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Picking a diaper for your baby? You might seal the deal with the Cute Seal diapers

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Diapers that take care of your baby's needs are few and far between. Cute Seal, the premium baby diapers from Canada, are loved by parents worldwide as they make for a comfortable and safe fitting!

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Picking a diaper for your baby? You might seal the deal with the Cute Seal diapers

When Ajay and Aarti welcomed their baby boy, they were certainly not prepared for the diaper-drama that followed over the next few months! While dealing with sleepless nights and feeds at odd hours, they were faced with yet another 'unexpected' problem —diapers. There was so much confusion about which brand of diapers to choose for their baby. Although the market is flooded with a wide variety, as new parents, they were pretty clueless about which diaper would keep their baby snug, dry and clean. And, the fact that their baby had sensitive skin only added to the problem.

Ajay and Aarti are not alone. Many young parents face this dilemma before they settle with a particular brand of diapers. For some parents, it's just a trial and error method. They simply try several brands before they can fix on a certain one.

So, what do parents actually look for in a diaper? Well, a good fit, a leak-proof system and one that is sensitive to baby's skin. These are some of the common features that parents prefer.

So, is there a brand of diapers that ticks all these boxes? Well, yes! Cute Seal, a premium brand of diapers available in several other countries, has recently been introduced in India. Made with 100 percent natural fibres, Cute Seal ultra-soft baby diapers are perfect for hot and humid weather.

The story behind the brand Cute Seal

It all began at a home in Vancouver, Canada, when a new father decided to improve the materials and quality of diapers and make them more eco-friendly. He ended up creating diapers that proved to be soft, highly absorbent and even environment-friendly.

Key features and benefits of Cute Seal diapers

The brand is known for its superior quality and environmentally-friendly products. Here are its key features:

  • A unique feature of the diapers is their wetness indicators to signal the need for a fresh diaper.
  • The diapers have a super suction inner layer for high absorption during the night.

  • Cute Seal diapers are super-soft because the surface layer of the diaper is made from carefully selected materials, sourced from Canada, for that extra ultra-soft feel.

  • Cute Seal diapers have five-layered inner padding to absorb and keep the liquid locked, therefore keeping the diaper dry for a long time. It also helps maintain its shape and structure.

  • A baby's movements aren't restricted as the diaper comes with extra-wide waist wraps that hug the waist. The elastic waistband can be stretched in any direction so that it does not hinder a growing baby's increasing movements.

  • To reduce scraping against the baby's skin, the sticky pads in these diapers come in a wrinkle-free 'S' shape.

  • Smart sidewalls prevent accidental leakage, while a unique pearl surface layer reduces direct contact with the baby's skin, enabling superior comfort.

Why should parents choose Cute Seal?

Cute Seal diapers provide the following benefits compared to other diapers:

1. Worried about diaper rashes? Then Cute Seal diapers are what your baby needs. The zero-touch outer covering is specially meant to protect the supple skin of babies. It reduces friction, especially around the crotch, thus preventing diaper rashes.

2. The diapers are fluorescent and dye-free, making them a perfect companion for your child's bottom!

3. They are also absolutely free from harmful chemicals like parabens, chlorine, latex and bleach and are therefore ideal for a baby's delicate skin.

4. Cute Seal diapers are your go-to diapers especially for the night as they are hypoallergenic (items that cause fewer allergic reactions) and hence take care of your baby's skin when he wears diapers for long hours.

5. The diapers even come with liquid indicators that let you know when they need to be changed. Once a diaper is full, three blue lines appear, signaling the need for a fresh diaper.

6. Don't you just dread those terrible diaper accidents when the baby's poo leaks from the sides of the diapers? With Cute Seal diapers, you can be sure that this will never happen. These diapers are designed especially keeping such mishaps in mind. They have unique 3D leak-proof wings that gently wrap around your baby's skin and prevent any leakage.

Did we pique your interest in a diaper that has some unique features?

The complete product range of Cute Seal diapers

Cute Seal diapers have a wide range of products to cater to the various needs of parents. A weight-wise range starts from newborns up to 15 kgs. The diapers have an open Velcro style and a pull-up pant style as well. Here are the details:

1. For newborns size NB (up to 5kg) - Open type (Velcro)

2. Baby Diapers Small size S (4-8 kg) Open type (Velcro)

3. Baby Diapers Medium size - M (9 -14kg) Pull-up pant style

4. Baby Diapers Large size - L (12-17kg) Pull-up pant style

5. Baby Diapers Extra Large - XL (up to 15kg) Pull-up pant style

Cute Seal diapers are tested and certified by the Food and Drug Administration, United States, Socit Gnrale de Surveillance, Switzerland and Conformite Europenne, Europe. So, the next time you need to buy diapers for your baby, be smart and simply pick Cute Seal diapers!

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