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10 Fun Educational Websites For Your Child

Param Gupta Param Gupta 9 Mins Read

Param Gupta Param Gupta


The Internet is a great resource. And your child can make the most of it through these highly educative and entertaining games websites.

Primary to Pre-teen
10 Fun Educational Websites For Your Child

The Internet has invaded most spheres of our lives today and those of our children. As parents, you can make the most of the online world by introducing your children to an array of educational games, which will not only keep them busy but will also teach them essential skills.

Here's a list of 10 such fun and educative games websites for primary schoolers.

Fun educational games websites

1. National Geographic Kids


A treasure trove of challenging and engaging games awaits your child on this website. From memory games to quizzes, matching exercises to composing stories, there are a variety of activities he can choose from. Through these games, he can learn many new concepts and improve his general knowledge in different fields such as science, geography, sports, animals, insects, plants, universe, and much more. The games are simple enough for children in primary school.

2. FunBrain


FunBrain offers several interesting games, which are categorised into different age groups starting from Grade 1 to Grade 8. There are also games that can be played by all children irrespective of their age. Games such as 'Math Baseball', 'Math Soccer', 'Extreme Air', 'Grammar Gorillas', and 'Shape Invasion', teach important concepts in maths, science and language. Puzzles such as 'Brain Break', 'Guess the number', and 'What's the point?' help develop your child's analytical and logical thinking abilities. Also, there are many vocabulary-building games such as 'Rooting out words', 'Word Turtle' and 'Word Confusion'.

3. PBS Kids


PBS Kids is hugely popular with parents of young children. The games section offers a plethora of exciting games with highly attractive and engaging interfaces, which are aptly designed to capture the interest of children. The games teach several important academic concepts in an enjoyable manner. For example, your child gets to learn spellings through a fairy tale. She can also explore rescue trails and go on treasure hunts to discover new objects and learn uses of different tools by using them in the game. She will not be bored and also learn something useful from these games.

4. Hooda Math


This website's vast collection of games will help your child master a number of mathematical skills and learn interesting concepts in physics. The games are organised under different categories. There are 'Growing Games' that involve growing trees and farms, building schools and setting up a whole village. Then there are the 'Shopping Games' in which he will have to do basic mathematical calculations as he goes on different kinds of virtual shopping sprees. In 'Geometry Games', he can sharpen his basic geometrical acumen. Apart from mathematical games, the site also offers several word and logic games.

5. BrainPOP


BrainPOP is a highly informative and well-developed site that has a lot of material on all subjects such as maths, science, social science, English, art, music, and so on. Its lessons are categorised under various subjects, with games and quizzes to support each lesson. Given its comprehensive content and creative ways of engaging the learner, this website is a good choice for your child. The games are innovative and effective in teaching key concepts to children.

6. Arcademic Skill Builders


The Arcademic Skill Builders contains an assortment of exciting games to help your child master basic mathematical and language skills, build her vocabulary and also hone her analytical skills. The games are categorised from Grades 1 to 6, and have concepts largely based on maths. There are also games that will help your child learn spellings, develop her typing skills and elaborate on concepts in geography. From racing cars and spaceships to feeding various animals, the plots of the games are exciting enough to keep your child hooked on.

7. Sesame Street


This website is sure to be a hit with early primary schoolers. Your child gets to learn about various real-world concepts such as different seasons, basics of cooking, how the space works and much more through different games. The various games on this site include 'Season Spinner', 'Oscar's Trash Launch', 'Story Book Builder', 'Words Are Everywhere', 'Reading Adventures', and many more. Your child will also learn new words with the help of word games and will be able to build her storytelling skills.

8. Sheppard Software


Sheppard software has simple and easy games for primary schoolers to learn about animals, how the food chain works, concepts related to nutrition, world geography, history, and so on. There are several painting activities and puzzles to solve. There are games for all age groups of children and even for adults who like to learn new things. Playing on this site, your child can pick up a variety of skills such as creative thinking, logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

9. British Council Games


The games on this site will help your child master her English language skills in a fun-filled manner. The games help children build vocabulary, spell words, and learn different forms of verbs through play. Learning is aided by unique and thrilling plots of games such as conquering fear by spelling right and defeating the goalkeeper by exhibiting a knowledge of words.

10. NASA Kids' Clubs


NASA brings a wide variety of games related to the space and the universe. Your child gets to be a detective looking for items useful in space, play memory games, drive spaceships, visit other planets, colour space objects and play many other engaging games. He will learn several simple concepts in interesting game settings.

While your child enjoys playing these games and picking up new skills, ensure that she is supervised so she doesn't accidentally go to an adult website. Make the most of the Internet by encouraging her to learn new things in a fun-filled manner.

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