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S M Kulkarni Maths and Science Academy – For cracking competitive exams

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Competitive exams and coaching classes go hand in hand. Learn how S M Kulkarni Maths and Science Academy – a top coaching institute provides aspirants the right teaching methods and guidance

Teen to 18+
S M Kulkarni Maths and Science Academy – For cracking competitive exams

Science and Maths are integral subjects for those who wish to pursue professional courses such as engineering and medicine. A strong foundation with a thorough knowledge of various branches of these core subjects is required when preparing for entrance exams for these courses. This is especially important for major common entrance exams that are the gateway to getting admission to the top professional colleges in the country.

Cracking these competitive exams is indeed a challenge. And, more so is ranking among the top scorers out of the several thousands of students who appear for these exams every year. This is where coaching centers play a significant role in helping students prepare for the common entrance exams. Those who attend these coaching classes have an edge over those who don't, with access to specially curated study plans and guidance from experienced faculty.

One such reputed coaching center is Pune-based S M Kulkarni Maths and Science Academy. With over 24 years of experience in the field of coaching for competitive exams, and over 5,000 successful students and a team of committed faculty, this coaching center has become synonymous with quality teaching and training.

The founder

Heading the institute is the founder Professor Shamsunder Kulkarni who has over 23 years of experience in teaching maths and physics to both high school students as well as students of engineering. Professor Kulakarni's wide knowledge of the subjects is evident as he teaches across various curricula CBSE, ICSE/ISC, State Board, and even international curriculum. A gold medal awardee for Mathematics in his B.Sc course, Mr Kulkarni is also the recipient of the Best Teacher Award from the Pune Corporation.

The faculty

The faculty at S M Kulkarni Maths and Science Academy include highly qualified and experienced teachers whose expertise in the sciences ensures systematic and comprehensive teaching pedagogy. With their excellent coaching and guidance techniques, they are not only constantly working to best prepare aspiring candidates for the exams but also striving to transform the students' performance, enabling them to be among the top achievers.

Why choose S M Kulkarni Academy?

S M Kulkarni Maths And Science Academy  For Cracking Competitive Exams

Students require proper guidance from knowledgeable and experienced teachers to meet the requirements of the grueling preparation period. With a proven track record, S M Kulkarni Academy has earned a reputation for its students consistently being among the top scorers in competitive exams.

Expert coaching

At the academy, students are first trained thoroughly in the basic concepts of the subjects concerned so that they can master further concepts and more detailed theories. Specially designed study modules facilitate effective teaching and completion of the syllabus with a special focus on mark-oriented topics in each subject. The faculty of the academy are also well versed in all the important topics in the syllabus and guide the students accordingly. With this tested and efficient approach, students become entirely thorough with the syllabus thereby enabling them to tackle questions in the exams with ease. The faculty are always up to date about changes in the syllabus as well and consequently alter study plans and course material to include the new topics.

Exam preparation, assessment, and teaching methodology

Time management is an extremely important factor in the exams. Students are given tips on how to approach difficult questions, how they can be solved easily, and how they can complete the paper within the time limit and without leaving any questions unanswered.

Various study materials are provided to help students get a proper understanding of concepts, topics, and the kind of questions expected in the exams. In addition, regular evaluation is conducted - this includes weekly, topic-wise, and chapter-wise tests to monitor the students' progress. These assessments not only check their knowledge and understanding of the subject but also the speed and approach used to answer questions, which are two crucial factors required to crack the exam successfully.

Meaningful assessment supports curricular goals. At Kulkarni academy, assessment is, ongoing, varied, and integral to the curriculum. A range of strategies and tools are used to assess student learning.

The teaching methodology at Kulkani academy emphasizes on the understanding of concepts and exploration of knowledge across a range of disciplines. The approach is centered on a cycle of inquiry, action and reflection — an interplay of asking, doing and thinking.

Individual attention

Teachers understand that each student learns at a different pace. Taking this into account, students are given individualized attention to ensure they are able to cope with the course. At the same time, students are not pressurised; rather, they are always encouraged to put in their best efforts.

Location of the academy

Another significant factor is that S M Kulkarni Academy is centrally located in the heart of the city. This makes traveling to and from classes easy and saves time. The class timings are suitable to students and are scheduled keeping in mind their regular school routine and commitments.


Most importantly, these result-oriented courses at S M Kulkarni Academy are easily affordable with the intention of providing students with excellent learning and preparation opportunities.

Facilities at the academy

The academy boasts of clean and bright air-conditioned classrooms. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main road, the spacious classes guarantee learning in comfort with absolutely no overcrowding. In addition, the institute also has a well-equipped physics lab where students can conduct experiments for enhanced learning and a better understanding of the subject.


At S M Kulkarni Academy, learning and preparation for the exams are not limited to textbooks. All students are also encouraged to take part in activities and competitions such as Science exhibitions, debates, and the Olympiad. This augments their knowledge and makes for an interesting learning experience as well. Various science-based learning activities and exhibitions are also conducted in-house at the academy, and students are encouraged to participate in these.

Courses and services offered

  • NEET (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) coaching
  • JEE (Maths, Physics, and Chemistry) preparation
  • Class 10 and Class 12 Maths and Science coaching Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for CBSE, ICSE/ISC, SSC/HSC (State Boards), and IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum
  • CA / CS entrance exam coaching
  • MHT-CET (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test) coaching
  • Home tutoring for Maths and Science
  • Live motivational and stress-relieving sessions

If you are looking for a respected and prestigious coaching center for your child, then S M Kulkarni Maths and Science Academy is undoubtedly your choice. With its dedicated faculty and numerous success stories over the years, this institute is certainly the launchpad for those who aspire to score top marks in competitive exams.

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