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#YOUR100WORDSTORY: February 2020


#YOUR100WORDSTORY: February 2020

Pregnancy is a journey that brings about a lot of changes emotionally and physically in a woman. Accepting the changes in your body after pregnancy is another experience in itself. Share your story! TOPIC: Share with us your journey of accepting your post-pregnancy body
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  • Feb 18, 2020


Team ParentCircle May 29, 2020

@Team ParentCircle

Many Many Congratulations to all the Winners!

Ambi Sherpa DCunha Feb 18, 2020

Lovely platform to pen down my thoughts...
I do have a beautiful body post pregnancy (I am lil chubby)I love myself and why not a blissfull pregnancy where a women are been blessed to go through a process of having a life inside Only a women can feel...
Post pregnancy body change,the emotional level increase differently we love the tiny being more then anyone else in the whole world. but at the end its upto us how to maintain it keeping it in healthy way.I still love it when my child says i like my fat mamma....not the thin mamma looking old pics....Nothing personal being skinny or Chubby or Fat....But at the end its our body n everyone has a right to feel beautiful the way they are...Just enjoy the blissful time of Motherhood..And always be happy thats important.

Ambi Sherpa DCunha May 13, 2020

@Ambi Sherpa DCunha

Thank you for sharing your journey with us :)

Nissy Sherin Feb 21, 2020

It is really a life transforming moment which brings a smile in my face now. During initial days , it was very difficult to cope up with it. Sleepless nights , tender breasts , fluctuating emotions , fatty body , saggy tummy , stretchmarks , hyperpigmented neck experiencing all these together for the first time. All pretty dresses were dumped because it wasn't fit for me. When i looked into mirror I struggled to find beauty in those physical changes.All these made me tired emotionally, mentally and physically. Then I realised the necessity of regaining my mental & emotional health. I practised meditation , and spend time for prayers that make my mind calm. Gradually I escaped from unneccessary anger , fear , worries and sadness. The support offered by my husband was really huge and he made me think that I am not alone.Thereafter , i tried to reduce my weight in a healthy manner and it is still goin on . Now this is my sixth month of post pregnancy and I am enjoying motherhood .It is really funny and amazing . My little bundle of joy means the world to me and now i am holding into those tiny moments ....

Nissy Sherin May 13, 2020

@Nissy Sherin

Lovely to hear you being so honest and accepting about your journey! Thank you for sharing!

Shireen Srivastava Feb 20, 2020

While pregnancy is the most enriching phase in a woman's life, there's an awful lot of pressure on postpartum women to "bounce back" into their pre-pregnancy bodies, thanks to the media's unrealistic portrayal of celebrities who've supposedly knocked off all their pregnancy weight in no time. I'd maintained a fit body all my life, hence it was difficult for me to accept the changes in my body postpartum. But that was until I taught myself to reframe my thoughts and change my perspective about beauty. What can be more beautiful than a body that carries and nurtures another life within itself? Every part of me had stretched and expanded to accommodate this little wonder. Why would I want to shrink myself to fit a certain size or mould? I refused to be brainwashed and manipulated by the media. Real women had to focus on taking care of their babies, unlike those models whose job was to look skinny. I was proud of my body and the stretch marks that adorned it - they were beautiful reminders of the miracle of life that was created within me. I realized that it was possible to be strong and healthy, while being a little curvy. I started exercising, not to lose weight, but for a strong body and mind. I bought myself new clothes that flattered my curves. I pampered myself with a relaxing hot bath whenever I could. I had conversations with my husband that always had a reassuring and uplifting effect on me, and steered clear of people who'd constantly remind me of the weighing scale. Today, as I watch my child blossom into the princess she was meant to be, I love my body more than ever.

Shireen Srivastava May 13, 2020

@Shireen Srivastava

Thank you for sharing your journey of acceptance with us!

Kavita Feb 21, 2020

It is said "the day a child is born, a mother is born too".
However i believe that the day any woman learns that she has conceived, that day itself she becomes a mother.
I remember how my priorities in life changed when i got the news of my pregnancy. Everything and everyone else in my life took a backseat. I suddenly felt responsible and dutiful towards my unborn child. Eventhough i was so career focussed, my career began taking a back seat from that day, and i have no regrets about that.
I began eating what was healthy for my child and began wearing what would be good for the baby in my womb.
Healthy fruits and vegetables, soups and salads, replaced the junk food on my plate. High heels and tight fitting clothes got locked in cartons and flat footwear and loose, airy clothes could be seen in my wardrobe.
No watching murder mysteries or chit chatting on the cell phones then. Watching religious programmes and preachings on television became my facourite passtime.

