Mother's Day Special: Inspiring Mothers Empower Young Achievers

This Mother’s Day, we look at a few young achievers who attribute their remarkable journey to the one person who made it possible – their mother. It’s a ParentCircle special.

By Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy  • 9 min read

Mother's Day Special: Inspiring Mothers Empower Young Achievers

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

                                                                                                        – Abraham Lincoln

Que sera sera. No one knows what the future holds in store for us. Yet, when energies are channelised and intentions are built on the bedrock of meticulous planning and diligence, dreams can be achieved. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we look at six young achievers who braved the odds to carve out a niche for themselves in the society. A random conversation with these youngsters reveals a common thread — mothers who wove passion and perseverance into the spirit of independence of these children. Here we go…

‘I couldn't imagine being any luckier’

Tamaarah Sarah Balachander, 22, entrepreneur, artist and fashion designer, is honest when she says her mother didn’t choose her career for her. Although Tamaarah’s mother wanted her daughter to become an IPS officer, she quickly respected Tamaarah’s interests and motivated her to pursue it with great determination. She gave her enough space to do what she wanted to and guided her not to look back when she met with failure. She constantly stood by her and asked her to trust in God. Tamaarah’s mother responded with measured elation each time her daughter hit a milestone. This helped in Tamaarah staying level-headed and focussed. Tamaarah loves her mother’s perseverance and determination, and her forgiving nature. “It takes a LOT to break her down,” she says.

Mother’s Day message: “We take great advantage of you and you silently let us do so. You bear super powers unlike any ordinary human being. And, we love you so much.”

#LoveYouMom: “Ma, you mean the world and more to me. I can't imagine life without you. I love you!”

‘Day and night by my side’

Ajay Kandappa, 29, endurance biker and Manager at Fotogurus, Chennai, says his mother was instrumental in helping him choose a career path. He reminisces with fondness about how she taught him to brush off failure and pick himself up with renewed energy. She gave him the freedom to choose everything – from his school to his friends, and goals. Ajay talks poignantly about how his mother motivated him to complete the BRM 1000 km, which is a long-distance, free-paced cycling event. He wishes she was alive today to cherish the successful journey so far for him.

On honouring mothers: “I don't think moms expect gratitude. They only want us to succeed in our lives for ourselves. That'll be the greatest honour to any parent.”

‘I value my mother’s wise words’

Aditya Sharma, 15, professional cyclist, triathlete and India’s youngest half Ironman, says his mother has always been by his side. She motivates him to train hard and helps him in the recovery process. Aditya loves the attention his mother showers on him when he performs well. He also eagerly looks forward to his favourite food his mother prepares for him on event days. He values his mother’s wise words and has learnt to look at failure as a lesson to learn from. Aditya likes irritating his mother and “pranking her. And, those moments are very precious”.

Mother’s Day message: “Thank you for being with us when times are tough and helping us stay grounded during happy times.”

On honouring mothers: “Mothers are the best people children will ever meet. So, love them all you can.”

#LoveYouMom: “Thank you for being with me always. You are the best chef, manager and everything else that a person can possibly be. I love you, Mom!”

ParentCircle special Mother's Day video: Endearing messages from our viewers to their mothers.

‘Her willpower is a constant source of inspiration’

Akilesh Subramanian Kumar, 25, musician and resident artist at Wandering Artist, says his mother did not choose art as a career path for him, yet she was always supportive. Akilesh knows his mother is proud of him. He values the fact that she gave him his free space. He loves her cheerful nature and looks up to her for patience. Her willpower is a constant source of motivation for him. She taught him empathy and encouraged him to learn from his mistakes.

Mother’s Day message: “Patience is a virtue.”

On honouring mothers: “It is important to show her you care.”

#LoveYouMom: “You’re my most favourite woman in the world. We'll stick together through thick or thin. And, you’re the best cook in the world! I love you!”

‘I miss my mother’

Rahul Richard, 29, First Navigating Officer at Anglo Eastern Ship Management, says his mother did not want him to sail because she had a brother who spent more time on the ship, away from the family. But, when Rahul made up his mind to become a sailor, his mother stood by his decision though she knew that she would miss him. Soon, his grades at college and his appraisals at work made her happy and she pushed him to do better. Rahul misses his mother now that she is no more. He thinks ruefully of how she used to cheer him up when he was down.

Mother’s Day message: “Every mother loves her child; her child is her world.”

On honouring mothers: “It is definitely important to honour your mother at every given opportunity.”

‘Made of stronger stuff'

Meenu Srinivasan, 23, Theatre Trainer at Crea Shakthi, says her mother was always of the opinion that Meenu knew what she wanted and her mother trusted her to do it well. She let her fend for herself and gave her all the moral support she needed. Her mother was always proud of her and showered her with just the right amount of praise when she did well. When she met with failure, she taught her to look out for better days. Notwithstanding the usual concerns mothers have, Meenu knows her mother gave her the space she required. The trust her mother had in her helped her succeed and achieve her ambition to direct and produce plays. Meenu says her mother always taught her to do what she thought was right.

Mother’s Day message: “Dear Mothers, you are fabulous, every single one of you – dazzling the world with awesomeness and love.”

#LoveYouMom: “Amma, thank you for picking me up every single time I fell on my face and regretted my existence, and for reminding me I have a purpose.”

These youngsters are achievers because they had the right attitude. Their will to succeed was propelled by the inspiration from their mothers who motivated them and let them retain their individuality.