How to Manage Time in an Exam: Tricks and Tips

Has your child come home complaining that she did not have enough time to finish her paper? This is a scenario that all parents dread during exams. These tips will help children nail the test on time

By Team ParentCircle

How to Manage Time in an Exam: Tricks and Tips

Consider this: the half-yearly examinations have just ensued and all the children are diligently preparing for it. Your child has made a schedule to study the test portions and has been zealous in finishing her revision. It seems she is well-prepared and confident to face the big day.

However, on D-day, catastrophe strikes. The question paper is deemed too lengthy and she is not able to finish writing all the answers. Moreover, in the rush to finish on time, some questions have been misinterpreted.

Is this a scenario, that some of you parents are all too familiar with? Does it seem that some children, however hard-working and ardent in their studies, lose out during exams because time ran out? The biggest problem here is ineffective time management strategy. But managing time during a test and successfully finishing the paper, is not difficult to do if your child follows some simple rules, which will hold him in good stead.

Here are five valuable tips and tricks that ensure children make the best of the time allotted to write the paper --

Before the examination

1.Develop a study schedule -- It is important to plan well and be organised much before the examination starts. Going about preparing for the test in a methodical manner, rules out last minute glitches and uncertainty. Developing a study schedule for all tests ensures that adequate time is given for learning each lesson and subject. Check how many days are available and chalk out the plan accordingly. Make a study time table and mark the hours needed for each lesson.

2.Be aware of the question paper -- Majority of students will be aware of the question paper format and how the marks are generally distributed among the questions. Most textbooks have model question papers or these are easily available on the Internet. These are not just useful in practising last year questions, but also give guidance on how to plan your strategy/approach to solving the paper. So before going into the actual exam, the student will have an idea which questions need more attention and which are the ones that can be finished quickly.

3. Practice writing quickly -- If your child has not practised writing fast regularly before the exams, she might find it difficult to do the same on the big day. A lot of practice is necessary to make sure that one can write quickly and that the handwriting is legible. If it turns out to be messy, the teacher might cut a few marks. Choose the writing instruments carefully and practice writing fast in them. The pen/pencil should be smooth and fuss-free. Also time yourself when you practice writing.

During the examination

4.Read the question paper carefully -- Once inside the exam hall, be composed and look at all the questions properly to avoid missing anything. Usually, children get panic-stricken when time is running out and tend to overlook some questions. By reading the paper thoroughly, it will be easy to prioritise and write the answers accordingly when there is little time left during the test.

5. Divide time between questions -- Dedicate one or two minutes in the beginning of the test to find out which questions warrant more time and which ones can be finished quickly. Then time accordingly and proceed to answer the easy ones first, so that you manage to finish a lot in little time. Then approach the questions that will take more time to write.

Students who fare well in tests, usually have a set strategy on tackling the questions within the time given and stick by it. With these simple but effective game plan, your child an easily manage time while writing an examination and come out in flying colours.  

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