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    Baby girl names starting with the letter L

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    Are you looking for a trendy girl baby name starting with the letter L? This list of unique girl names starting with L might help you choose the right one

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    Baby girl names starting with the letter L

    As parents welcome the newborn into the family, they face the challenging task of naming the child. But, choosing a modern and trendy Indian name for the baby is not easy. Family members, friends and everyone around come up with their own suggestions, making the job tougher.

    To help you out and make your job easier, we present a list of baby girl names that start with L, the twelfth letter of the English alphabet. Browse through our list that includes unique Hindu, Christian and Muslim names, and choose the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

    Etymology of the names: Etymology refers to the study of the origin and history of words. Most of the Indian names given here (except the pure Tamil names) have their roots in Sanskrit. Likewise, the Christian names have Biblical origin, and the Muslim names have Arabic or Persian origin.

    Telugu baby girl names starting with L

    Laasya - Graceful; intelligent

    Libni - God's manuscripts

    Lekha - Picture; writing

    Lavangi - An angel

    Lali - Darling, blushing; well-spoken

    Livya - One with God

    Leora - Light

    Lochana - One with bright eyes

    Lanja - Lotus

    Ladli - Loved one; dearest one

    Laharika - Waves of the ocean

    Lalan - Nurturing

    Lavishka - Lavish and lovely

    Kannada baby girl names starting with L

    Lilu - Night; pleasure; good

    Laysa - Dance

    Laamya - Beautiful; expression of inner feelings; tastiness

    Lumika - Spring

    Latangi - Slim girl; like a creeper

    Lishika - Talented; beautiful; cute

    Lumbika - A musical instrument

    Labthika - Profit

    Lalmani - Ruby

    Lilavati - God's will

    Lishmitha - Brightness

    Leethiksha - Welcome

    Malayalam baby girl names starting with L

    Liji - Happiness

    Leenu - Light; palm tree

    Linet - Small bird; songbird

    Lissy - God is my oath; pledged to God; noble

    Laikha - Lucky

    Lasina - Cheerful

    Leethu - Beauty

    Linsha - Merciful

    Hindi baby girl names starting with L

    Leela - Playful

    Lamba - Flame

    Lochan - One with bright eyes

    Laghuvi - Tender

    Latabha - Pretty; beautiful

    Liyana - Softness; tenderness

    Laya - Musical rhythm; feeling of love

    Lachu - Sweet

    Lajitha - Queen; beauty; happy

    Lakshna - Elegant

    Lakshya - Aim; target

    Lathika - Happiest person; elegant

    Linisha - Intelligent

    Lithika - Perfect and cute

    Loshini - One who has attractive eyes; love

    Laksheta - Distinguished

    Laksha - White rose

    Marathi baby girl names starting with L

    Ladu - Sweet

    Lala - Respectful; tulip

    Lajni - Shy

    Layra - Ambitious; beautiful

    Lajaka - Modest

    Lokita - The enlightened one

    Lajjini - Modest; shy

    Lakhini - One who gives and takes

    Lunasha - Beautiful and bright as a flower

    Lajwantee - Shy; modest

    Bengali baby girl names starting with L

    Lipa - Sunshine; cute

    Luma - Beautiful

    Lajju - Modesty; a beautiful jewel

    Laiju - Red rose

    Laboni - Graceful; elegant

    Livona - Princess; queen

    Labonya - Extremely beautiful

    Lagnajeeta - A winner

    Christian (Biblical) baby girl names starting with L

    Lisa - God's promise; God is my oath

    Lydia - Noble; happy; beautiful

    Lasea - Wise

    Lashah - To anoint; to call

    Lekah - Walking

    Lea - Bringer of good news

    Lita - Joyful; garden; glad

    Liana - My Lord responded; to bind; youthful

    English baby girl names starting with L

    Lily - English flower name denoting beauty, innocence and purity

    Lucy - Illumination; one who brings light

    Linda - Pretty; tender; soft

    Lindsay - From the island of linden trees

    Lori - The laurel tree; symbolic of honor and victory

    Lark - English songbird

    Lyn - Cascading water

    Lilac - Mauve flower

    Lyca - Wolf; purity; beautiful

    Lincy - Kindness; garden

    Muslim baby girl names starting with L

    Laila - Dark beauty

    Lifa - Beautiful

    Lira - Love

    Luna - Moon; flower; purity

    Lana - Attractive; precious

    Laika - Likeable

    Lahna - Gift of God

    Laeba - Prettiest angel in heaven

    Lahya - Gift

    Lajwa - Beautiful flowers

    Layah - First spring flowers

    Libah - Heart

    Lubna - River of milk flowing in heaven

    Lahifa - Helper

    Lamiha - Glowing

    Hindu Goddess baby girl names starting with L

    Lohita - Goddess Lakshmi

    Lola - Goddess Lakshmi

    Lamyata - Goddess Lakshmi

    Laranya - Goddess Lakshmi

    Lokhi - Goddess Lakshmi

    Lonika - Goddess Lakshmi

    Loukya - Goddess Lakshmi

    Lahanvi - Goddess Lakshmi

    Lamyata - Goddess Lakshmi

    Larmika - Goddess Lakshmi

    Lashika - Goddess Lakshmi

    Lukthika - Goddess Lakshmi

    Lalenthika - Goddess Lakshmi

    Laghima - Goddess Parvati

    Lopa - Goddess Durga

    Linitha - Goddess Durga

    Lalitya - Goddess Durga

    Likhitri - Goddess Durga

    Lopthika - Goddess Durga

    Lalitha - Goddess Durga

    Likhila - Goddess Saraswati

    Lakshaki - Goddess Sita

    Modern baby girl names starting with L

    Lahar - Smooth wind; gentle wave

    Lisha - Fortunate; sweet; honest; happy

    Lani - Angel from above; a heavenly woman

    Lyra - Song; poem

    Trending baby girl names starting with L

    Larissa - Cheerful; a woman from a fortified town

    Lajli - Blushing; shy

    Lara - Happy; cheerful; graceful; famous

    Lavya - One who has a devotion to her teacher

    Traditional baby girl names starting with L

    Latha - Divine wine; sweet like a flower

    Lavanya - Graceful; pretty; attractive; angelic

    Lokanayaki - Goddess who rules the world

    Lakshmidevi - Goddess of wealth

    With such a huge collection of names starting with L, your task of choosing the right name for your baby becomes a lot easier. Go ahead and give your little one a name that she will feel proud of, as she grows up.

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