7 Ways Ayurveda Can Help Treat Tooth Pain In Children

Do you want a long-term solution for your child’s dental issues? Try these Ayurvedic remedies to treat tooth pain, both for instant and long-term cure.

By Monali Bordoloi  • 7 min read

7 Ways Ayurveda Can Help Treat Tooth Pain In Children

“Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache” - Mae West

Quite true! Those who suffer from tooth pain would surely agree with this statement.

One day nine-year-old Shruti complained of excruciating pain in her tooth. She even missed two days of school because of the pain. Shruti's mother was at her wit's end as she did not want her daughter to suffer, yet she was apprehensive about giving her painkillers. Shruti would eventually need to consult a dentist, but in the meanwhile, the little girl's mother turned to Ayurvedic remedies to give her some relief from the toothache. 

Like Shruti's mother, many turn to natural ingredients that are mentioned in ancient Indian texts to get rid of tooth pain. In Ayurveda, tooth pain is known as daantshool. An ancient Indian science, Ayurveda cures a toothache by addressing its cause. It uses all-natural ingredients for healing. Also, it has remedies for both chronic and acute pain. So, it can be a safe option for parents to treat tooth pain in their children.

Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Niveditha Srinivasamurthy provides us with some remedies to treat tooth pain in a natural way. If your child is complaining of severe tooth pain, try the following remedies for relief:  


7 Ways Ayurveda Can Help Treat Tooth Pain In Children

Ginger has antibacterial properties, which is good for gum pain and toothache caused by infection. 

How to use it: Grate a fresh ginger root and extract the juice. Dip a ball of cotton in this juice and place it on the affected tooth for instant pain relief.

2. Camphor: Be careful to use only edible camphor. It is one of the best options to treat a toothache, as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use it: Place one small piece of camphor on the affected tooth to relieve pain.

Word of caution: Use this remedy only with older kids. Avoid using it in children below the age of five as it has a strong flavour.

3. Herbal paste: 

7 Ways Ayurveda Can Help Treat Tooth Pain In Children

Nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom can be used to make a paste to treat oral health issues. While nutmeg helps treat cavities, bleeding gums, and toothache, cinnamon helps prevent and treat infections of the mouth. And, cardamom has many anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce pain and swelling in the mouth. 

How to use it: Take equal quantities of nutmeg powder, cinnamon powder, and cardamom powder. Mix with lemon juice to make a paste and place it over the affected tooth for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly after that.

Word of caution: Nutmeg could be spicy for small children. Also, some children are not too fond of the smell of cinnamon. If your child finds nutmeg too spicy, avoid it. You can omit cinnamon too. Use only cardamom and lemon juice to make the paste. It will still be effective.

If you want long-term relief for your child’s toothache, try the following remedies. These serve as preventive care as well.

4. Turmeric: 

7 Ways Ayurveda Can Help Treat Tooth Pain In Children

Turmeric is an excellent medicinal plant and can be used to fight tooth decay and the resulting toothache.

How to use it: Dry roast two parts of turmeric powder, add one part of powdered rock salt, mix well and your home-made tooth powder is ready! Use this to scrub your child’s teeth and gums, every day.

5. Sesame oil: 

7 Ways Ayurveda Can Help Treat Tooth Pain In Children

Sesame oil is known for its medicinal properties, which can strengthen gums and eliminate plaque. It is a perfect ingredient to take care of your oral issues in the long run.

How to use it: Add 1 teaspoon of food-grade sesame oil to a cup of warm water. Use this to rinse your mouth after food. It improves gum strength.

6. Gooseberry: 

7 Ways Ayurveda Can Help Treat Tooth Pain In Children

Gooseberry is so good for dental issues that it is said what apple is for doctors, gooseberry is for the dentist. Also known as amla, gooseberry is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients which strengthen the gums and fight bacteria in the mouth. Apart from preventing tooth decay and cavities, it prevents bad breath too.

How to use it: Ensure your child consumes one gooseberry every day. If your child does not like it raw, you can pressure cook it or make gooseberry candies. It cures bleeding gums and strengthens the tooth and gums.

7. Lemon peel:  

7 Ways Ayurveda Can Help Treat Tooth Pain In Children

The Vitamin C content of the lemon peel is good for teeth. 

How to use it: Dry the peel of around 10 lemons and powder it. Mix 1 teaspoon of this powder with honey to make a paste and use it as a scrub to whiten and strengthen the teeth.

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