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    The Complete Baby Shopping Guide

    Kumudam Berkin Kumudam Berkin 7 Mins Read

    Kumudam Berkin Kumudam Berkin


    Written by Kumudam Berkin and published on 17 July 2021.

    Planning for your little one's arrival? We bring you a comprehensive list of must-haves that will make life easier for you and let you enjoy your time with baby.

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    The Complete Baby Shopping Guide

    The arrival of a new-born is the most exciting life event for parents. This also comes with the jitters of deciding what to shop for the little one. Every parent wants the best for their baby and would like to be ready when the baby arrives. With a number of exclusive shops selling babies and toddler goods mushrooming in different parts of your city, deciding what needs to be purchased can be a daunting task. This article lists the A-Z of baby shopping to make your life easier.

    Diapers: Diapers are of different varieties. Some of you may prefer cloth nappies but it comes with the additional responsibility of washing and disinfecting them every time they are soiled. Diapers are available for new-borns. Whichever you prefer, both of these can be purchased and must be purchased in bulk.

    Baby wipes: Readily available baby wipes make cleaning up your baby an easy task. Although cloth and water are your safest options, baby wipes are a convenient option when travelling with your baby. It is important to test the wipes on your baby to avoid allergic reactions. A useful tip would be to read the ingredients on the packet to ensure that there are no strong fragrances or chemicals present.

    Crib: Unless you are going to co-sleep, a crib is something that you can use for your new-born. There are several kinds of cribs available in the market. For the first few months, a basinet style will be suitable. As your baby grows, you can purchase a bigger one. Make sure to read about the precautions that need to be taken while making your baby sleep in a crib.

    Clothing: Onesies are the best option for your little one in the initial 6 months. These are available for both boys and girls. It is very critical to keep the extremities of your baby warm. Mitten and booties are available in baby stores. Some of the onesies come along with mittens and booties for your precious one. Soft cotton or linen is the preferred material for babies as they are skin-friendly. Once your baby is older than 6 months, you can explore tutus (for girls), and full pants and shorts for boys.

    Bath time: Bath time for your baby can be wonderful if you purchase the right items. To start off, you will definitely need a bath tub. They are available in different colours and shapes. Pick up nice bright colours for your baby. This will excite your baby no end. Tubs are available for various ages and you can buy them accordingly. Along with the bath tub, you will also need baby bathing products. Baby washes and shampoos are available in the market under various brands. Do ensure that the products you buy are free from harmful chemicals, parabens and that the shampoos are tear-free. Brushes and combs with soft bristles are available for babies.

    Dental care: Although your baby is flashing a gummy smile, those gums need cleaning and care. Do not forget to purchase rubber soft brushes which can be worn on your finger and used to clean your baby's gums after every feed.

    Feeding: After your baby arrives, he is going to be wholly breast-fed for the first 6 months at least. Feeding rooms are available in malls and many other public places now. With mothers increasingly returning to work just a few months after baby's arrival, breast pumps have become an integral part of the lives of new parents. This is useful not just when a mother is working but also when the mother needs rest. In such cases, the breast pump can be used to express milk and the father or any other family member can pitch-in and feed the baby from a bottle.

    Out and about with your baby:

    When you are going out with your baby, it is advisable to carry a diaper bag. You can carry all of the things mentioned above and have a fun time with your baby. The market is filled with diaper bag brands. Buy one which has a compartment for each of the essentials you need to carry. You could also purchase a stroller which comes with a basinet facility when your baby is a few months old. At a later stage, you could use it as pram or a stroller.

    Equipping yourself with some of the things listed here, if not all, will double the joy of your little one's arrival.

    The author is a professional German translator, interpreter, foreign language instructor for schools and visiting faculty for colleges and corporates.

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