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Has your child found mathematics to be uninteresting? Have you found it challenging to teach math to your child? Join our discussion to clear your doubts, share your stories, know from our experts and explore more tips and learning methods that can help them as well as you! Together, lets make learning fun & easy! ... more

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Team ParentCircle Jan 6, 2021

For National Mathematics Day, discover the joy of mathematics with your preschooler and pay tribute to the famous mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan who was born on this day. Youll be surprised to see how simple activities can make math learning wholesome and fun!

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Team ParentCircle Jan 6, 2021

@Team ParentCircle

Akshith Charan S who is 5 years, shared with us pictures while doing the Symmetry with Block activity.

Team ParentCircle Jan 6, 2021

@Team ParentCircle

Manikanda Pranav R, 5 years old, shared photos of him doing one of the activities.

Team ParentCircle Jan 6, 2021

@Team ParentCircle

We received more children engaging with the activities from our Math Day downloadable and sharing with us how much they enjoyed!

Team ParentCircle May 6, 2020

Kids math learning apps make learning the subject straightforward and interesting. You can get one from these best math learning apps for kids if your child is struggling with mathematics.

Team ParentCircle Jan 10, 2020

Ever wondered how kids learning with an Abacus find maths easy to learn? Heres everything on how to use the Abacus to teach maths, and why it makes your children incredibly smart in calculations.

Team ParentCircle Aug 29, 2019

Want to know whether your child has good mathematical skills? These tests will help you.

Rani Lakshmi Jan 22, 2019

my 13 yr old is finding it very difficult to do math. she is a bright student in other subjects, but she says, math problems seem very similar yet confusing and she does the steps all wrong. how can I help? maths exam days are like a nightmare for her and me.

Rani Lakshmi Jan 31, 2019

@Rani Lakshmi

Are you worried that your child has an aversion towards Maths? This is a problem many parents face but fret not, you can change this attitude. Here are tips to help your child ace the numbers game!

Rani Lakshmi Jun 23, 2019

@Rani Lakshmi

Hello, She is bright student, I appreciate that identification of your child. Math problems are not a life problem, they can be tackle with less stress and zero expectations in gaining scores. More the stress and consciousness leads to poor results and vice versa.

Team ParentCircle Mar 28, 2019

Hi Parent circle,
My daughter is 14 years and very good in academics. She is also a very obedient and cheerful child. However, despite working very hard to improve her maths grade, she is not getting favourable results. How can I help my child and give her the motivation to keep trying?

Team ParentCircle Mar 28, 2019

@Team ParentCircle

Just wanted to give some suggestions. Maths is different from other subjects and requires a lot of practice as you and your child must already know.. Practicing everyday, learning the formulas, and developing problem solving skills are important. Good news is that there are lot of YouTube channels and lessons available on the internet that are free. These lessons are meant to teach math in a Fun and interesting way.
Apart from this, if you don't mind sending the child to tuition, you might need a good teacher who will teach the child in an interesting way and motivate well..will add more solutions and info if I come across and think of. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Team ParentCircle Apr 9, 2019

@Team ParentCircle

I am a Maths teacher from Assam and very true, it is motivation and encouragement that really helps children do well in maths and enables them to get rid of the phobia. If you are planng to put her in a tuition class, make sure that she shares a great rapport with the teacher. Also, she can ask her own school teacher can hand-hold her if she discusses her doubts freely with her. As teachers it is our constant endeavour to help our children do better

Team ParentCircle Jun 23, 2019

@Team ParentCircle

Dear Parent, You did a good job identifying your child's interest. Every child's learning capacity is different. She is good at acedamics but low at maths. Give her some time without pressurising in improving her math. Math is not our life examination, moreover, math formulas, algebra, geometry does not play important role, so basics are known that's enough. More stress and consciousness leads to poor results instead take that subject lightly and move on.

Team ParentCircle Feb 12, 2019

Wonder whats the right way to teach mathematics to children? Find out in this exclusive interview with Jo Boaler, one of the finest maths educators in the world.

Team ParentCircle Feb 4, 2019

Learning maths need not always be about practising sums. Teach your child these essential mathematical skills while cooking up a storm.

Team ParentCircle Jan 18, 2019

Does the word 'maths' conjure up images of drudgery and fear in your child's mind? We give you exclusive tips to make him fall in love with mathematics.