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Baby girl names starting with D

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Are you searching for a trendy girl baby name starting with the letter D? Look no further. Here's a list of unique girl names starting with the letter D for you to choose from

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Baby Girl Names Starting With D

As parents welcome the newborn into the family, they face the challenging task of naming the child. But, choosing a modern and unique Indian name for the baby is not easy. Family members, friends and everyone around come up with their own suggestions, making the job tougher.

To help you out and make your job easier, we present a list of baby girl names that start with D, the fourth letter of the English alphabet. Browse through our list that includes unique Hindu, Christian and Muslim names, and choose the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

Etymology of the names: Etymology refers to the study of the origin and history of words. Most of the Indian names given here (except the pure Tamil names) have their roots in Sanskrit. Likewise, the Christian names have Biblical origin, and the Muslim names have Arabic or Persian origin.

Tamil baby girl names starting with D

Devadai - Angel

Dhaarani - Ruler of the earth

Telugu baby girl names starting with D

Datri - Happiness; bestowing; imparting

Davni - Wealthy

Damini - Lightning; nature; beauty

Darika - Daughter; maiden

Deshna - God's gift; gift; present

Divija - Celestial; born in heaven

Dridha - Steady; powerful; firm; close

Drithi - Morale; patience; courage

Danvika - Bright

Kannada baby girl names starting with D

Daanika - Morning star

Daivani - Like a Goddess; divine spirit

Danyata - Blessed; lucky; wealthy; successful; fulfilled; thankful

Drutika - Softened

Danvitha - Knowledgeable; a Goddess; wealthy

Darpitha - Proud

Malayalam baby girl names starting with D

Devna - Godly; divine

Dekshina - A gift; donation

Deeja - Pretty

Dinika - Rising sun

Deeshna - Gift; offering

Dhrisya - Vision; sight

Dipisha - Lamp

Hindi baby girl names starting with D

Dayita - Beloved; cherished

Disha - Direction; princess of a family

Devani - Celestial; shining

Dharmi - Religious

Dharti - Earth

Dhavni - Music; sound

Dhirja - Patience

Dhriti - Patience; courage; morale

Dinuja - Brightening light; part of the sun

Dipali - Collection of lamps; a line of lamps

Marathi baby girl names starting with D

Dishika - Direction

Drishya - Sight; vision

Dishika - Direction

Dhruvika - Firm; faithful

Deepal - Light

Dhruta - Firmness; boldness; motion

Dhyeya - Aim

Dilani - Iridescent; glowing

Dhitika - Wise; thoughtful

Dhupini - Sweet smell; fragrance; simplicity

Bengali baby girl names starting with D

Diksha - Gift by God; initiation

Devangi - Like a Goddess

Devitha - Divine power; like a Goddess

Dhimahi - Wisdom

Dikshya - Initiation; consecration

Divyana - Divine

Dhanyata - Success; fulfillment

Dihaer - Brave

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Christian (Biblical) baby girl names starting with D

Deborah - (A prophetess of the God of the Israelites); bee

Diana - (Roman goddess of the hunt, the Moon, and nature, associated with wild animals and woodland); divine

English baby girl names starting with D

Darel - Tenderly loved

Deona - Divine

Diore - Golden; shining

Ditza - Joy

Dereka - Gifted ruler; ruler of the people

Dylice - True; sincere; genuine; steadfast

Donna - Lady of the house

Delice - Charming; delightful; one who gives pleasure

Dolina - World ruler

Drucilla - Dewey-eyed; fruitful; strong; mighty

Muslim baby girl names starting with D

Diwa - Spirit; angel; candle; light

Duaa - prayer

Dahab - Gold

Daiba - Persistent; devoted; assiduous

Danah - Beautiful pearl

Douha - Morning; beautiful

Dilafruz - One who brings happiness

Hindu Goddess baby girl names starting with D

Dhita - Goddess Lakshmi

Deeta - Goddess Lakshmi

Dipta - Goddess Lakshmi

Dwija - Goddess Lakshmi

Daanvi - Goddess Lakshmi

Deetya - Goddess Lakshmi

Dhanshri - Goddess Lakshmi

Dhavi - Goddess Gayatri

Dharvi - Goddess Parvati

Devaswi - Goddess Durga

Modern baby girl names starting with D

Duhita - Goddess; daughter

Dwaita - Raising

Dyuthi - Brightness; a ray of light; heaven; sunshine

Dithya - Answer for our prayers

Trending baby girl names starting with D

Disha - Direction; princess of the family

Dvita - Existing in two forms; spiritual

Dhithi - Thought; idea; wisdom; prayer

Darpita - Proud

Traditional baby girl names starting with D

Damayanti - Beautiful; soothing; subduing

Devyaani - Like a Goddess; divine; the chariot of gods

Dhanalakshmi - Goddess Lakshmi; Goddess of wealth

Devadarshini - Goddess

With such a huge collection of names starting with D, your task of choosing the right name for your baby becomes a lot easier. Go ahead and give your little one a name that she will feel proud of, as she grows up.

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