New Year's Eve: Kid-Friendly Party Ideas

Planning a year-end celebration with family? Make sure your children have as much fun as everyone else. Our wonderful ideas will ensure you and your children will bring in the New Year with a bang

By Amrutha Deshpande  • 9 min read

New Year's Eve: Kid-Friendly Party Ideas

Hot chocolate, funny props and the excitement of countdown – children love these elements while celebrating the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. New Year’s Eve is celebration time for everyone, but most end-of-the-year parties are planned for grownups. And while the kids may be allowed to these parties, they usually end up getting bored. Often, kids go to sleep before midnight and do not get to witness the excitement of heralding the new year.

This year, plan something for your little angels and watch them have the time of their lives. It should not be just about popcorn, pizza and fizzy drinks. Make your party memorable by adding some fun games or DIYs. Don’t fret if there is a little mess; the smiles you will get would be worth it.

Cookies and Milk 

Here is a twist to your regular party. Children love the anticipation and waiting for the clock to strike 12 a.m. and what best way for them to toast the New Year, but with some milk and cookies. Even better, get your little ones to bake the delectable treats with help from you and decorate them with frosting, icing sugar or sprinkles. Make it special by stirring up some hot chocolate and adding marshmallows. Let them use their imagination to get creative. If your children are still in preschool and might get sleepy, have a mock countdown for them and schedule the milk and cookie toasting a little earlier.

Photo Booth 

While candid photos are awesome for memories, there is a different charm to photos taken in a photo booth. Just think how cute those silly, adorable photos would be. Instead of hiring someone to make a photo booth, you can do it yourself at home. And it will also be pocket-friendly. All you need is a curtain holder, three rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons and scissors. Choose a cosy corner of the house for the booth.


  • Put the ribbon through one roll of wrapping paper and tie both ends of the ribbon to the curtain rod.
  • Take the second roll of the wrapping paper and tie it next to the earlier paper.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the third roll and tie it in front of both the previous rolls which you have already attached to the curtain rod. Now pull the paper down as per your requirement.
  • Voila! Your photo booth is ready. Now all you have to do is put on some props and take photos. You can take props like cowboy hats, party hats, moustache, goggles, pirate hats, etc. The kids would have tons of fun taking photos at this photo booth. You can even ask them to help you out with the preparation.

Party Poppers 

A party is incomplete without a party popper. But the store bought poppers are not exactly easy to use for the children. And also, what’s fun in that. Keeping kids entertained at a party is a task. But, you can achieve the goal by making them prepare the party poppers. Tell them, the party poppers they made would be used during the midnight and let them get to work. Making the popper at home is easy and safe.

You would need empty cardboard toilet paper tube, balloons, confetti and glitter, scissors and sellotape.


  • Take an empty toilet tube and decorate it by sticking colourful paper on the outside.
  • Take a balloon and tie it securely at the mouth. Then cut it horizontally, down the middle.
  • Now attach the cut open end of the balloon to one side of the toilet paper tube in such a way that the balloon is wrapped around the tube.
  • Stick the edges of the balloon toilet paper tube. This way the balloon won’t come out when you pull on it.
  • Put the confetti and glitter inside the roll. You can make confetti by cutting some scrap paper into tiny pieces.
  • Your party popper is ready. Now you just have to pull on the balloon, and the confetti will spill out.

As the clock strikes twelve, get all the family members to stand in a circle and pop the glitters and confetti for an awesome celebration.

Countdown Bags 

These bags are a great way to keep the fun going on until midnight. Not only would it keep people engaged, but it would also keep the excitement levels high. Just take some paper bags for each person. If you have some old watches or timers at home, attach these to the bags and time the party from the start until midnight. Each paper bag can contain either games or tasks, or just little gifts for the children. So, when the clock strikes the hour on the paper bag, you have to switch to the game or get the gift. You can make common bags for everyone, or every person can get personalised bags. It will be fun to watch the little ones’ faces when they pull out their games and gifts.

Theme Party 

Choose a theme that goes with the festive spirit of the season and plan your kid-centric party around it. You could choose from a snow theme, a colours theme (red and white) or a ‘pajama’ party for your kid and her friends. Decorate the house accordingly and get the children to dress up in tune with the chosen theme. Be it an adult party or kids party, having a theme, never fails. Have a themed counter at one end, where children can go to pick up goodies and sweet treats.

Movie Marathon 

Everyone loves watching films. If you are planning to bring in the New Year just lounging at home with your family, why not make it a special affair? Plan a movie night until midnight, or until your kids stay awake. Make your living room a comfy place. Make mock forts using pillows and blankets, choose your family’s all-time favourite movies, get popcorn, home-made pizza and cookies. It would be a smashing success, and imagine all the fun you would have as a family.

Treasure Hunt 

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt game? If it is possible, involve your child’s friends from the neighbourhood in this fun game or just make it a family affair. Give the children some cryptic puzzles and let them find the final prize. If possible, organise it in such a way, that the children get the bumper prize a few minutes before the midnight. Won’t that be an adventurous way to start a new year?

These amazing ideas will make your New Year party a fun-filled one for both kids and adults, and everyone will remember the beautiful festivities for a long time. 

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