I had always been underweight all life, thanks to my metabolism. My mom had tried to feed me a variety of food, to help me gain weight. Alas ! She never succeeded.
My pregnancy did the trick. First time in life, i gained a whopping 16kgs during my pregnancy. I would be thrilled with joy, whenever my gynaecologist asked me to stand on the weighing machine. I would laugh with tears in my eyes...seeing my weight shoot up 1 kg after the other. And my doctor would be surprised as she felt i was the only lady she had seen, who was so delighted about her weight gain.
Then after 9 months of being a dutiful pseudo mom, i gave birth to a bonny 3.4 kg baby girl. Here began my mommyhood journey.
Yes. There surely was post natal emotional distress and physical pain, but it was worth it. Sometimes i would feel overwhelmed, to be doing nothing all day but changing diapers and feeding my new born.
However like all other mons, i too got over that tough phase and began enjoying my mommyhood journey. My mom ensured that i continued being nice and chubby and not go back to my skinny self. I also was enjoying my roly poly look in the mirror. So i ate all the ghee and dry fruits that my mom fed me to regain strength.
Pregnancy gave me the weight i had desired since ages. It helped me understand and control my emotions , so i could rear a happy child. It has taught me to be a responsible and dutiful mom. I learnt to laugh when i wanted to cry...and i stopped running to my mom for emotional support. As i felt that its my duty to be emotionally strong and be a support to my daughter.
Now my daughter is a teenager. I have lost a lot of weight again, but i now have a healthy weight and a healthy mind.
I can say that my Pregnancy has made me thoroughly enjoy the physical and emtional changes in myself

Kavita May 13, 2020


Beautifully written! Thank you Kavita for sharing your journey!

Riya Jha Feb 28, 2020

I really love my pregnancy. sweet memories which I can't forget. Pregnancy and motherhood make me appreciate my body more because I no longer care about what other people think of it. After giving birth to my son almost three years ago I realize that I'm not perfect and will never be. But his pretty darn close to perfection, and I did that."I no longer feel like I need to change anything. I'm happy with my body. I have scars that are beautiful, because without them I'd be without my son and he is my world. my kid my legs to help me bounce and rock my child to sleep as I held them, my head to allow me to think about what I need to do to be a good mom. I became aware that even though I wasn't as skinny or toned as I was before my little one, my body changed so I could be a mom. I've come to understand that it's not all about me anymore. I am thankful for my imperfect body because it is perfect to love and care for a child. Being pregnant has taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle. It has also made me realize and appreciate what my body was designed to do create life. I walk a little taller because I've discovered a new part of me.I absolutely love my stretch marks. I have since the day I noticed them. It's a reminder that my son was once inside my belly growing beautiful and strong. It's crazy how a child changes everything in my world.??

I really love my pregnancy. sweet memories which I can't forget. Pregnancy and motherhood make me appreciate my body more because I no longer care about what other people think of it. After giving birth to my son almost three years ago I realize that I'm not perfect and will never be. But his pretty darn close to perfection, and I did that."I no longer feel like I need to change anything. I'm happy with my body. I have scars that are beautiful, because without them I'd be without my son and he is my world. my kid my legs to help me bounce and rock my child to sleep as I held them, my head to allow me to think about what I need to do to be a good mom. I became aware that even though I wasn't as skinny or toned as I was before my little one, my body changed so I could be a mom. I've come to understand that it's not all about me anymore. I am thankful for my imperfect body because it is perfect to love and care for a child. Being pregnant has taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle. It has also made me realize and appreciate what my body was designed to do create life. I walk a little taller because I've discovered a new part of me.I absolutely love my stretch marks. I have since the day I noticed them. It's a reminder that my son was once inside my belly growing beautiful and strong. It's crazy how a child changes everything in my world.??

