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    Is your child complaining of his dull and boring room? Here are 5 DIY room decor ideas to revamp your child's room

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    Your little one is outgrowing everything from his clothes to his beloved room. Time for an update? We give you some amazing decor ideas to refurbish your child's room

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    Is your child complaining of his dull and boring room? Here are 5 DIY room decor ideas to revamp your child's room

    In today's age, nothing is constant when it comes to decor. Nowadays, even a simple pram for a baby comes with a pre-fitted provision for a mobile or a tablet. Interesting, is it not?

    As children grow up, their needs and preferences also undergo a transformation. Their room needs to incorporate their growing tastes. With clever planning and design that is flexible, you can turn your little girl's space into a room fit for a tween. Similarly, when it comes to designing a room for a newborn, it could don many roles as the baby grows; all it needs is creative and clever solutions.

    Here, we give parents some amazing ideas to refurbish their children's room in a creative but cost-effective way:

    1. Doodle on the wall

    Walls play a defining role in the look of a room. Since most children love to doodle and write on the walls, allow their creativity to flow by painting one wall with blackboard paint. You can get it from any hardware store or order it from most paint companies. Once painted, the wall serves as a large blackboard for the kids to let their imagination run wild. The chalk writings are easily removed with a regular blackboard duster. You can alternatively use whiteboard paint. So, whether it's homework or a play date with the best friend, the blackboard wall is a win-win!

    2. Craft to the rescue

    Art and craft materials are a common feature in most homes that have children. Often, the scraps of chart paper, quilling strips, gift-wrapping paper etc., are just thrown away. Now, you can use these to make something creative.

    Materials required
    A canvas (size as desired)
    Quilling strips, chart paper, bits of gift wrapping paper
    Double-sided foam tape
    Embossed letters, flowers, any other thematic material as desired

    How to make

    1. Cut all the collected leftover papers into half-inch strips. They can be of different lengths.
    2. Start from one end of the canvas and start sticking the strips in a random fashion, mixing the colors and patterns. If you have started with a 6-inch long strip, the next one can be three inches long and the next one can be of a different length.
    3. Once the canvas is covered in strips, take some alphabet shapes and use the double-sided foam tape to stick them on. The double-sided foam tape gives a nice embossed effect. Put it up in your child's room as wall art!

    3. Dog on the switchboard

    Switchboards are a utilitarian part of a room's decor. They never add an aesthetic dimension to a room, no matter what the model. In a child's room, these can be cleverly transformed into a fun, quirky design detail by painting your child's favorite cartoon character around it. As the preferences change, the designs can easily be changed and repainted.

    4. A chart for your emotions

    You can teach children about emotions through a decorative homemade chart that uses colors for different feelings. Fix 12 nails/hooks on the wall in a grid of four rows and three columns. Download and print a chart that helps the child connect different emotions with different colors. Keep thread spools of these colors handy.

    If green stands for happy, help your child take the green thread and tie it randomly across the nails on the wall. On another day, if he is feeling angry, help him tie a red thread up and discuss the same. This not only is a great way to help a child identify and understand their emotions but also makes for an ever-evolving piece of wall art!

    5. Writing on the wall

    When we read a book or a quotation, some words just stay with us. It is a good idea to put these words on the wall for inspiration. Pick the child's favorite quote from a book or a couple of lines from her favorite poem and paint these along with a colored band on the wall. You can also make stickers of these wordings put them on the wall. The embossed effect of the words will add charm to the little room.

    Materials required
    Masking tape
    Measuring tape
    Alphabet stencils (optional)
    Acrylic or oil paint

    How to make

    1. With the help of tape, mark out a 9 band (or a size as desired) from the top of the ceiling onto the wall.
    2. Stick a masking tape along the marked line to help contain the paint within the band.
    3. Paint a background color (if desired) and let it dry.
    4. Mark the margins based on the chosen lettering. This could be freehand or with the help of the ready stencils available in the market. Trace out the lettering.
    5. Paint the letters.

    So, there you have it – 5 easy and fun ways to revamp your child's room. The trick is to keep it simple and your child is sure to love his new room.


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