn't safe at all as there were anti-social elements present. All I wanted was to escape, but felt trapped as it was quite late at night, and the friend who had promised to drop me back home was lost somewhere in the crowd. I stood at a corner, trembling, praying to get back home safely. I would have gotten myself into big trouble if it weren't for my Mom, who quite unexpectedly, made a heroic entry into the club! There's something about her personality that has always intimidated evil. She's the embodiment of divine power when it comes to protecting her child from the big, bad world. One menacing glare from her and the ruffians who'd been eyeing me had to run for cover. She led me out, with a protective arm around me and brought me back home, safe and sound. I got down on my knees and apologized to her, with tears streaming down my eyes. She told me "I wont scold you because I know you have learnt your lesson. Don't be lured by everything that seems attractive. The devil comes in many disguises. Enjoy your life, but make sure you never have to compromise on
your principles."
Love you, Mom! I may no longer be your little girl, but you'll always be my superwoman - the greatest there'll ever be!