Vibha Vaidya Feb 28, 2020

Hello everyone
M a mother

Rashmi Navada Feb 26, 2020

A hypersensitive olfactory nerve and palate had resulted in reduced intake of food during my pregnancy and as such, I had put on only 10kgs. The first three months post-delivery of my twin girls, I did lose some weight thanks to the strict new-mom-diet my mother put me on. However, lack of sleep and stress of handling twins soon made me put on weight. It has been three years now and no amount of yoga or walking has helped me in reducing the postpartum belly or firming the breasts that seem to be more vulnerable to gravity. In addition, I now experience grey hair, dandruff, hair fall and hyperpigmentation. Like a soldier who carries his scars with pride for the battle fought, I flaunt these body changes and the stretch marks with aplomb. For these are the remnants of the changes my body underwent to create, accommodate and nurture another life. A happy mother makes a happy child. Today I concentrate more on being content and healthy rather than worrying about not having got back to my original weight.

Phani Umadevi Feb 24, 2020

The pregnancy test strip showed me that I am on the way to the most beautiful journey 'MOTHERHOOD'. I was elated and already started weaving beautiful dreams around my unborn.19 April 2016First visit to the gynaecologist, internal examination for the first time in life, feeling weird, nervous and again wondering how it was gonna be when my kid is born.May- June 2016Morning sickness, numbness, body pain, lethargy, increased trips to the washroom, food aversions, sleeplessness etc caused a lot of discomfort. But all of this is ordinary during pregnancy.30 July 2016 MY 20TH WEEK SONOGRAPHY SCAN. THE MOST MAGICAL MOMENT OF MY PREGNANCY. It was a 4D scan and my doc insisted on a particular lab for it which was far off from my residence but it was completely worth the experience. We were very excited about it and when we returned home with photos and CD of the scan we couldn't contain our happiness on our first encounter with our baby. It was all so perfect that I couldn't stop adoring the reports for days to come. I can go on and on about it but in another blog maybe.August 7 2016THE FIRST KICK BY MY CHAMP INSIDE. Actually I had felt the movements even during my 19th week but this time it was clear and distinct enough for even a person touching my belly to feel it. Hubby dearest was intrigued about it and used to touch my belly every night at the same time and talk to the baby hoping for a kick in response which happened almost every time he called. AN AMAZING FEELING AGAIN.SEPTEMBER- NOVEMBER 2016Cravings for sweets and chocobars was on its heights. I continued to do all possible work at home as well as job, walking almost an hour at night became daily routine. My doc had already told me that baby had turned upside down and taken it's position for birth increasing the possibility of a normal delivery provided I was strong mentally and active physically.21 November 201636th week sonography scan. This was very precise and the baby was fully developed. Was done only to ensure blood flow to the brain and check the status of kidney and liver growth. But the fluid level in my womb was decreasing as per the radiologist and yet my baby was to make some major developments before being absolutely ready for delivery. We rushed to our gynaecologist but she assured me that everything was fine and that we had to visit every week now and I had to be extra careful to notice decrease in baby movements.1 December 2016I visited doc for routine check-up and she said now its time that we have to rush any moment for delivery.2 December 2016We went for grocery shopping for 2 months and returned in 2 hours, had dinner and went for our routine walk. After coming back I had a shower and lied down to sleep. It was about midnight. After a while I felt that I was leaking and yes it was the WATER BREAK. We were worried and rushed to hospital.The head nurse checked and said it's still a long way to go as there was hardly any dilation yet. After waiting for 12 long hours I heard my baby cry and her entry in this world made me forget all the pain I underwent.

Vidya. Shah. Feb 23, 2020

Mine was a very precious pregnancy as I had conceived after a gap of 6 years! I was put on Hormonal treatment to enhance my pregnancy. Right from my childhood I had been on the obese side & now with this treatment it added more to my weight! There was retentions of fluid all over my body, I developed gestational diabetes, had to be in complete bed rest & away from all types of even petty works at home!
I lived in fears,worry & tension as I was waiting for a normal child in my hands!
Finally the day arrived for preplanned C Section!
My adorable & bundle of joy . . Our daughter arrived! It is said that its a child which gives birth to a motherhood! Yes she completed me as a Mother & it was worth every day being with her for the pregnancy!
My post pregnancy journey was truly very beautiful! The blood sugar level came to normal,iron dose was increased which helped my body to lessen water retention,calcium was introduced which gave lustrous growth of hair,my happiness doubled with arrival of our daughter,there was lot of pampering from my entire family, was avoiding take in of ghee,sweets & those food stuff full of calories which increase weight. There were stretch marks & dark skin on my abdomen,neck & chest plus obesity too! But comparing these with a degree of being a mother & having a beautiful daughter in your hands . . .was out of this world!
There was a feeling of thankfulness to my Lord . .for enabling me to create a living being! An ability which only a woman can accomplish!
The very thought of being a Mother . . takes away all the unpleasantries from the journey throughout the pregnancy!
I must confess it was truly worth as it gave me the fruits of my patience!

