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Baby girl names starting with N

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Are you looking for unique and trendy baby names starting with N for your little girl? Our list of girl baby names will help you with the task

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Baby girl names starting with N

As parents welcome the newborn into the family, they face the challenging task of naming the child. But, choosing a modern and latest Indian name for the baby is not easy. Family members, friends and everyone around come up with their own suggestions, making the job tougher.

To help you out and make your job easier, we present a list of baby girl names that start with N, the fourteenth letter of the English alphabet. Browse through our list that includes unique Hindu, Christian and Muslim names, and choose the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

Etymology of the names: Etymology refers to the study of the origin and history of words. Most of the Indian names given here (except the pure Tamil names) have their roots in Sanskrit. Likewise, the Christian names have Biblical origin, and the Muslim names have Arabic or Persian origin.

Tamil baby girl names starting with N

Nesamalar - A compassionate flower

Nithina - A beautiful girl

Neriyaal - One who has a good character

Nila - The moon

Natchelvi - A righteous girl

Naamagal - Great poetess or orator

Narumugai - A fragrant flower bud

Nilavarasi - A queen who is beautiful like the moon

Niraimathi - The full moon

Nithilam - As pure as a pearl

Nachini - One who is liked by all

Nanthiya - To flourish

Naruvi - A fragrant flower

Telugu baby girl names starting with N

Neetu - Simple and beautiful

Nritya - Dance

Nipuna -Highly skilled; perfect

Nevali - Flower that is used to make a garland

Nalika - Lotus flower

Nishna - Skilled

Nilaya - Abode

Nikhila - Complete

Nihida - Full of delight

Nirupa - One with no form; a command

Nimita - Certain

Niksha - Winner

Namasya - Worthy of salutation

Nashita - Full of life and energy

Namitha - Obeisant

Namrutha - Humble

Nimisha - Twinkle of the eye

Nidhipa - Wealth or treasure

Nehitha - One who lives forever; glory

Kannada baby girl names starting with N

Namana - Salutation

Naksha - A star

Nehaswi - One who always smiles

Nishvika - Gift of God; having a good future

Nihasini - One who is always happy

Niriksha - Hope

Navajyothi - New light

Malayalam baby girl names starting with N

Nithara - A treasure

Nihana - Queen of beauty

Naithika - One with beautiful eyes

Nivedhika - An offering made to God

Nayantara - Star of the eye

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Marathi baby girl names starting with N

Nethra - Eye

Neeti - Good conduct; policy

Nidhi -Treasure; wealth

Nutan - Novel; innovative

Nirali - One of a kind

Niharika - Drops of dew; one who is admired for beauty

Nilambri - Adorned with blue cloth

Nirmayee - Free from blemish; pure; simplicity

Nirmitha - A creation

Bengali baby girl names starting with N

Nipa - A flower; one who keeps a watch

Noyona - Eye

Nobani -A woman who is youthful

Neelima - New flower; dawn; blue colour

Nilasha - A new beginning

Nabanita - A star; a new life

Nupoor - Anklet

Hindi baby girl names starting with N

Neha - Affection; full of love; friendship

Nainika -Pupil of the eye

Namrata - Humility

Neelakshi - Girl with blue eyes

Nirupama - One with unmatched beauty

Nirmayi - Pure

Nishtha - Dedication; sincerity

Niyati - Destiny

Nityasha - A hope that lives forever

Naveena - New; young

Nithura - One with great intelligence and beauty

Nairutvi - A princess; the south-west direction

Nalayani - A river

Neethisha - One who follows the righteous path

Nidarsha - Valuable; disciplined

Neevitha - One who is creative

Navanisha - A new night

Nirmala - Pure

Nithika - Of great beauty

Nivya - A queen; freshness; base or foundation

Narogi - Having good health

Neelaja - A river originating from the blue mountains

Nalinakshi -One with eyes like lotus

Nihasini - One who is always happy

Nishangi - Divine; beautiful

Nishanti - Creation of new opportunities; end of darkness

Christian (Biblical) baby girl names starting with N

Nancy - Grace of God

Nelly - A bright light

Nasya - A miracle by God

Noelle - One born on Christmas

Nadia - Full of hope

Naomi - Pleasant; mother-in-law of Ruth

Norah - Honour; one who inspires awe

Natasha - A flower; one born on Christmas; resurrection

Nediva - Noble and benevolent

Nerita - Belonging to the sea

Nerissa - Born from the sea

Nathania - God's gift

Neorah - Light

Nikita - Triumphant

Nova - A shining star; a newly arrived person

Nerthus - The Goddess of fertility

Nellisa - Light

English baby girl names starting with N

Nelcy - A valuable gem

Nelda - From the Alder tree

Nerona - One who is beautiful

Nicole - Victory of people

Nuen - One with a good sense of humour

Novela - New

Norita - One who is honourable

Nurice - One who takes care of others

Norabel - Respectable

Muslim baby girl names starting with N

Nargis - A flower

Nazaha - Integrity; holiness

Naureen - A luminescent light

Nathifa - Pure and clean

Nusheen - Agreeable; pleasant

Noor - Precious gem

Nudairah - Uniqueness

Nurayda - One who is intelligent

Nurtaj - Lighted crown

Nijah - Success

Nawfalah - Benevolent; beautiful

Nafissa - A valuable gem

Nilofar - Lily flower

Naaznin - Beautiful

Nadirah - One whose face reflects health and happiness

Nafiah - In abundance

Nailah - Victorious; achiever; a special person

Naashirah - Helpful; friendly

Naajiya - Achiever of salvation

Nabeeha - Noble and eminent

Nagmah - Melodious tune or song

Naheeda - Beautiful

Nahizah - Sincere; elevated

Najeeba - Of good birth

Najma - A type of fine grass; a star

Nameera - A religious woman

Naqsheen - Adorned

Narinaa - Fresh and zealous

Naseema - Breeze

Nashat - Happiness; youth

Nasheed - One who is beautiful

Nashida - A student

Nashirah - One who publishes or spreads

Nashmia - A flower garden

Nasiha - Giver of good advice

Nasirah - A friend, protector, winner

Nasreen - A flower

Naylah - Gift of God

Nayamee - Blissful

Nasreen - Field of roses

Nusrat - Support or help

Nuzairah - One who warns

Nyasiah - Most beautiful

Hindu Goddess baby girl names starting with N

Niranjana - Goddess Durga

Nithya - Goddess Durga

Nandana -Goddess Durga

Navamika - Goddess Durga

Neeraja - Goddess Lakshmi

Narayani - Goddess Lakshmi

Nandika - Goddess Lakshmi

Nirosha - Goddess Lakshmi

Nihira - Goddess Lakshmi

Nivisha - Goddess Lakshmi

Navyashree - Goddess Lakshmi

Niveshitha - Goddess Lakshmi

Modern baby girl names starting with N

Nina - Graceful; lovely; having beautiful eyes

Nisha - Silent; night; dark

Namira - A princess; religious woman

Naumika - Praiseworthy

Trendy baby girl names starting with N

Navya - New; young; praiseworthy

Nija - A white rose

Naisha - Having a sharp intellect; unique

Neshika - Clean; truthful

Traditional baby girl names starting with N

Nithyashree - Of great external beauty

Nageshwari - Goddess of snakes

Nirmala - Pure

Nishanthi - Strength; vigor

With such a huge collection of names starting with N, your task of choosing the right name for your baby becomes a lot easier. Go ahead and give your little one a name that she will feel proud of, as she grows up.

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