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Free Online Educational Games For Preschool Kids (3 To 5 Year Olds)

Sherine Paul Solomon Sherine Paul Solomon 6 Mins Read

Sherine Paul Solomon Sherine Paul Solomon


Is your pre-schooler bored due to staying indoors for long periods? Fret not. We bring you learning games that she can play online. What's more, these games are absolutely free.

Free Online Educational Games For Preschool Kids (3 To 5 Year Olds)

With schools closed due to the pandemic, making sure your young ones get the right amount of education can be quite a struggle. The challenge is amplified for parents with toddlers but you need not fret as you can turn their screen time into a learning experience. Here are some free educational games and activities that you can explore to make learning an enjoyable experience for your child.

While online classes are the new normal until schools reopen, what can parents with pre-schoolers teach their child? As a parent you can pick core skills you want to focus on in maths, English, science, music, play and make-believe. Based on this you could pick concepts you would like to work on with your child like shapes, alphabets, phonics, identification or guessing games. The plus side of the pandemic is that there has been a spurt of online resources that come at absolutely no cost. So why not opt for a game through which you can teach your young one a new concept. Here are a few fun online games that you can try introducing to your child. Not only will it keep them occupied but it will be a lesson in the process.

1. Name of the game: Wonder Red's Rhyme Racer

Where to find or play: https://pbskids.org/superwhy/games/wonder-reds-rhyme-racer/index.html

What it's about: Your child can go on an adventure with Wonder Red and find rhyming words in this fun story format game. There are two levels to choose from and your child is sure to learn a host of new rhyming words.

Why it is good for your pre-schooler: Not only do they learn rhyming words but also the meanings of words based on the level. Only if they choose the right option can they advance to the next level. It will require a bit of concentration in order to move in the right direction and collect all the rhyming words. Other fun games include Alpha Pig's Paint by Letter, Super Why Saves the Day ad Princess Presto's Spectacular Spelling party Good luck!

2. Name of the game: Colour mixing song

Where to find or play: https://www.learninggamesforkids.com/preschool_games/color-mixing-song-2.html

What it's about: What better way to teach your preschooler the primary, secondary and tertiary colours than through song.

Why it is good for your pre-schooler: Not only will they learn the names of colours, to identify them as well some music too. You can create a fun art activity based on what they learned with crayons or colour pencils after.

3. Name of the game: Jigsaw Shape Puzzle

Where to find or play: https://www.thelearningapps.com/online-shape-games-for-kids/

What it's about: One of the primary areas of focus in preschool deals with shapes. Getting your child to solve online shape puzzles is a great way for them to gain basic shapes knowledge without it being boring. Matching shapes, being able to identify them are vital. A host of shapes like circle, square, rectangle, triangle, star, octagon, oval, moon, cross and arrow are available to explore.

Why it is good for your pre-schooler: Your child will be able to identify basic shapes and it also requires concentration for them to match the appropriate puzzle piece to the correct slot. You can create a colouring activity based on the shape they learned online after.

4. Name of the game: Counting Pizza Party

Where to find or play: https://www.education.com/games/preschool/

What it's about: A fun way to introduce your child to maths through a party with one of the most beloved fast food - pizza counting game. You child will learn to correctly count different toppings. They will hear the numbers out loud and learn by repetition.

Why it is good for your pre-schooler: Fun characters and pizza toppings make this a stimulating game for young children. Once they have grasped this concept there is an advanced game in the same genre that teaches them to add. As a treat you could probably order a pizza after and see if they have grasped the concept well.

5. Name of the game: Boris The Magician

Where to find or play: https://www.happyclicks.net/touch-tap-games/12_baby_games_boris.php

What it's about: This game is perfect to build some basic computer skills. This simple game encourages children to click on the boxes in order to see Boris's next trick. Your child is sure to be enthralled by the magic tricks.

Why it is good for your pre-schooler: Your child will getting familiar with a computer or touch screen. You could also create your own magic show at home after to make things more interesting.

6. Name of the game: Match the following

Where to find or play: https://www.learninggamesforkids.com/preschool-games.html

What it's about: There are a series of games to choose from in this fun genre. You basically ask your child to match items based on the theme you pick - colours, shapes, numbers or letters.

Why it is good for your pre-schooler: This is a great activity to help your child classify objects and also a way for them to learn to count.

7. Name of the game: Animals and their babies

Where to find or play: https://www.turtlediary.com/game/animal-babies.html

What it's about: This is a great and fascinating game for pre-schoolers where they not only learn about various animals but their young as well. The objective of the game is to help the animal find their respective babies. Clues are given and you follow them to reach the baby.

Why it is good for your pre-schooler: An extremely interactive game, this helps teach your child about animals and their young ones and their names. You could teach them a fun fact as well about the animal once the game is over.

8. Name of the game: Piano Learning

Where to find or play: https://www.education.com/game/piano-game/

What it's about: So what if you don't have a piano or keyboard at home, you can still learn to play different music genres in this creative online game.

Why it is good for your pre-schooler: This game will not only boost your child's creativity but also contribute to early logic and maths skills. Let them explore tapping the keys and creating their own unique rhythm.

Some other fun resources you could explore include CBeebies, Scholastic Learn at Home, and ABCMouse. So take heart and let your child discover and absorb new things by immersing themselves in these fun online games.

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Written by Sherine Paul Solomon on 2 November 2020.

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