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Celebrating Mother's Day? These fun activities will make the day a special one

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Raising a child is especially taxing for mothers, who juggle family and work commitments. This Mother's Day, pamper yourself, even while you stay at home. Here are some fun activity ideas

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Celebrating Mother's Day? These fun activities will make the day a special one

There is no doubt that we owe many of our happy memories and sweet successes to that one person, who is always there for us through  sunshine or rain - Our Mothers 

The values that mothers teach their children, help them become responsible, compassionate, and worthy members of society. That is why Mother's Day is an occasion to acknowledge the contribution that mothers make not just in the lives of their children but also in the important role they play in shaping the world.

Mothers always do their best to keep their families safe while they manage household chores and work. That is more of a reason for the stressed-out mommies to take a break and indulge in some self-care.

So, wouldn't it be good for mothers to take a step back, focus on their needs and pamper themselves for a change, on a day that celebrates the joys of motherhood?

We give you a few interesting Mother's Day activity ideas to try at home.

Why mothers need a break?

Being a mother can be a deeply fulfilling experience. However, children may seek out your lap for comfort when they are distressed and look towards you for guidance when they are confused. So, as a mother when you juggle your official commitments, domestic responsibilities, and being 'there' for your kids, it can be physically and mentally draining on you, and even lead to burnout. That is why on this special day of yours you need to pamper yourself by taking a break.

But before moving on to some of the best Mother's day activity ideas, let us look at five reasons why moms deserve to take a break.

History of Mother's Day
  • In ancient Greece, this particular day was celebrated during the springtime to pay respect to Rhea, the Mother of the gods.
  • In Britain, Christians celebrated this day to honor Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. Later, it was extended as a day to celebrate all mothers. Mothers Day in Britain is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent (the 40-day fasting period that comes before Easter Sunday) and is called Mothering Sunday.
  • In 19th century America, peace activist Julia Ward Howe first suggested Mother's Day for Peace to appeal against the futility of war and to mark a day for peace and motherhood.
  • The modern Mother's Day celebration was initiated by Anna Jarvis. Anna started a campaign for a special day to honor her mother, social worker Ann Maria Jarvis, and to recognize the contribution of mothers to their families and the community.
  • The first official Mother's Day was observed on May 10, 1908, with a church service at the Andrew Methodist Church, Grafton, West Virginia to honor Annas mother and all mothers. In 1914, under President Woodrow Wilson, the United States Congress passed a resolution to declare every second Sunday of May as Mother's Day. This year it falls on May 10. Later in life, Anna strongly opposed the commercial aspect of Mothers Day.
  • Many countries around the world, including India, pay tribute to mothers on this day. In Mexico, it is observed on May 10 every year, while Spain celebrates Mothers Day on the first Sunday of May. In Thailand, Mother's Day falls on August 12, the birthday of the present queen.

Why do you deserve a break as a mother?

  1. To stay healthy: It is necessary for a mother to take care of her body and to stay healthy because if she is not fit and thriving, the whole family will be affected.
  2. To create a relaxed home environment: Juggling work pressures and household chores can be taxing for a mother, leaving her tired all the time. Taking a break from her hectic schedule will help her to relax, and in turn, create a happy environment at home.
  3. To connect with her children:  Taking a break from daily chores will provide mothers more time to do fun things with their children. This will enable positive interactions with the children and improve parent-child bonding.
  4. To get more me-time: It is important for a mother to break away from day-to-day household responsibilities once in a while, to engage in pursuits that interest her, and give her a chance to do something on her own or with her friends.
  5. To remind herself that she deserves some time off: Many working mothers make superhuman efforts to attend to their hectic work and to engage in their children's day-to-day activities as well. They feel guilty about not spending time with their children and put undue pressure on themselves. Taking a break will remind mothers that they too need a holiday and must rejuvenate themselves.

Fun Mother's Day activities

Here are some fun activities that you can indulge in this Mother's Day.

1. Enjoy a spa session at home

There is nothing more comforting than some aromatherapy, and a few hours of pampering those tired limbs and stiff back. Just because you cannot go out doesn't mean you can't get a spa experience on your special day.

Home spa set-up

  • Light up some scented candles in your room/bathroom
  • Get your spouse to give you a head massage and relax with some music
  • Use essential oils and simple household ingredients such as coffee, oats, or sugar to make scrubs and face packs that will help de-stress and rejuvenate your body and mind.

