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How To Teach Punctuality To Children


Is your child late to school almost every day? Does his school teacher send back a note to you every time? Then, remember the famous saying, ‘Time and tide wait for none,’ and make your child realise the value of time. Punctuality is a virtue that your child should possess, as being on time is crucial when it comes to many things in life. In a professional set-up, if he doesn’t stick to schedules and is unable to meet his deadlines, then all the hard work will end up meaning nothing. Here are some tips on punctuality.

Start with setting up a schedule for him with deadlines. Create a to-do list and ensure that he sticks to it. Get him used to his routine, beginning with waking up on time in the morning. For this, there is no better accomplice than an alarm clock! You can also seek help from his school teacher. Your child spends a good part of his day at school, picking up many things from there. Thus, his teacher too can offer tips on punctuality. 

The website eHow advises teachers to set an example by being punctual. According to an article published on the site,  'Even with all the lessons, students often follow the example set by the adults around them. Teachers can encourage punctuality in students by being punctual themselves. A teacher who always races into the classroom as the bell rings or can't seem to stick to a schedule will set a negative example for students to follow. While sometimes being late may be inevitable, try to always be on time when working with students and point out steps you take to make sure you are always punctual.'

To know more about raising children to be punctual, go through this ClipBook which is a curation of some amazing links from around the web! 


Punctuality In Children

Establishing good habits from the start helps children to settle more quickly into new settings and routines. Being punctual shows respect and consideration for others and also depicts that your child has self-discipline and organizational ability.

Is Your Child Late Again For His School?

Is being late for school becoming an everyday thing for your child? May be somewhere along the line he never learnt the importance of punctuality. It is up to parents to inculcate this value in their child right from the beginning.

Punctuality And Attendance: A Parent's Role

Punctuality is equally as important as attendance for your child’s education. A child who is late on a regular basis will miss a lot of learning time. As a parent, there are many things you can do to show your child how important it is to get to s...

How Do We Teach Punctuality To Children?

Teaching kids to be punctual involves more than just getting them to class on time. Being punctual involves showing respect for others and their time. It helps students present an "I care" attitude that not only helps them succeed in school but al...

Teach Your Child To Be Punctual And Present

Remember that your best teaching is done by example, so walking into a show after the first scene or leaving for work five minutes before your shift begins tells your child that being punctual is not important.

Ways To Instill The Importance Of Punctuality In Children

The habit of being on time cannot be implemented overnight. It may take months or years to actually get accustomed to it. Hence, it is very important for children to be taught the value of punctuality while they’re young.

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