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    What is the attention span of a kindergartener?

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    The general attention span of a kindergartner is about 15 minutes in any activity that is of interest to her. For assigned classroom activities and homework, where your child has to sit without moving around, her attention span may only be 5 to 7 minutes. So it is wise to break up tasks and activities into not more than 10 minutes units at a time. In between give little breaks, drink water, jump up and down, or just stretch. As an added benefit, moving around too stimulates the brain.

    Children are focused and pay great attention to things they enjoy doing. Make sure you do not interrupt their play unnecessarily.

    Not to worry, as your child grows so will her attention span. But, if you try to force your child into sitting for longer periods of time without any breaks at an early age, she may begin to hate doing work. So, remember to always make learning a fun activity rather than a forced activity.

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