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As we celebrate National Safe Motherhood Day on April 11, 2021 enforcing the need, availability and adequate access to women and childcare during pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal services.
We would like you to share your motherhood journeys with us.
It could be related to facing difficulty in conceiving, getting used to new routine, challenges of being a new mom, postpartum care, or any special moment of being a mother!
We are sure your stories will inspire and motivate many other new moms.
Entries accepted until April 30, 2021. ... more


Team ParentCircle May 3, 2021

Thank you all for sharing your stories.
The contest stands CLOSED.

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All the Best :)

Vinopriya May 11, 2021

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Kavi Sep 1, 2022

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Team ParentCircle May 19, 2021

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Kavita May 1, 2021

I was never fond of kids and hence never in favour of being a mom. I also was very career minded and felt that motherhood would affect my career. I wept when i learnt about my pregnancy. However my values did not allow me to consider abortion either. So we decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. I took care of my unborn baby with full sincerity during the entire 9 months. It was like an assignment that i wanted to succesfully accomplish. I cooked and ate healthy food, did all routine check ups and juggled between my job and pregnancy. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 3.4 kgs through a C section. It was the feeling of a mission successfully accomplished ! However i still lacked those feelings of motherly affection. As per my deal with my parents, my mom took care of my baby all day. I had to resume work in mumbai after my maternity break of 3 months, and leave my daughter in pune with my parents and in-laws i was happy to be back in office. However i soon realized that i could not focus on my job as before. Things were not the same like before her birthi. I began missing my baby, her touch, her sweet smile and even her cries. I longed to meet her every weekend and dreaded the thought of coming back to work in mumbai every monday morning.I pulled on like this for 6 months and finally resigned from my job to go back and bring my princess home with me. My parents, family, friends and relatives were surprised and overjoyed too at this transformation.
Today my daughter is a teenager. I gave up my career permanently to be a full time mom to her. I have enjoyed every moment of her growing up years, to make up for the loss of my absence from her life during her first 9 months. Trust me when i say that quitting my job to be with her , has been the best decision of my life. I have absolutely no regrets. I have the satisfaction of giving her both quality snd quantity time and grooming her to be the person she is today. I feel blessed to have the best daughter in the world. She is a perfect match of beauty with brains, very talented in studies, painting, singing. People say i am lucky to have her as my daughter. My princess feels she is luckier to have me as her mom. I am grateful to god for this wonderful gift of a lifelong friend.
I never knew a motherhood journey could be so interesting and fun despite all its ups and downs. Today i can say that MOTHERHOOD is the best thing that a woman can experience in her life. The day a mother is born, everything else seems secondary and the biggest of sacrice we make for our kids seem small. I am happy i walked this path.

Sayoni Mondal Apr 30, 2021

Despite having many experienced women around, and the pre-natal classes to prepare for what lies ahead, hardly, does anybody mention about post-delivery phase - the exhaustion, the body ache, lactation, elusive sleep. I had an emergency c-section. I did not know I was allergic to few medicines. This caused recurring coughs and shortness of breath. Felt like my stitches would tear apart. Coupled with cracked nipples, limited breastmilk I felt helpless when people blamed my body. Irrespective of pediatricians recommendation for intermittent formula feed along with breastfeeding for first few days, I faced a lot of criticism. Couple of weeks later, I moved to my parents place. No longer sensed guilt, fear of judgement. Got some sound sleep. Felt happier and confident. Soon my milk supply increased and could let go of the formula. It is not just nutrition, but a positive and happy environment that a new mom and baby need!

Arathi Vishwanath Apr 30, 2021

The day of motherhood starts from conceiving , later enjoys all the stages of its growth from the day she listens to the cry of her baby in her hand , infant to school going days to adult and later her childs marriage and then with grandchildren.
Myself with two school-going girl children remember and enjoyed their day to day activities till date. Knowing their interests and talents I tried to develop them and guided them to improve the same because of what I am happy that my children are achieving everywhere. I can say proudly that as a mother I taught them a good culture, behaviour that everyone could appreciate!