Amrita Mallik Feb 22, 2020

I have always been on the heavier side. I also have stretch marks. Hence, post-pregnancy body didnt bring anything new to me. In fact, I even have dark circles. However, less sleep and continuous bleeding for 9 months took a heavy toll on me. I became mombified with vanta black eye bags, thinning hair and irritable moods. After the first 6 months of bliss in my mothers house I, single-handedly, began this gargantuan task of motherhood. And, then I came to this realisation that I needed care. However, it still took me 4 more years to start my self-care journey.

jefeena Feb 22, 2020

I am the mother of 2.boys abu n ali.As everyone pregnancy affects our body physically n mentally.But when we saw our kids n kiss them for the first we forget all the worrues we had during 9 months.Dyr ti the insufficuency of flyid both of deliveries were c section.During the first time u had the delivery, after 35 days my wound got infected.I cant even sit , walk , took my child or even sleep at dat time.When i consulted the dr she told that it got infected n i need to dress it for some days.At that time i thouggt of committing suicide bcoz if severe pain i had.But when i saw my child face i became helpless.After 1 month of tretment it gets healed n my weiht got reduced to 55 kg. So there s no need to suffer a lot to reduce the wt.After 11 months i got pregnant again.Dur to same gluid problem i need to deliver my swcond one at 8 months.Aftwr 5 days of delivery i found that my stomach had a redness.I told it to some dr but she dnt care dat.I discharged from dere with dat redness.Aftwr 2 days i found that my maxi got bleeded from my stimach but i dnt had any pain.When i inspected dat u found dard blood cmng from dat wound.Suddenly we went to hospital n dr told its the same infection which i had earlier.After some daya of treatment most of the wound gets healed exept the left end.One of the nurse found that at that end the stichimg thread not diasolved.Qithout any sedation she took it feom dere .I made a loud crt but aftwr 3 days it got healed.So post delivery for me was like a horrible one.Both of my kids were coperating but the infection.madw me to a different level.I express my sincere gratitudw to dr n nurse who helped mw to recover from dat ..Thanks parent citvle for an opportunity..

Radhika Chandika Feb 22, 2020

Giving birth to my baby was like the opening of the floodgates of emotions. The exhaustion after the prolonged labour, the relief of seeing my baby alive and kicking, worried whether I am able to feed and take care of my baby as a mother should and upset when my baby is wailing are some of the emotions that shook me. The physical pain of the stitches, exhaustion and lack of sleep took toll of my health. But then that one feeling of being a mother, nurturing and caring for a tiny helpless baby that is my baby overcame all the physical and emotional turmoil I went through in my post-pregnancy. I would not hesitate if I had to go through this stage once again. Proper diet and yoga helped me cut down the extra fat I accumulated in my pregnancy. Time passed on like I am on a roller coaster when bringing up my child.

Priyanka Mohanty Feb 21, 2020

My journey started by saying a big THANK YOU to my body. With grace and dignity I did accept my post pregnancy body because it held my baby for 9 months. Getting little sleep, those hormonal shifts, still healing after a surgical birth, that exhausting feeling, those magical and enchanting experiences that my body gave me after carrying my baby for 9 months made me love my body all the more because what it went through was pure magic.
The C-section scar was excruciating and it was agonizing to look at the bandaged slice on my belly, still I HONOURED my body and thanked it for being ready to milk my baby the next day morning. I think MOTHERHOOD made me more sensuous and my post pregnancy body taught me those strengths I never knew existed within me.
When I took him in my arms I knew I had taken the right decision to bring him to this world even though I knew the journey of my becoming a single mother had begun much before he was born. Today he is 5 and I am a proud single mother who is thankful to my body for carrying me here with acceptance.

