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Navratri 2022 - How do you celebrate?

Hi Everyone,

Navratri is starting soon, so why not get into the spirit of festivity, revisit our celebration checklists and share our traditions - from food to clothes to decorations with each other?

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  • Sep 20, 2022


Raima 7 days ago


What I love most about Navratri is the color theme for each day.

All my friends love getting dressed as per the color of the day.

This year, the days and the colors are as follows:

Is anyone up for wearing these colors and sharing pictures??

@Anu @R.kalaivani 

Team ParentCircle 7 days ago


Sounds like a lovely idea.....  

Roopa M 7 days ago


Yes, in our neighbourhood we wear these colours, meet and chant together. Then, we  share the Prasadam. 😊 I have some pics from past few yrs... will try to share this year’s 

R.Kalaivani 6 days ago


Eagerly waiting for navaratri.We strongly believe Sarvamayi visits us. She stays with us during these days.She is SRIMATHA.She visits to shower us with immeasurable virtues.In our family we welcome  her by offering devotion as she is bhakthipriya,bakthigamya.

Thank you Raima for this  thread.

Raima 6 days ago

@Roopa M

Hi Roopa, yes please do share...will love to see :)

Raima 6 days ago


Thankyou for replying Kalaivani

Preeti Agrawal 6 days ago


Great idea  

Anu 17 hours ago


Good idea. But I don't have all the colours to wear :(

Arathi Vishwanath 6 days ago

Navratri always brings joy and freshness! 


Here is an article, written by my daughter describing Navratri celebrations across the country! 

Team ParentCircle 5 days ago

@Arathi Vishwanath

That's a very detailed and lovely article...Thanks for sharing :)

Anu 17 hours ago

@Arathi Vishwanath

So nice. 

Anita kulkarni 7 days ago

That's a great idea. Parent circle has people from different states and diverse cultures where we can discuss our cultures about Navaratri. Like this we can know about all the states. 
I am a south Indian we worship Balaji in Navaratri. Bengalis worship Durga Mata and north Indians Laxmi Mata. I will surely share about what we do in our house in Navaratri.

Raima 6 days ago

@Anita kulkarni

Yes, Anita...look forward to hearing all about your Navaratri celebrations :)