Vidya. Shah. Apr 30, 2021

The journey of pregnancy came to my life after a good gap of 6 & 1/2 years of my married life! It truly was a very precious pregnancy! It was full of joy & happiness but along with mixed feelings of fears & tears! Tears were full of joy but fear was that my pregnancy should continue to full term with a healthy child!
Day in & day out I kept myself active in most household works,ate healthy, nutritious and balanced diet,gave rest to my mind,body & soul,was listening to soothing music, got periodically updated with my gynecologist & took all required supplements too.
The blood,vitamins & minerals in our body is for our own growth, but during pregnancy the mother should be taking extra supplements to nourish her womb.
Its the child who gives the degree of Motherhood to a mom!
For complete 9 months I never allowed any negativity to enter my mind,kept myself happy & cheerful,read many books on various subjects & truly enjoyed & relished my pregnancy! Its only the lucky ones who are blessed with pregnancy!
We as mothers are blessed to create a living child thus we must value & respect our blessings! I must confess my beautiful journey of 9 complete months blessed me with our beautiful daughter who too has imbibed in her the footsteps of her mother!
Yes! I enjoyed my Motherhood at its best!

Vidya. Shah. Apr 30, 2021

Lata Prabhu Apr 29, 2021

My Motherhood Journey
There are no words to express the feeling of nurturing a new life within you. There is no rulebook and each one's motherhood is an unique experience. I had lost my mother when I was in college and my in laws stayed at native place. I have been fortunate to be working till completion of 8th month. Yes my father did everything possible to pamper. Yes my husband too pampered me and in-laws were giving advice and inquiring about my health. My sister too though married and working always saw to it I never felt my mother's loss and doled out delicacies despite her hectic schedule. I had routine checkups. Everything was fine but during the fifth month when they came to know I am not going to deliver in their hospital, despite adding on 10kgs they said the weight is mine and not of the baby growing inside. They made me do sonography twice saying baby's growth is not sufficient. We had decided whatever we get is God's gift and left everything to faith. Fifth month swelling of feet began but my father used to keep hot water ready to rest my feet and lime juice. I used to have dryfruits and fruits ,vavding seeds water daily. Fruit and nuts dairymilk was my favourite. Also used to have coconut water. I need to mention in the train there was a lady who always used to give me her seat.My good Samaritan.I had to travel from Thane to CST Kala Ghoda. In the 8th month I travelled by Konkan Railway there too we booked for 2tier but that day they did not have the bogie and adjusted us in 3tier. The last month I used to go for long walks. But the moment I ate anything I used to just vomit. I even passed the due date. I must admit the village doctors are really good. They did not hurry thru and said wait the child's head has yet to descend, nothing to worry. With their assurance and in laws care I delivered a healthy baby girl through normal course effortlessly. Can you believe the weight of the baby was 3.4 kgs. Just watching your bundle of joy is like you have won a war. YES understanding their different ways of crying as they cannot speak - if they feel sleepy or hungry or sick. Their chuckling, holding your finger, toothless smile makes your day. YES we have to adjust our schedule as per baby's schedule. Play with them and sleep with them. DEAR friends do not panic as we did not pay heed to what the city doctor's said who is more interested in caesarean and minting money. We have good doctors in villages too. They are not interested in minting money but the welfare of their patients. Motherhood also makes you realise what responsibility is and how to be patient and adaptable, what is caring and sharing too.

Sayoni Mondal Apr 29, 2021

I became a mother at an age when I did not know about motherhood.All the nine months vanished away at the nineth minute after her birth.The sound of my baby crying in the crib in the distance stimulated my senses as I lay in a state of exhaustion post delivery.I became anxious.There was no attender.I stepped out of bed, walked and lifted my baby and hugged her.Tears merged my feelings.This is my first evergreen motherhood experience.I felt like a responsible woman.I realised that forgetting oneself was motherhood.Sacrifice added its sacredness.Motherhood is one of the most miraculous natural phenomenon.No wonder the life giver is known as MOTHER EARTH.My query is Did God create motherhood or motherhood is God.

SURUCHI PRIYA Apr 29, 2021

My mother hood experience is very beautiful and joyful ..... and exited too.When I was pregnant I think that I was wondering that I m the most beautiful women of the world.....my family also pampered as like a very good note.... When my son ISHIT was born my family is very happy.In my sasural my sasur was the first person who saw his grandson.....after a long term of their family......Unke pidhi me bahut saaloo ke baad dada ne poote ka muh dekha th 5-6 generation k baad.........so my son is very lucky for this...

Sayoni Mondal Apr 29, 2021

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, and I'm happy that after 7 years of struggle finally I joined this journey.
I always wanted to become pregnant in natural way but somehow it didn't work out. Since childhood I have been afraid of doctors, hospitals, tablets and injection. But I never thought the ones I'm afraid of will help me to have a family.

After 2 ivf failed finally I became pregnant.
I remember the day when I delivered my twins with cesarean, seeing my kids happy tears rolled from my eyes.