Jasmine Bose Feb 21, 2020

Well, I was never too concerned about my body from childhood till marriage. I was also a bit overweight. But my fashionable handsome husband loved to look perfect. After marriage he used to take me for long walks. And that helped to me remain fit during my pregnancy.I had normal delivery. During pregnancy I used to look so smart that nobody could tell I was pregnant even in third trimester. So, that fitness helped me post-pregnancy. I started my physical exercises very soon and became fit.

Kanisha Feb 20, 2020

What is Post pregnancy phase for me? Ans: It's an anxious, thrill, exciting, adventurous phase. Why I felt so? Ans: It's a journey to be trusted as well as to make myself the strongest individual. What are my emotional and physical changes during this journey? My physical changes are drastic as I lost lot of weight, Talking about emotional changes I got to be stronger than before. Honestly speaking, previously I was sensitive to criticism but that I have reduced by daily working on myself, my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings, controlling and accepting my inner world to clearly observe my outer world by expressing the reality as it is. What this journey taught me? I learned valuable life lessons through this journey where my education somehow failed in delivering that lessons. Still, I am unfolding the mysterious life learnings in this On-going journey. In nutshell, accepting post-pregnancy physically, psychologically, spiritually, emotionally is a challenging task of each and every women in their life journey but Almight gives superpower by giving different question paper to enter motherhood examination on basis of their tolerance capacity. In this process, mother got to understand their strength, love, affection, kindness towards their family.

Arpita Goel Feb 20, 2020

being a mom to 2 kids, I have been through pregnancy journey twice.. when my first child was born, I was in my late 20s, energetic, with lot of support for family, I could focus on my health and exercise, eat healthy food so I regained my pre pregnancy body rather quickly.. but after 8 years when my second one came into this world, the work load with 2 kids and no support, I had a tough time.. while there was excitement and happiness for the new baby, my body would feel tired, heavy and unkempt all the time.. I learnt that it's ok to a permanent small tummy, it's ok if the hairs are falling fast, it's ok to feel tired.. Its time to accept the post pregnancy body.. things will slowly be in place and they did.. after few months I started running after my crawling and walking baby and that itself acted as an exercise.. now I feel fit and comfortable.. acceptance was the key to my happiness in that phase..

Prabha Feb 19, 2020

It was the most memorable days in my life.....after my csection my total body was under pain i was not even able to my legs that pain killed me...but that was the time it shows how much husband loves me....eventhough my mom was there in the hospital my husband did all my works he did not show any hesitation. Even today i have stretch marks that were the first drawing of my girl....i love it..

Prabha Feb 20, 2020


'first drawing of your child = stretch marks,' what beautiful way to put it, Vasanthi!

YASMIN KAVINA Feb 19, 2020

I thought when I would deliver my kid my tummy would shrink back to its original size now that the load had been delivered
NO , I was pretty shocked the first time to realize that it doesn't work that way
It tooktime and effort to get back into shape
I Exercised daily ,went for walks and ate healthy
My exercises incorporated activity around my little one,he was a part of the entire routine,we Exercised in a way which involved picking him up , putting him down,aided by my husband,this helped us to bond as a family .

YASMIN KAVINA Feb 20, 2020


So acceptance of your post-pregnancy body also led to greater bonding as a family. That is so beautiful!

Prabha Feb 19, 2020

Those were the days, where i felt like a kindergarten child in a preschool on her initial days, everything new, everything amazing and yet a feeling of anxiety to adapt with the things, our little bundle of joy became the centre of attraction of our family from the very first day, seeing her smile make my every day an amazing one. But seeing myself in the mirror was something unexplainable, a journey from 60 kg to 89kg, something superficial and unacceptable. All favourite frocks and tops saying bye bye to the wardrobe and the entry of XXXL cloths. In the beginning, it was a perplexed situation, standing infront of the mirror for hours and wandering in the thoughts of getting back to shape, sleepless night to copup with the responsibilities of motherhood with a broad smile,tearing the blanket of negativity filled in mind about the mocking stretchmarks on the stoamch, were not so easy. But when the bag of positivity spilled the vibes in the heart, all of sudden changes started appearing like so many mushrooms blooming in the monsoon. Then I started the dream journey with our little princess and my hero, all started falling back on place. A small begin of a wonderful transformation again , a journey from 89kg -67kg...

Prabha Feb 20, 2020


Inspirational story, Geetha!

