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    I Want To Study Robotics: CBSE CLASS 10 Topper Prakhar Mittal

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    Prakhar Mittal, topper of CBSE class 10, with a near perfect score, believes consistency and hard work hold the key to success.

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    I Want To Study Robotics: CBSE CLASS 10 Topper Prakhar Mittal

    For Prakhar Mittal, class 10 CBSE topper, his results did not really come as a surprise. The reason was that he had been preparing for this examination from day one and had worked hard consistently. Having scored a near perfect score of 499 out of 500, Prakhar Mittal of DPS Gurugram, astounded everyone, including his parents, with his results.

    Many interviews and congratulatory messages later, Prakhar now has to decide on his future course of action. And he, like his mother, wants to approach his options practically. Looking forward to a career in robotics and automation, Prakhar wants to weigh his options before going abroad to study further.

    Some excerpts from the interview:

    On the media attention

    When I saw my results, I anticipated that this would happen. Then I saw my name flashing on the TV, and I started getting calls. Everyone called me and wished me. I am not a talkative person. But, this experience has been amazing, and I've been enjoying it.

    On his study schedule

    At the start of the year, I had no fixed schedule. After school, I studied for two hours or more. But, I was studying not only for my class 10 but also for IIT entrance tests. So I studied for three to four hours a day and took breaks in between. I listened to music and practised meditation to relax.

    On how to approach the question paper

    It's important to read the question paper thoroughly before attempting the answers. For some subjects, like maths, I find it is better to attempt them in the reverse order because the last questions carry the maximum marks. Also, students should remember that presentation matters.

    On his results

    I was expecting to score either 98 or 99 out of 100, because I knew I hadn't made any mistakes. But, I didn't expect almost 100 per cent results.

    On his future plans

    I haven't yet decided on a particular stream. In India, we have general streams like computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering. But, we don't have many options when it comes to a specialised field. I am looking at artificial intelligence and programming, but I don't know if India has specific courses on that.

    I have been thinking about going abroad. But, right now, I want to stay in India and prepare for the entrance tests. I'll go abroad to do my masters as I believe I'll get better options there, if I want to pursue a career in robotics and automation.

    On lessons he learnt from his mother

    My mother is a calm, relaxed and practical person. From my mom, I've learnt how to approach challenges in a practical manner.

    On lessons he learnt from his father

    My father is a hard-working man. He's inspired me to constantly work to achieve my goals.

    Exclusive tips to the next batch on how to crack the boards

    Students should remember that the boards is just another exam. They must study regularly and not keep anything for the last moment. It's also important that students clarify their doubts as and when they have them. It's necessary to understand the concepts in a subject to do well in it.

    Another important thing is that children should not forget to enjoy school life. Prepare for your board examinations, but do not ignore other aspects of your life.

    These tips by a CBSE topper will surely help chart your child's path to success.

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    Written by Leena Ghosh on 02 June 2018.

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