Preeti Agrawal Apr 28, 2021

I am blessed with the greatest privilege of being a mother. My two wonderful children are the greatest gifts of my life. Having them, my joy is always double. Being a mother is the most special, and my new learning journey starts here.
This is a kind of feeling that cannot be expressed in just words. Motherhood is an expression of eternal love, aliveness and playfulness. 'A mother is born with a newborn'. A real advancement happens with a deep sense of fulfilment.
Their beautiful creations excite me and upgrade my energy level. Motherhood is an enthusiastic journey.

Sayoni Mondal Apr 28, 2021

My motherhood journey has been the most fulfilling experience of my life so far. I have 2 children, both were Caesarean. I do not remember the pain of their birth as much as I remember the feeling of holding them for the first time. Being a single mother, I initially struggled towards raising my kids, doing the housework and putting up with my job. However, over the time I realized how my children have given me the strength and courage to overcome all the obstacles that came in my way. It is rightly said that motherhood is the most beautiful feeling in the world.

Himani gupta Apr 26, 2021

Journey From a Woman to a Mother

The 25th Monday of this May was special for me, and so was the last years as I felt the first kick of my sweet little heart. The day cannot be more memorable than this. The past eight months added a new dimension to Mothers Day in my life. I have been a wisher always but this time I was also a beneficiary of those wishes.

I describe myself as an professional person and the thought of carrying baby inside me and raising them. But if I look back at these last few months, I would say I have faired well. From going by the books to believing my instincts, I am growing up as a mother in this journey.

Motherhood doesnt come easy, and I have had my own set of challenges. Nevertheless, I feel rewarded whenever my cuties look at me and smile. The unsung melody of their smile is able to express so much with so little. Their chuckles have added another dose of enthusiasm in me. Their love knows no prejudice. I believe I become more humane and empathetic when I am around them. Thats the mother in me.

All the moms, including my mom who has been doing an amazing yet exhausting and demanding job of raising not just their kids but their entire families. This makes me realise how much power a woman has; no wonder why we call her a Super Woman. And, those brilliant moms as Super Moms.

Nature has ensured that only mothers can create humans in this world. How beautiful is that! My pregnancy, which was not an easy one, has made me realise the true meaning of motherhood. While dealing with many complications and ailments and living with just little hope, those 8 months felt like 80. Thats the reason why I very well know what it takes to get there. Had my pregnancy been like a breeze, I would not have got an opportunity to realise what all a woman undergoes and sacrifices to achieve her journey of being a mother.

I am ending this with an aspiration that someday my kids too will acknowledge the efforts which their mom and dad have been putting for them, and they would echo the same set of emotions as me.

Vinopriya Apr 25, 2021

My motherhood journey is full of tragedy. Because no one is there to take care of my child, and me except my hubby. He worked as system admin in private school. Before delivery amniotic sac was broken from night 9.30pm to early morning at 4pm till that iam telling my hubby. I think this is not an routine of urine , i think my amniotic sac has broken, we made a call to our doctor. At 4.30 we reached a hospital. Because of some family issues. My parents my husband parents didnt talk to us. So no one is there with us. Only my hubby is nearer to me. And then my delivery pain started at 11 pm, my boy born at 1.15 pm . Normal delivery he born. Weight is 1.96 kg like a small rat.but he was too small . So i dont know to carry him.Then my hubby mom came to serve us . But she is very dangerous lady she keep on saying that if she see the delivered the baby lady, if the period comes that time she say theetu(unclean) that will makes her eyes to burn. I dont know why she will tell like that. But she will say. That makes me more irritating for three . She wontbeat fish too, but she will eat mutton . That is also a non vegeterian. Some collegues came to see me .she brought fish to eat to get secretion of milk. So she gave. My mother in law and hubby said . We wont like fish smell. And my hubby aunt ate the fish. Because she likes fish very much. Three days went off. We came from hospital. So my hubby said please stay with her. When iam going school he said. First day itself my father in law said she wont take care of you. So we started to take care of our child one hour i will sleep, he will take care of my son . Then he sleep, i will take care. This is the routine work in the night time. My son got jaundice at 5th day. So he admitted and incubated in the hospital. There doctor said i dont know to feed properly. Then in that hospital lot of nurses trained me how to feed a child, and how to carry. So i learned a lot from them. Then i itself started to bath my son. I started to wash all my clothes. No one is there to take care of me. Neighbours some of them said dont do all these works at all. But i unable to.sit because of stitches. After 15 days. My stiches opened . Again we visited a doctor. Doctor said newly stictches has to put. I was hurts a lot. And irritated too. Lot of stress , tension was there. So i made a call to mom and i told her to take care of me . So my mom came to care . When she see a son. Why he is too small. How you bring him bigger. She asked me. And she stayed with me fifteen days. And she went . My motherhood journey was very tough.so we didnt plan for next baby too. One is enough. My son is 4 and half years and he is 14 kg . But still my belly os bigger like iam pregnant. But iam not pregnant. If it is normal delivery for a one month hot water should pour in the belly. The wastage will be go off. But no one is there to take care. So if anyone asked you are a pregnamt i will scold them a lot. We dont want baby at all. Again if you are asking this question thats all i will say. That much tension will come to.me.Now iam enjoying my motherhood. Because of my son is taking care like mother, father. He is the one to fulfill my happiness. Some naughtyness also there. I think it will be controlled by him after few years ago. Now my mom keep on saying your mother is a great .she brought you from 1.96 kg 14 kg. No one is behind her. She is a powerful.mom and woman she is saying. This is my motherhood story.