Prabha Feb 20, 2020

Sorry mujhe English speaking achese nhi aati he so me apne words hindi me kahungi.meri ak pyari si beti he pregnancy yeh vo time he jab aap ak nanhi si jan ko apne kokh me palte he .nasibvali hoti he vo women's jinhe ma banne ka sukh nasib hota he.me bhi unme se hi ak hu .maine bhot problem phase ki pregnancy me uske bad bhi maine un palo ko bhot enjoy kiya kash vo. Pal vapas aaye. Mere 7 month me mujhe bloud infection ho gaya jiska sidha asar mere bacche par huva magar dr ki medocines full bed rest aor strickt healthy diet ki vajah se aaj meri nanhi jan 4 sal ki hui he aor kabhi kabhi to lagta he ki me uski ma nhi vo meri ma he.love you my baccha so much.

Prabha Feb 20, 2020


This is lovely, Namrata. It does not matter whether you express your thought sin English or any other language. Your message is very beautiful:)

Olivia Fernandes Feb 20, 2020

1.Asked for and Accepted Help.from my partner, family and friends.
2.Had Reasonable Expectations. About Losing Baby Weight
which was important to put it in perspective.
3. Breastfed to Burn Calories.
4. A Post pregnancy Workout with Core Strengthening Exercises.
In addition to moderate cardio, I focused on building up the muscles of my torso.
5. Taking Prenatal Vitamins, Because my Body Still Needed the Nutrients.
6. Did Kegels to Strengthen Weakened Pelvic Floor Muscles.
7. Acceptance of my New Life
Recognizing the physical changes as a part of an amazing time in my life,

Nidhi agrawal Feb 19, 2020

I dont feel it would have been about acceptance as such. My body had really amazed me by knowing what to do during childbirth, and that had been a really empowering experience.
Physical changes were therefore more about functionality: how to not be disheartened when breastfeeding turned out to be unbearably hard, how to deal with the lack of sleep, or what to wear when nothing in my closet seemed to fit.
More than acceptance, I was struggling with the bizarre feeling of not quite fitting in my body, not knowing precisely where my contours were.
I remember the times when I tried to buy new clothes on the rare moments when I was free to do so without taking the baby with me.
I had had a very clear picture of my body shape before my pregnancy, I knew what kind of clothes became me, so I hastily took a pair of jeans with me into the fitting room only to find out that they looked terrible on me.
Pregnancy had lasted nine months, so adjustment had been relatively easy.

Shannon Almeida Feb 19, 2020

After the birth of my son, I started working on getting my pre-baby body back, not to shut out judgmental people, but because I wanted to do it for myself. I did not take to strenuous gyming or crash diets as these are unhealthy ways to lose weight after pregnancy. As a Mother, I can understand that emotion of being judged, as someone who has been synonym with having a good body and being into fitness. It is a part of our life we are going to be judged anyway. When youre working, that gives you enough inspiration and Love.

Seema Feb 19, 2020

The most happiest moment of a woman after mariage is her pregnancy. It is rather difficult to remember once again the pain a woman undergoes.But after seeing our small replica we forget all pains and sufferings.

I am blessed with two kids now.And very happy to share the thoughts to all .Yes no doubts after pregnancy I was keenly observing my baby her tiny activities and of course i was slim with no tummies.But after that my body undergone drastic changes.i got a big tummy and shapeless body and all stretch Mark's on my stomach.Also the body was overweight.Instead of all this I am very happy as of now .It resembles the natural picture of a human being.Also we can regain ourself by doing exercises and diet control.So am very happy after my post pregnancy getting the lovable kids.

shoma majumdar Feb 19, 2020

Life takes a 360degree turn the moment your b-hcg report turns positive. I won't shy away from the fact that within 2 months of pregnancy I gained 10 kgs of extra wait. I was asked by my Doctor to take care of my weight, which I overlooked. Anyways post pregnancy one can imagine the fat I gained. I used to look at the mirror only to curse me, what have I become. I immediately used to turn down the mirror. I started avoiding all parties , not because of my weight gain but because I lost confidence. The confidence to look great. It was my baby's 6month and we threw a party. I had no option but to look great. I was at one point of time thought of cancellation of party, but it was too late. The guests started coming. On that very day, I didn't know what to wear. I randomly picked up a saree, wore it for trial sake.And the confidence in me boosted some how.I didn't shy away from the mirror.Yes, it's me with huge confidence. From that day, I knew now it's my inner confidence that would help me in carrying myself.