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    Worried about your child's safety? Here is how using a GPS tracker can help you

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    With child safety a major concern these days, technology can come to the rescue. We give parents some important pointers on using a GPS device to help children stay safe outdoors and in school

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    Worried about your child's safety? Here is how using a GPS tracker can help you

    Crimes against children have seen an upsurge in the last few years in our cities. Keeping our children safe has become a top priority for parents and schools. Parents are often worried for their children and perhaps the toughest challenge for them is to ensure the safety of kids even when they are out. Since children are at the school for over eight to nine hours, schools themselves have become a vulnerable spot for miscreants. In such a situation, schools and parents have turned to technology for the safety of their wards.

    Whether your child has gone out to school or even to an amusement park, technology can turn on the signs of relief for both children and parents. CCTV and GPS trackers may be the most useful safety devices. GPS tracker has few more advantages over the rest:

    1. GPS-enabled school bus: School buses are the first point of anxiety for parents. Right from boarding the bus to the safe arrival at school and whatever happens on the bus can be monitored very closely through a GPS-enabled bus and a GPS device with the child.

    From the school's perspective, a real-time tracking feature allows the school transportation department to locate the position of the bus. If the bus driver is speeding or has deviated from the regular route, the GPS tracker will send an instant alert to the central system.

    As a parent, you can be in touch with your children while they are on board through a one-way calling GPS device. This GPS tracker enables you to listen to whatever is happening around your children. These devices will send you timely alerts when the children get off the bus, reach school or are in transit.

    2. Safety zones: You can ensure the safety of your children with GPS-enabled watches. These watches are connected to your phone via apps. This kind of GPS tracker is built on artificial intelligence and it understands and saves your kid's schedule. It keeps sending you alerts in case children wander to a zone that is not part of their regular schedule or is not a safe place. You need not be anxious all the time about your kid's safety as the GPS tracker empowers you with regular updates about their location.

    3. Emergency call: Since most schools do not encourage children to possess a mobile phone, trackers can help you stay in touch. The GPS trackers have an emergency call button. In case your kids are in any trouble, all they need to do is press the button to connect to you. Make them aware of the benefits of the GPS tracker for their safety in a positive way.

    4. GPS-enabled I-cards: Not every parent can afford to buy a GPS tracker. GPS-enabled I-cards could be the best step taken by any school. It is very convenient and handy, and you do not have to remind children to wear them. These I-cards send you regular updates of where your little ones are, so even if they are not in front of your eyes, you know they are safe.

    5. Alerts about reaching home: People lead very busy lives in the cities and the school may not be nearby. As a working parent, you need to schedule your work or chores in such a way that you are available when the child returns home. The GPS tracker sends you a notification when your child has left the school premises, their transit time to home and a notification when they are dropped off.

    The evolution of GPS tracker devices is now offering cost-effective solutions to help parents lead a stress-free life. A child's safety is a parent's responsibility and a tracking device may be helpful in offering some form of relief.


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