Aarthi Prabhakaran Apr 24, 2021

My Motherhood journey was that of self-discovery. It taught me what unconditional love is all about. It lets me explore the fullest extent of my capabilities by presenting challenges that I never knew existed. Every day, every minute, I am pushed way outside my comfort zone, with little or no notice, and yet spared the space and time to learn along the way and grow. It let me practice and master the art of developing healthy boundaries, detached attachment, realistic expectations, learning to lead with love and courage while still acknowledging my fear, insecurities, and uncertainties!

Nazuk Fatwani Apr 23, 2021

100 words is too short a word limit to share one's story of motherhood. It is a whole lot of feelings and emotions women go through in this phase of their lives. This beautiful journey is like a roller coaster ride filled with happiness, excitement, nervousness, exhaustions, curiosity and what not. My experience of motherhood is also marked by these wonderful feelings and gave me a sense of achievement like no other. Yes, it is true that having a baby makes a woman complete in the sense that it gives us certain superpowers which we never thought we could otherwise ever achieve. Getting married at 30, I was surrounded by people constantly telling me how important it is to concieve as early as possible. But going forward at our own pace, my husband and I decided to let things happen naturally. Things took their own course and I got pregnant after 2 and a half years. What a feeling! Thank you God for that. I became a mother of a sweet little baby boy. Then came the time of pandemic. One thing that proved to be a blessing in these difficult times has been the time we are able to give our child. Really overwhelmed to experience these joys of motherhood. Hope that the world heals soon and we (with our children) are all able to witness and enjoy all the beautiful things life has in store for us.

Nazuk Fatwani Apr 23, 2021

Sayoni Mondal Apr 22, 2021

Journey of motherhood is very tough but still m saying I m enough.Here I am going to tell my story "I am mother of 2kiddos one is toddler and another is infant "when I became first time mom everything was new n I am unaware of all...but through second journey I get more exhausted As In first I have to care of myself only but now the time had been changed my 2 year daughter is very to small to do all her basic work by herself then I had to took her in lap,bear her tantrums, her stubborn nature,fussy in eating, I forget even my mood swings and my care ..that was very hard time for me to look me, my baby inside womb, n my toddler who needs more intense care,love,affection. N all the things which upbringing to her .But with the help of my husband n family members everything been passed smoothly So the moral of my story as I have to give as
its indeed "Never underestimate the powers of a women as she blessed with so many powers n form of goddess"

Sakina Apr 21, 2021

Mother is a word that has no definition in the dictionary. It has in itself selfless, untiring extraordinary hard work involved.
I have always seen my mom as a perfect definition of the word MOTHER. When I was expecting, I came to know that I am going to give birth to twins. 9 months went and it was overwhelming. TWIN BOYS took birth and made my family crazy and happening.
Uptill 1 year it was very very difficult to handle them, but with support of family I could manage my profession as a dentist ,my home, and my kids very efficiently.
I always motivate each and every mother I meet and make them realise how special they are for everyone and in order to set things straight they must take care of themselves first. A healthy and well educated mom can take her family to sky heights.
Believe in yourselves and keep doing good work.

Sayoni Mondal Apr 21, 2021

My motherhood journey was terrific. I was separated from my husband 1st 2 years postmarriage.The lockdown made me pregnant luckily. But the happiness dint last long as I had to travel from Chennai to Maharashtra for higher studies during 2nd trimester. The car journey was tedious due to public transport shutdown. In 9th month, I came back to Chennai for delivery. Atlast my babys smile made me forget all my sacrifices and pain.Currently I am away from kid to continue my studies. I dedicate this to all parents who wish to live with their child but stay far for living.

