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Maps And Crafts


Do you have a few unused maps and old atlas books at home?Are you a creative and crafty person who is thinking of what to do next? Or is it that you are a passionate traveller and maps hold a special position in your life?

In all of these cases, you can try to make some amazing DIY things and crafts using old maps to decorate your home, all the while creating a great bonding opportunity between you and your child.

You can start with cutting maps into small shapes and putting them into lockets, or sticking them on top of fridge magnets. You can also cut them into a lot of similar shapes, string those together, and make a nice decorative wall hanging. Or if you are looking for a bigger map project to undertake, you can stick different maps to cover an entire wall, thus making a beautiful and creative wallpaper in your or your kid’s room.

Stick the maps on top of table tops, chairs, bags, and coffee mugs, to bring a fresh look to your furnitures and object, and thus, your whole home. Most importantly, you can also use these maps as a learning opportunity for your child, by making jigsaw puzzles or notebook covers with it.

Wall posters, night lamps, personalised photo maps…there are numerous ways you can put your old maps to use. Look through this ClipBook to learn how to use ordinary maps and make a few extraordinary crafts. So, get this map-art project going right away!


Creative Uses For Old Maps

Don't throw away those old maps and atlases. Instead, why not give them a new purpose by upcycling them into something new and unique, like one of these creative examples shown here.

Ideas For Map Crafts

This collection of ideas ranges from furniture to jewelry to gifts. Click through the slideshow to see the 20 projects.

Cut, Craft And Create

What a fantastic idea! It's an amalgam of two of my favorite things: maps and photo collages (the type in which you use the coloring of a bunch of photo or magazine pic, cut them into small pieces, and arrange them to create a larger image from th...

Ways To Upcycle Old Maps

If you travel frequently, you eventually find a pile of maps sitting in a drawer or box somewhere. They can be hard to throw away, even if they’re way outdated and worn out. Instead of getting rid of them completely, you can save their beauty and ...

Notebook Makeover

A great way to makeover a notebook is with map paper - this easy map craft will take your free notebook from dull and boring to looking like it was found at a boutique in 10 minutes flat!

Things To Make From Old Maps

Do you love to travel? Ignite your wanderlust on a daily basis by upcycling old maps into keepsake treasures for your home. From must-haves for your office to decorations and lampshades, we’ve rounded up our top ten free projects for you to enjoy.

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