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Safety Tips While Travelling With Toddlers

Dr Madhuri Prabhu Dr Madhuri Prabhu 6 Mins Read

Dr Madhuri Prabhu Dr Madhuri Prabhu


Travelling with toddlers can be nerve-racking at times. We bring you a range of useful tips from packing the right food to ensuring your baby does not fall ill to help you have a great journey.

Safety Tips While Travelling With Toddlers

Whether you are travelling by car, train, or a plane - one thing remains constant, that is travelling with your little one can prove overwhelming. If you have a million questions swirling around your head regarding the travel along with many other doubts and apprehensions, we have just the right answers.

A vacation should be a fun-filled experience for the whole family. Keeping your child safe is an important element of a good trip. Planning ahead and taking essential baby items with you is as important as enjoying the holiday.

Make sure to keep the following safety tips in mind while you are travelling with your toddler.

Take precautions before you travel:

There are a few measures that can make the process of travelling with your toddler a lot easier.

1) It is essential for parents to plan the trip properly beforehand so that they don't have to face problems later.

2) Carry plenty of fluids, preferably water, as adequate hydration is very essential.

3) Parents should pack clothes for their child depending on the climate of the destination-cotton, loose-flowing clothes for hot places and jackets and woollens for cold places.

4) A first aid kit should be carried along with the baggage.

Prevent infection in babies:

Before embarking on a vacation, parents should make sure their babies are well-protected against infections.

1) Parents should make their toddlers wash hands properly or, if there is no water, use hand rubs. This will protect the baby against diseases like diarrhoea and flu.

2) Ensure your child has received the necessary vaccinations.

3) If parents are travelling to endemic areas prone to infections, the required vaccinations or travel medications must be given to the child.

4) Always food your child fresh, hot food and clean, boiled water at hygienic eateries.

5) Bottles and pacifier must be washed and sterilised with disinfected water.

Health risks involved in traveling with toddlers:

A toddler's immune system is not fully developed. This makes him vulnerable to a host of diseases. Diarrhoea and malaria are common infections your child needs to be protected from. Sometimes, your child may tend to pet stray dogs exposing them to the risk of rabies.

Another common health risk while staying in hotels is that of bed bugs. Parents should inspect the rooms and bedding properly before occupying them.

Avoid crowded places:

While holidaying, certain places must be avoided if you are accompanied by your child. Chances of children getting lost in movie theatres and amusement parks is high. So, if going to either of these places is on your itinerary, some tips can be followed - place your phone number in you toddler's dress pocket, make your child aware of common places like the information centre so he knows where to report in case he is lost.

Travelling by plane:

Ear pain during take-off and landing is the most common problem for children. One way to tackle this is to bottle feed the child or get him to chew gum or eat toffees.

Travelling with toddlers can be an enjoyable experience if the above tips are followed. In many ways, vacationing with a baby can be one of life's most memorable and pleasant experiences.

The author is a paediatrician at Motherhood Hospitals.

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