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#YOUR100WORDSTORY: September 2020 | Taking care of your newborn during COVID-19


#YOUR100WORDSTORY: September 2020 | Taking care of your newborn during COVID-19

TOPIC: Taking care of your newborn during COVID-19. Pen down your thoughts in 100 words and stand a chance to win exciting gift vouchers and be a part of our community of parent bloggers! SUBMIT ORIGINAL ENTRIES ONLY!!! Entries accepted until 30th September 2020. ... more

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  • Sep 9, 2020


Jasmine Bose Sep 30, 2020

Taking care of our newborn baby during CORONA is challenging. We should take extra care of him as he has very low immunity. So he shouldn't be taken out unnecessarily. We shouldn't allow outsiders to touch out baby. And we shouldn't give him cold milk. Otherwise he can catch cold. Baby should be kept warm.

Jisha Varghese Sep 10, 2020

It was really challenging to progress with my pregnancy during covid 19 days.Welcoming my new born was even more challenging.Staying at my in laws place ,my parents did not want any kind of risks to creep in.So they avoided their physical visits.That was tough.But after delivery while I was in the hospital ,I prayed that none of my relatives should visit me and my newborn,not because I was selfish but because I did not want anything undesired to happen.After getting back home my parents came home only on the 28th day to see us.That was quite emotional but yes the situation was demanding.But as every working mom would love to spend more time with her newborn,even I enjoyed the whole time with my baby undisturbed.After all these challenges are nothing when compared to welcoming a new born into this world.Simply love the complete bonding I was gifted with my baby during covid 19 days.

Jisha Varghese Sep 11, 2020

@Jisha Varghese

What a joy it is to see the little one 24/7 before your eyes and enjoying every moment of it :) Thanks for sharing Jisha!

Baishali Bordoloi Sep 11, 2020

The joy of being a mother is one of the greatest feelings in a woman's life. Everything changed since the strip showed two lines. Everything I used to love before suddenly don't spark any joy anymore except the excitement of the baby. I conceived in September, 2019. By 7 months I was all set to welcome my baby, letting go of all my bad habits, making the best version of myself and then there comes 'The Covid', followed by my dad's stroke resulting in his death. Well then I wasn't the best version of myself again with constant fear of Covid and depression. Every check up to the doctor felt like a battle making myself extra careful and conscious. I delivered the baby in May. Life has been even more tough since then. Everything in the house needed to be sanitized everyday especially when there is a new born. We had to even stop our maid from coming, so I had to take care of the baby, take care of the family, cook, clean and repeat. Even for vaccines, when we need to take our baby, it feels like stepping into a battle field the moment we step outside the house, trust noone, scared to meet people as there is constant doubt of what if they are infected.

Covid has deeply impacted the way I thought pregnancy and Motherhood can be but life goes on anyway.

Baishali Bordoloi Sep 11, 2020

@Baishali Bordoloi

Thanks for taking us through your experience Baishali.
We wish you and your family especially, the little one a safe and healthy time ahead.