10 Reasons Why A Father Is A Child’s Hero

They are reliable. They are fun. No wonder then that children look up to their fathers. We take a look at 10 convincing reasons that reinforce this statement

By Team ParentCircle

10 Reasons Why A Father Is A Child’s Hero

The guy with the rock-solid presence in his child's life, the one who shepherds his child in the right direction with a firm but loving hand, the one every child absolutely relies on needs to be celebrated everyday!

As such, when it comes to parenting, mothers seem to take the cake and are showered with appreciation. But behind every successful mom is the silent and strong presence of a father. He might not be celebrated as much as a mother, but his contribution to the family and the welfare of his children should be acknowledged.

We recount 10 reasons why every dad out there is a hero to his child.

1. He teaches them discipline

While a mother coddles and protects her child, a father disciplines her. More often than not, he teaches his child right from wrong. He is the moral compass with which the child learns to navigate the choppy waters of life.

2. He leads by example

A child always picks up work ethics from his father. When he sees his father helping with chores at home, he does the same. A father who is efficient at office work inspires his child to be a thorough professional as well. A father who is able to maintain a good work-life balance is an ideal role model for his child.

3. He teaches from his mistakes

A father teaches his child that failure is not the end of life. He shares the lessons he has learnt from failure with his child so that he can avoid making the same mistakes.

4. He is reliable

Even though he may have a meeting with a client or an important presentation to make, a good father will always make time for his children. A father who is there for his children when they need him is reliable and hence will always have his children's trust.

5. He never gives up on you

A father is the best cheerleader for his child. Even though he may be tough on them, he has their best interest at heart. He will always cheer them on and encourage them to be the best they can.

6. He’s a problem solver

Fathers listen to problems and will do whatever is in their power to get their children out of trouble. The child may get sounded off later, but when it matters the most, the father will always be there for her, ready with a solution.

7. He’s a trusted advisor

Fathers are the best advisors. Be it something as minor as a school project or something as life-altering as which college course to choose from, a father's input can make all the difference.

8. He is a tough taskmaster

Fathers do not mince words when it comes to their child’s well-being. Usually, a father wants his child to come out on top of everything she does And, the only way to do that is to be critical of her work. His criticism is positive and constructive, and will mould the child well.

9. He is fun

Though a father is assigned with the tough task of being the disciplinarian of the family, he is also fun to be around. He knows when to take a break and relax with his child. Be it playing a game of cricket or sitting down for an imaginary tea party with all the dolls in the house, a father knows how to engage his child and nurture her fun side.

10. He wants the best for his child

Whatever the circumstances, a father will always want what's best for his child. And he will make sure the child gets it regardless of the price he has to pay for it. This quality makes him his child's most adored hero!