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    Baby boy names starting with the letter R

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    Are you looking for unique and trendy baby names starting with R for your little son? Our list of boy baby names will help you with the task

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    Baby boy names starting with the letter R

    As parents welcome the newborn into the family, they face the challenging task of naming the child. But, choosing a modern and unique Indian name for the baby is not easy. Family members, friends and everyone around come up with their own suggestions, making the job tougher.

    To help you out and make your job easier, we present a list of baby boy names that start with R, the eighteenth letter of the English alphabet. Browse through our list that includes unique Hindu, Christian and Muslim names, and choose the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

    Etymology of the names: Etymology refers to the study of the origin and history of words. Most of the Indian names given here (except the pure Tamil names) have their roots in Sanskrit. Likewise, the Christian names have Biblical origin, and the Muslim names have Arabic or Persian origin.

    Tamil baby boy names starting with R

    Ramanan - Delighting

    Rathnam - Ruby; gem

    Rajendran - King of kings

    Telugu baby boy names starting with R

    Revan - Horse rider; love; wonderful

    Rudhvik - Compassionate; royal; Lord Shiva

    Rajiv - Lotus flower

    Rohit - First red rays of the sun; ornament; red; rainbow

    Rajith - Object that gives light and never stops shining

    Rutvik - Joy of life; goodness of life

    Ranjeeth - Person who always wins

    Kannada baby boy names starting with R

    Rajath - Silver; copper

    Rahesh - Victory

    Rancha - Cheerful

    Ranoji - Joyful

    Rochak - Delicious; tasty

    Rustom - Warrior

    Rachvik - Glorious

    Rakesha - Moon

    Ramisha - White rose; peace

    Ranvith - Joyous; happy

    Revanna - Ambitious

    Ruchith - Lovely; popular; famous person

    Ragotham - Greatest of all

    Ratnadeep - Gem of gems

    Malayalam baby boy names starting with R

    Ritul - Purity; talent; truth

    Rejil - Loving; happy

    Rojus - Light

    Regil - Silvery

    Rigin - Honest mentor

    Remil - One with a sweet heart

    Rijoy - Victory

    Rathee - Chariot owner

    Ridhay - Heart

    Rinshi - A person who knows everything

    Ridhin - Prosperity; success

    Rohind - Born to love

    Risvan - Light; Lord Shiva

    Rangana - Fun-loving

    Roshwin - Victory

    Rasheek - Ray of light; connoisseur

    Marathi baby boy names starting with R

    Rajnesh - Prince

    Raahi - Traveller

    Rahul - Efficient; capable; smart; son of Goddess Durga

    Rijul - Honest; innocent

    Rudra - Name of Lord Shiva; mightiest of the mighty

    Rishab - King; superior

    Rachit - Creation; invention

    Rajjak - Radiant; illumination

    Rushabh - Superior; decoration

    Bengali baby boy names starting with R

    Ranak - King; warrior

    Riyan - Heaven's door; Lord Vishnu; king

    Rajdeep - Light of the kingdom; ruler of light

    Rabindra - Early morning

    Raunak - Beauty of nature; fame; happiness

    Rajanya - Kingly

    Rebanta - Son of Lord Surya

    Rishaan - Good human being; spiritual

    Ritupuran - Joyous

    Hindi baby boy names starting with R

    Ravish - Sun God

    Ranveer - Winner; brave warrior

    Rashmil - Ray of light; silken

    Reyansh - Ray of light; part of the sun; Lord Vishnu

    Ratnakar - Ocean; sea

    Ruan - Soft; raising

    Rahit - Fearless; Lord Krishna

    Rijuk - Honest

    Ranit - Joyful sound

    Rijug - Arrow; going straight

    Rudan - Sensitive; emotional

    Rithik - From the heart; graceful; Arjuna

    Rana - Joy; jewel; warrior

    Ritan - Truthful

    Rakesh - Moon; lord of the night; strength

    Rijan - Sunshine; noble; popularity

    Ravin - Sun; Indra

    Renit - Lord of love; wonder; victory

    Rohin - Blossom; climbing; a star

    Christian (Biblical) baby boy names starting with R

    Rejin - Master of all; king; extraordinary; precious

    Rafael - Healer; God has healed

    Richard - Brave one; powerful leader

    Reuben - Behold, a son

    Rex - King of the universe

    Ravid - Ornament

    Rehabiah - Extent of the Lord

    Rehoboam - Who sets people free

    Reuel - Shepherd; friend of God

    English baby boy names starting with R

    Robin - Singing bird; famed; without fear

    Robert - Bright with fame

    Reggie - Counsel power

    Reed - Redhead

    Ralph - Wolf counsel

    Ryder - Messenger man

    Rhys - Passionate; enthusiastic; stream

    Rowan - Little redhead

    Raleigh - From the roe deer meadow

    Rudyard - From the rough enclosure

    Muslim baby boy names starting with R

    Rabi - Breeze; spring

    Rafi - God has healed; comforter; a form of Raphael

    Ryan - Little king; leader

    Rafiq - Compassionate friend; gentle; kind; trustworthy

    Rasha - Young gazelle

    Rehan - Blessing from God; scented; the tree of heaven; sweet basil

    Rihan - Heaven's entrance; morning; the king of kings

    Riyaz - Garden of heaven

    Rizan - Great king; noble

    Ruhan - Spiritual

    Raheem - God is compassionate; merciful; kind

    Rashid - True faith; brave

    Ruhaan - Spiritual; kind-hearted

    Rahil - Guide

    Hindu baby boy names starting with R

    Ranish - Lord Shiva

    Rushiv - Lord Shiva

    Rakshan - Lord Shiva

    Reeshik - Lord Shiva

    Rhutvik - Lord Shiva

    Rinkesh - Lord Shiva

    Rudheer - Lord Shiva

    Rudhvik - Lord Shiva

    Rudhvin - Lord Shiva

    Rushank - Lord Shiva

    Rishidev - Lord Shiva

    Ritanjay - Lord Shiva

    Ruthresh - Lord Shiva

    Rishvanth - Lord Shiva

    Rishan - Lord Vishnu / Shiva

    Reyan - Lord Vishnu

    Rishir - Lord Vishnu

    Rakulan - Lord Vishnu

    Rangesh - Lord Vishnu

    Rivansh - Lord Vishnu

    Rahit - Lord Krishna

    Rasesh - Lord Krishna

    Radhesh - Lord Krishna

    Revanath - Lord Krishna

    Ramdev - Lord Rama

    Raguvir - Lord Rama

    Riyarth - Lord Brahma

    Rayirth - Lord Brahma

    Rudhav - Lord Ganesha

    Rudranshu - Lord Hanuman; Part of Lord Shiva

    Modern baby boy names starting with R

    Roshan - Sun's rays; light; bright

    Ratan - Precious stone; jewel; like a diamond

    Trending baby boy names starting with R

    Rohan - Ascending; healing; Lord Shiva

    Rishi - Ray of light; kindness; saint

    Traditional baby boy names starting with R

    Raghavendra - A saint who is worshipped as God

    Ramakrishnan - Avatar of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna

    Ravichandran - The sun and moon conjoined

    Ravishankar - Lord Shiva in the form of sun

    With such a huge collection of names starting with R, your task of choosing the right name for your baby becomes a lot easier. Go ahead and give your little one a name that he will feel proud of, as he grows up.

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