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Meet Ramanjeet Singh who took up care of a child from a COVID-19 affected family

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Ramanjeet Singh Ramanjeet Singh


When they heard the news of a child stranded at a hospital after both his parents were admitted for COVID-19, Ramanjeet Singh and his wife volunteered to step in. They brought him to their home and took care of him until his parents recovered. Read this heartwarming story here

Meet Ramanjeet Singh who took up care of a child from a COVID-19 affected family

Hyderabad-based techie Ramanjeet Singh was under home isolation after having tested positive for COVID-19 when he received a phone call about 10-year-old Soumin. The child was stranded at a hospital after both his parents were hospitalized for COVID-19. The family was from West Bengal and they had no relatives or friends in Hyderabad who could take care of him. Despite being affected by COVID-19 himself, Ramanjeet’s first instinct when he heard the news was to reach out and do whatever he could to help the child.

Ramanjeet managed to bring the child to his house with the help of his friends. He and his wife welcomed the child into their home and treated him as a part of their family until his parents recovered. This is a story of hope, kindness and humanity that we desperately need in these difficult times.

Here is how Ramanjeet tells it:

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, I, along with a few others, have been working with an NGO called Feed the Needy. We provide ambulances for COVID-19 patients, organize cremations, distribute grocery kits, medicines and provide other essential services. A few weeks ago, we got a call from HCL Secunderabad saying that one of the employees needed an ambulance. He and his wife were critical, and their oxygen saturation was low. When my team arrived at the location, they found both husband and wife in a bad state. However, the husband insisted that we take only the wife as they had a 10-year-old son at home. If they were both hospitalized, there would be no one to take care of him.

Our team talked to the couple and convinced the father also to go to the hospital. They took the child along with them. His parents got admitted to the hospital and he was made to sit in the hospital reception. When I heard of the news, my heart went out to the child. I too have a 10-year-old child at home and I imagined her in his place. It broke my heart. I knew I had to help him.

I was COVID-19 positive at the time so I couldn’t go there myself. I called many of my friends to figure out a solution for the child. But nothing worked out. Moreover, his COVID-19 test results had not yet come so it was risky to bring him to my house.

Finally, I requested a friend to bring the child, Soumin, to my apartment. We decided that it would be better to accommodate him in the guest house in our community. My wife volunteered to take care of the child. When she met him, he was very upset and disturbed. She spent time with him and tried to reassure him. She gave him as much warmth and care as she could.

The next day morning, we brought him home and decided to make him stay in a separate room until his test results came in. After one or two hours his results came, and he had tested negative. That was a big relief. He could now be with my family and not spend time confined in a room.

He was very upset and was not eating properly or talking. My daughter spent time with him and made him feel at home. By afternoon he had become a part of our family. My kids and he became good friends. After a while, they even started having little fights, as kids do.

Thankfully his parents recovered soon and after their quarantine, they came and took the child home. I was glad that God enabled me to be of some help to their family.

What was interesting was what happened next. This incident was reported in a newspaper and it circulated widely.  Soon the Hyderabad police contacted me and said that this was just the first step and that we must take it forward. They took the lead, and along with the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC), launched three care centers for children who are left on their own while their parents are in hospitals. The idea is to allow parents to get proper medical attention while their child is taken care of. Any loss in the family is a loss. I’m very thankful that I could play a part in this initiative.”

(As told to Vani Venugopal)

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