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Women's Day

WOMEN'S DAY CONTEST : #BEME - Because I am worth it!

Women's Day

WOMEN'S DAY CONTEST : #BEME - Because I am worth it!

Remember when as a little girl you had all the time in the world to 'BE ME'. And then life took over – studies, work, marriage, kids, family, home – and you lost touch with that little girl inside you – the one who loved to play, dream, dance, sing, draw, write, create, talk, think, reflect…

This Women’s Day we invite all you lovely women out there to indulge in that ONE childhood passion that’s waiting to be revived. Go on, give it a try!

All you have to do is-
* Remember the one most enjoyable thing you used to do as a little girl
* Feel the excitement of wanting to do it all over again
* Make the time to actually do it
* Click a picture of yourself while you're at it
* Upload the picture along with a brief description (40-50 words) of how it felt.

Rules to participate:
* Only one entry per member
* Send original entries only
* Participants are responsible for the pictures/content they post
* The contest entries will become the sole property of ParentCircle.
* The content may be used for publication in the company’s online and print media.
* The decision of the judges stands final ... more


Team ParentCircle Mar 24, 2022

Many Congratulations to our winners :)

Team ParentCircle Mar 16, 2022

Thankyou all for sharing your #BEME experiences with us! We know it must have felt amazing when you set aside your busy life and just let yourself be :)

Thanks again. The contest stands CLOSED!

Watchout this space for results! All the very best :)

Ramit Ghai Mar 16, 2022

@Team ParentCircle

Plz check ur dm

Sunita Katyal Mar 15, 2022

Woman is the another name of multitasking and dreams can be chased if you have the vision and dedication thats why I love to celebrate for myself Thats what I believe too and that belief makes me special and confident.
Being a woman I need to do Multitasking from handling my office work, blogging writeups while cooking, doing household chores. I love being a woman because I love myself as I am fearless to fight against odds to emerge as a winner. I love to walk like lion, talk like pigeons, live like elephants and love like an infant child. I am ambitious and My Ambition is to reach my Goals because to me a New Age Woman is the one who proves every time that "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!" :)

Debojani Roy Mar 15, 2022

With the passage of time every thing changes because change is inevitable. As a little girl, I was very passionate to participate in various co-curricular activities. I used to participate in school annual days. It was really a fun activity. I liked dressing up with enthusiasm. But with the passage of time, I got busy with other activities and my life's priorities changed.
During last Navaratri, I dressed up myself in a nice attire and could resonate the little girl inside me. I groved with the music, holding dandiya sticks. I was excited to revive my lost passion.

Team ParentCircle Mar 16, 2022

@Debojani Roy

Wow...lovely you :)

Nandini aggrawal Mar 15, 2022

#bemeiworthit be me i love dancing and singing as well as painting ,cookingalso but now a days I have no time for my interest . Because evening woman I am responsible for my family', health. Making healthy food for all family members . I have 2 hands but do multi tasks. I am cook, doctor,teacher,advice supporter .doing selfless work we do not want anything. Just some praise, support and love and care. I think every one support woman empowerment . Because we impowering woman is must and so govt. Reserve 33%kota reserve only for women. Not one day for woman but all day celebrate woman hood.every woman break the bias and give wings their hobbies

Team ParentCircle Mar 15, 2022

@Nandini aggrawal

Thanks Nandini for sharing! :)

PAYEL SANTRA Mar 11, 2022

At my childhood, I loved to spend times with creative works. Now, in my busy schedule, it's really hard to get time for my favourite hobby. Last Sunday I managed to spend some time with canvas, brushes and colours and it was a refreshing and soothing experience for my mind and soul. #BeMe #parentcircle #parenting #contest #parentcircle4U #womensday #women #internationalwomensday #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womenpower

Team ParentCircle Mar 15, 2022


Thanks for sharing! And we loved that painting :)

Priya Verma Mar 14, 2022

The only childhood play, every indian child inherits is Cricket. So was I. I used to play a lot of cricket in my childhood.

The person with whom i played most, is my dad. My dad used to be a very good bowler, both faster and spinner. He used to be a very good pacer. We played cricket at our farmhouse. Many a times, my sister also used to play with us. What they did often was to get in one team and then dad bowled and sister be the wicketkeeper. I was challenged to just touch the ball when dad bowled fast and most of the time they won. Before i was even able to see the ball, it passed me. Many a times, we also played with other teams. Till that time, I got more experienced and got better at batting. Me and my father used to be the best batting partners of the team. We often played matches with teams from other localities. I have a lot of memories of cricket with my dad.
But now as i am mother of two so never got the chance to play cricket . With this womans day i live some moments for me , i played cricket again with street kids. Here i lived for myself.

Ruby Angel Mar 14, 2022

When I was a little girl,my sisters,cousins and myself were the leaders in floral rangoli making in front of our homes for every festival.As I grew up,cooking for each festival turned out to be more important for me.Though I enjoy cooking,rangoli making was and is a desire sleeping within me.This season ,I caught up with my childhood hobby.
It was very relaxing.

Garima Rastogi Mar 11, 2022

Painting and drawing is what i enjoy since chilhood.It gives wings to my imagination and i return to my chilhood when as a little girl i loved doing it.The vibrant colours filled my heart with joy and happiness.It is my way of expressing my thoughts.I won many laurels for it.It relaxes and rejuvenates me and i become a little girl who loved doing it immensely and wasappreciated for it.Its so much fun.#BeMe #parentcircle

Jisha Varghese Mar 10, 2022

As a little girl I always loved flying kites,each weekend,on our visits to our nearest beach.Post wedding and new family responsibilities,I hardly thought of it.This year after a long gap,I made up my mind to revive my hobby ,that I enjoyed a lot.Kite flying is an unwinding game to Be ME,myself.

#BeMe #parentcircle #parenting #contest #parentcircle4U #womensday #women #internationalwomensday #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womenpower

Team ParentCircle Mar 11, 2022

@Jisha Varghese

Wow so nice to hear that!

Preeti Agrawal Mar 4, 2022

BEING ME is talking with my silence...
Framing my valuable experiences of resilience,
poetically into the words of my creative writing
Working through my daily chores I never skip this childhood passion,
which is so exciting and igniting
And I feel content to devote myself every day in some writing.

Team ParentCircle Mar 7, 2022

@Preeti Agrawal

Keep up your creative self!! :)