Veena Adige Apr 19, 2021

Motherhood is the supreme avatar of a woman. I was ecstatic when I conceived the first time. When my daughter was born premature but fully formed, I held her with awe and great happiness as if I had achieved a great feat. I was also very nervous, this was the first time I had seen a newborn and felt very inadequate. When my son was born four years later I was much more confident and brought them up to the best of my ability. I did shed plenty of tears when they fought, and they did constantly . If she wanted to go out, he wanted to be home. If she wanted rice, he wanted chapatis. They agreed to disagree on everything and I tore my hair trying to compromise and adjust to both. My journey into motherhood continued even with my grandchildren. I held both the newborn children of my daughter as I went to the US from India for her deliveries. Though I was still nervous, no two kids are ever alike, I managed to inspire my daughter with confidence especially since she had preeclampsia and had to deliver before term. The baby was in NICU for fifteen days and we went everyday and spent the major part of our days in the hospital till the baby could come home. When she was three months old and could talk I was delirious with joy. When it was time for me to return she sensed it. The last feed before I returned was a very sweet feeling and she understood. She was drinking her bottle very fast and I told her, relax, there is no hurry and she slowed down. The three month old baby understood!!!! My grandson born two and a half years later was no problem. My journey into motherhood got completed when my daughter in law delivered six years back. This long awaited grandson was quite healthy and I held the newborn minutes after he was born! What a thrilling moment!! I thank God for making me a woman so that I can become a mother and grandmother . Thank you God for this very happy, thrilling, satisfying yet scary feeling.

Sunita Katyal Apr 16, 2021

Motherhood is such a sweet Journey that starts with a cry of a Baby but gifts smiles forever to the entire family and specially the mother. As soon as a Woman gives birth to a Baby actually two Births takes place simultaneously one of a Baby and other of the Mother as that Women now turns into a Mother that is why Someone has said "a child gives birth to a mother" The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children. All love begins and ends here. Motherhood has most definitely changed me and my life. It's so crazy how drastic even the small details change - in such an amazing way. Even silly things, like the fact that all of my pictures on my cell phone used to be of me but now every single picture on my phone is of my daughter!! Motherhood has taught me the meaning of living in the moment and being at peace. Children don't think about yesterday, and they don't think about tomorrow. They just exist in the moment and that is the new way I have learned to live through my child. Motherhood is a dream. It really is absolutely amazing and Motherhood is the greatest thing I've ever done in my life.

Subhashree Ravichandran Apr 16, 2021

When a baby is born,a mother is born too.
I was a young mother at 21. My pregnancy months were wonderful and uneventful. My childbirth wasn't. My delivery was normal but the placenta didn't come out for more than 2 hours and I lost a lot of blood. At one point, it looked like I wouldn't live to see my daughter grow. So, I realised how precious my daughter and my life with her is. We weren't well off but very happy and contented. My husband and I,we gave her the best experiences and abundant love. We have wonderful cherished memories of encouraging her in her Judo , Bhagvad Gita & Music classes, and in taking her to various places for competitions and programmes. Our visits to the book fairs and zoos were joyous occasions.
She had some difficulty with spellings initially and we worked together with her, making it family time, instead of making her stress over it. She later became so confident that she started winning prizes for her stories at school.
Being a single child,we didn't want her to feel pampared or lonely.So,we encouraged her to nurture her friendship and she became a confident, cheerful, compassionate,boisterous and well adjusted girl. I am sure she will make great strides in her personal and professional life.
Looking back, I realise that during this journey,I have become more loving, patient, non judgmental, giving and I have gained endless love, sensitivity, kindness and support. We make a great team and support each other.I am ever thankful for being a mom and look forward to wonderful years ahead

Nidhi agrawal Apr 15, 2021

Being a mother means everything .
From the time I was very young, I wanted to be a mom. It wasnt and isnt my lifes ambition, but I always felt it was the one thing I couldnt bear to miss out on. When my son was born and I scooped him up and pulled him into my chest, my heart grew many more times larger than the grinchs did. He was immediately the love of my life. My daughter was not such a beautiful story at the beginning because of some depression, but now, staring into her face it brings me more joy than I ever thought possible. They drive me nuts. They steal my sleep. They changed the course of my life. They make me better. They make me smarter. They have sparked a power in me that I never knew I had. They are true love. They are joy. They are everything. It means I am responsible for the fate of the world because they are the future. This club, this tribe of motherhood is hard work to get into but man, its worth it.