2. Have an indulgent dessert

When was the last time you sat at a cafe on your own, book in hand and without a care in the world? Mothers rarely get any time to treat themselves to their favorite food or have a lazy lunch, without children in tow.

Since visiting a cafe or bakery may not be a possible option for many, here's what you can do staying indoors

  • Ask your spouse and children to make your favorite dessert.
  • Forget about the calories when you relish the sweet prepared by your loved ones. It will be the perfect treat for you on Mother's Day.
  • Forget about the calories when you relish the sweet prepared by your loved ones. It will be the perfect treat for you on Mother's Day.

 3. Watch a movie that you have been keen to catch up on

In the everyday grind of managing excruciating work deadlines, finishing the mundane chores, and caring for the children, mothers rarely get a chance to watch a movie without interruptions or catch up with the latest film. If you are one of those parents, then Mothers Day is the perfect excuse to fulfill your wish.

Guilt-free movie time setup

  • Tell your children not to disturb you while you make yourself some microwave popcorn, get cozy in your favorite chair, and watch a nice movie that you are excited to see on Amazon, Netflix, or any other streaming services.

4. Try a fitness challenge or an online yoga class

Fitness challenges can be fun, there are many fitness challenges that are trending on social media these days. Select one of them and get started.

Family fitness time = Family bonding time

  • Involve everyone at home to take a fitness challenge and bond with your family while doing it together
  • If a fitness challenge is not your cup of tea, join an online yoga class along with your spouse and children
  • Make your special day memorable by vowing to stay fit during the isolation period and beyond.

5. Plan a date night at home

Being together at home with your family can be a blessing, but it can also mean that mothers rarely get any 'alone' time. Mothers are split between the chores and demands on their time by children and spouses. Moreover, they may hardly get any exclusive time to relax and talk with their spouses.

Even if you cannot step out for a romantic evening together, this Mother's Day weekend, pass some hints to your better half.

  • He must have planned something special for you at home
  •  Dress up for the occasion, put on some soft music and enjoy a waltz and an intimate dinner in the comfort of your home

6. Take a long bath

It is quite common to hear young mothers lament about not getting enough time to even have a decent bath because of their hectic work or constant demands from their tiny tots. Mothers rarely spare enough time to take care of their bodies or grab some precious me time.

Lather, soak, and unwind!

  • Light up a few aromatic candles in your room, throw in some bath salts in the water, and indulge in a long luxurious bath while your spouse watches over the children.

7. Start your own blog

Being confined to the home for so many days can be stressful both physically and mentally. Penning your thoughts can sometimes act as a de-stressing tool and help you wind down. So, if you have not done it already, use the Mothers Day weekend to start your own blog.

Take off on a writing voyage

  • Start your own blog write and post pictures about things that you are passionate about or topics on which you have expertise.
  • It could be cookery, baking, money matters, or your experiences as a mother.

8. Take an online class

How many times have you postponed the idea of taking that baking class or enjoying a few hours of learning to do Zen paintings?

On this Mother's Day, spare some time for yourself and enroll in an online activity that gives you joy and helps you learn a skill

  • There are many virtual classes being offered. Choose one that suits you best.

9. Treat yourself to a long, lazy brunch

It is a tradition in the United States for grown-up children to pamper their mothers with a Sunday brunch. Taking a cue from this custom, you could plan an elaborate brunch with your family at home, with your spouse and children helping out with the prepping and cooking.

10. Do a virtual tour of a museum or a historical site

Most of the time parents take their children to a science museum or a historical site so that the little ones can gain some knowledge and have fun at the same time. On Mothers Day, why not make the most of this opportunity and take a virtual tour of a history museum or a fine arts gallery that you always wanted to visit but could never make the time for?

How to arrange for a virtual tour

  • Many international museums, famous galleries, and wildlife sanctuaries are offering virtual tours of their premises to people all over the world
  • Some interesting examples are the virtual tour of ancient Rome, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and the British Museum in London
  • Try searching online for such virtual tours and register your family

11. Plan a family day of fun

Your day can be memorable if you plan to spend a fun-filled day with your spouse and children, doing a variety of activities. Ensure you tell your family that they should do all the planning and come up with ideas since it is your special day. Stay home and cook together, play board games, tell stories, and have a good laugh.

We hope these fun Mother's Day activity ideas inspire you to take that much-needed break to rejuvenate yourself.

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