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Stay-at-Home Moms Vs Working Moms: Pros And Cons

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Struggling to decide whether to rejoin work after pregnancy or be a stay-at-home mom? Here are the pros and cons of working full time versus looking after the baby at home.

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Stay-at-Home Moms Vs Working Moms: Pros And Cons

This has to be one of the most debated topics of all time. Should I stay at home or resume work after the arrival of the baby? Women face many challenges in both scenarios and are often caught in the dilemma of what to do post-delivery. As all mothers know, it is not an easy decision.

Barring a few exceptions, the concept of working moms, or even working women for that matter, was not very prevalent in the early ages. But as many women came out of the confines of their homes during the struggle for India's freedom, they also started to look for opportunities to work.

For ages, few women in our country defied norms to join the workforce. Most led a routine and domesticated life confined to their houses with minimal interaction with the outside world. But this entire scenario has witnessed a change in the last few decades, with almost every sector now being represented by women.

Change in workplace dynamics

Moreover, with industrialization and globalization, India saw a drastic change in workplace dynamics. Not only did it create employment and job opportunities, but it also helped in changing the mindset of the people. It was a new ray of hope for women who wanted to showcase their skills and expertise, attaining financial independence in the process.

Lack of a support system

Though there has been a lot of changes when it comes to working women, there are still some impediments when new mothers want to go back to work, after giving birth to a baby. A woman's career inevitably takes a back seat after motherhood.

This is not because the woman is less interested in pursuing her career but because she lacks a support system that would allow her to go to work without worrying about her child or looking after the needs of the family. These include a dearth of child care facilities and daycare centers closer to her workplace, the fact that she cannot get enough help from the family, lack of reliable babysitters, and so on.

Motherhood is a blessing. However, being a working mother has to be one of the toughest jobs. Also, due to many constraints, women prefer to be stay-at-home moms.

However, there are pros and cons in both scenarios and mothers should follow whatever is best for them, based on their specific situation.

For Stay-at-Home Moms


You can devote your time entirely to your little ones, watch them grow, share special moments. You have complete control of the household.

Life can become very monotonous especially if you've had a rocking job before maternity.

The life of a stay-at-home mom can be disciplined and routine. You can spend quality time with your near and dear ones, too.

Doing household chores every day will seem drudgery. You will begin missing the camaraderie with co-workers and start to feel depressed.

You might have to sacrifice your financial independence, which in turn, can hit your self-confidence and social life.

The wider your unemployment gap, the rustier you look to potential recruiters.

For Working Moms


The biggest positive is financial independence.

Guilt. Working moms begin to feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children.

It boosts self-confidence, gives you the courage to participate in important family decisions as an equal.

This leads to new moms trying to stretch themselves thin trying to maintain a work-life balance.

You don't have to be dependent on anyone for material needs for you and your children.

Doing full-time work and also looking after the newborn can be quite stressful and daunting. Stress can have an adverse effect on your health.

These days, there are many work options that allow you to use your free time by taking up work-from-home assignments. But you have to strike a smart balance to avoid a burn-out

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Hence, a smarter and feasible option can be jobs that allow you to work from home for some time - like when the baby's asleep.

This is less daunting as compared to a regular office job and moreover, you can dedicate your time to take care of your child. If you decide to be a working mother, make sure you have a good support system in place, to avoid getting stressed. In both scenarios, allow yourself to enjoy once in a while and allocate some me time to relax on your own.

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