Sonia B Apr 14, 2021

Every motherhood journey is unique in its own way so was mine.I never thought motherhood would change my perception towards life.First it was my husband who was the priority and now it's my 5 year old naughty boy my topmost priority.
It's been a roller coaster ride.Once I took the test and we went to the Dr to confirm the same,i was congratulating my hubby as well as we were overjoyed.
From there life changed "God is everywhere and there is no bound to his miracles".A new life a pinky looking baby boy, from sleepless nights to running around doing house chores. It's fun, tiring, filled with emotions, hopes,experiences and the journey goes on till your last breathe.
Kudos to all the mother's!!!!!!

Smitha.R P Apr 14, 2021

My motherhood journey was wonderous and fearful ....,because when my baby girl was born , she had looping of umblical cord around her neck . On Sunday ,May 11 2008 ,surprisingly it was MOTHER's day when my little angel was put on my arms ....I had no better feeling in the world than holding my precious child . I had a feeling of excitement and terrifying when she was crying and Joyful when she was smiling .I enjoyed all the development milestones like each day new experience to learn .Later after 2 years 9 months when I was once again mother for second daughter it was not difficult for me as I was more confident and experienced . Now my daughters are in Tween age , my physical task related to them are less but emotional challenges are more . I enjoy more with them by presenting my creative ideas with my girls and helping them to follow their passions .

Shannon Almeida Apr 14, 2021

My Motherhood journey was absolutely great. After planning a kid for 2 years, I was prepared to welcome my child. The moment I entered the 8th Month, my baby came right down and my doctor was worried as there were less chances of survival. I was asked to stay at home with my legs kept on a height. My husband Kevin, arranged for bricks at the bottom of our bed and would look after me, like a Queen. The 2 Angels who pampered me constantly are my hubby and my Mother-in-law who was like a Mother to me, always alert.

Dharani saravanan Apr 13, 2021

You know what is a motherhood..!! This is the moment when I understood what it is..
Life became more busier, messier and complicated after having a baby. This little one keeps me on my toes every moment. From handling the crying and cranky baby, cleaning the potty,satisfying the little member's hunger, life turns into one whole big responsibility. I try my level best to balance love and care with responsibilities and duties... on a random day when I woke up and saw the morning sunlight bringing a glow on my baby's face and my heart skips a beat. Suddenly my baby opens his eyes and smiles looking at me , not knowing even the slightest about the upheavals I am going through emotionally and physically due to him. Smiling back, I hold him in my arms, and that precious moment when I hug him tight is the moment when all my negativity vanishes and crashes. I feel like a complete woman-a blessed soul, I realise I am a "mom", a mother. I realised the true essence of motherhood. The Smile and the calling amma makes the motherhood joyful.. so hang on there mammas , you will get there..

Dharani saravanan Apr 13, 2021

@Dharani saravanan

Thank you so much, Dharani for sharing your story with us!

Dharani saravanan Apr 13, 2021

@Dharani saravanan

Happy to share...

Mansi Chaturvedi Apr 12, 2021

The birth of your first child is a day for every mother as its from then you begin a new role as a woman. Though I never had any problem with both my kids but it's only after that when we realise what a big responsibility it is. I was very particular about everything, spent sleepless nights but always tried to balance rest and work. The routine changed , work piled up but what kept me going was that everyday I had something new to notice and capture in videos or photographs and enjoy. Everyday you celebrate life which you have got as gift from God.

Udhvita.G 's Mom Apr 10, 2021

Hello all, wanted to share my motherhood journey that was really wonderful.after marriage when we were planning for baby, I got to know I have thyroid problem, and was told that I couldn't conceive coz of this. then finally few months after, consulting gynaec she gave hope and guidance to us. Then after few months had conceived and got to know its twins. Then initially I was feeling very happy but later on, I had the thought that how to handle them their feeding and others such as psychological and emotional feels. My family and especially my younger sis stood like a rock and gave their support to handle things smoothly. My mother in law was too supportive has she had experience in handling and overcoming the difficulties that she had faced and my constant, my hubby. So of all these, I must be saying that I m very blessed n lucky for having them around me. Also I took a step ahead after the initial stages of support, to handle the problems or situations that every common mother undergoes. So I would like to tell to all the mom s out there that whatever we face its all the experience and I believe that, the more the difficulties the higher the chances of going up in life and learning lessons on life. Thats all