Teach Your Kids About Water Conservation

As parents, it’s our duty to ensure a better future for our children. With water scarcity threatening to become a crisis, find out ways to save water and teach kids about water conservation.

By Leena Ghosh

Teach Your Kids About Water Conservation

Do you know that your child can have a huge impact on water conservation effort! Yes, children can even change the way their parents, relatives and school friends use water and thereby contributing to water conservation. Saving water is the need of the hour. As a parent, the onus of teaching your child about water conservation falls on you. The United Nations celebrated March 22 as World Water Day to stress the importance of conserving water resources and spreading awareness about the challenges we face today.

As the water crisis is looming large on us, it is the perfect occasion to look at some facts about water:

  • Out of the total supply of water available on the earth, less than 1 per cent is drinkable.
  • According to the United Nations, around 1.2 billion people face water scarcity in the world and 500 million are approaching this situation.

These facts highlight the problem of water being a scarce resource. Therefore, parents, together with their children, should do everything they can to save water. 

Following are the ways we can employ to save water in different areas of our homes and teach our children about the importance of water conservation.

Ways to save water at home:

  • Close all the taps and valves before you step out of the home or go on a vacation.
  • Fill half a glass of water to drink first; refill if required.

Ways to save water in the bathroom:

  • Turn off the tap while brushing teeth.
  • While washing hands, wet your hands, and then tun off the tap, on it again to wash awasy the soapy leather
  • Take shorter baths.
  • Use bucket and mug instead of the shower.
  • Turn off the tap while applying soap in the body
  • Turn off the tap after each use.
  • Not flush tissue paper or waste into the toilet.
  • To see if there is any leak in the toilet, put some food colours, if you see those colours seep in the toilet bowl, that means there is a leak and immediately rectify it. 

Ways to save water in the kitchen:

  • Wash fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water instead of under running water.
  • Serve only half a glass of water to your child, if they need more, they would ask.
  • Use the flushed out RO water from your water purifier to wash cars and bikes.

Ways to save water in the garden:

  • To water the plants, you can use leftover water (used for washing vegetables).
  • Water the plants using a mug instead of a hose.  
  • Place a tub outside when it rains and use the water later to water the garden.
  • Try to water your plants early in the morning or late at night, they need lesser water then.
  • If you have a sprinkler for your garden, do not let children play with it, but if they do, make sure the lawn is watered at the same time.

Other ways to save water:

  •  Practise Rainwater harvesting at home. When it rains, put a bucket outside to collect the rainwater and use those water later to plant the pots or in toilet or mopping. 
  • Keep water stored in buckets and tubs in the washroom for use.
  • Attend to repairs in the bathroom as and when required.
  • Attend to a leaky faucet.
  • Do all the laundry at one go, avoid frequent wash-ups.

How to create awareness about water conservation

  • Talk to friends and neighbours about saving water.
  • Share water-saving tips on social media platforms.
  • Organise awareness campaigns in your neighbourhood on ways to save water.

By following these simple practices at home, you'll not only help conserve water but also inspire your child to become a responsible and caring human being.

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