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#YOUR100WORDSTORY: December 2021 | A Note to the Parent in Me!


#YOUR100WORDSTORY: December 2021 | A Note to the Parent in Me!

As 2021 ends you may wonder how quickly the year went by, tucking into its folding wings many memories to be cherished, others to be forgotten.
It’s been an eventful year filled with all kinds of experiences.

Here’s your chance to pause a while and reflect on all that the year has been for you. And then it’s the time to look ahead.

So, take a few moments to tell us that ONE cherished thing from 2021 that you will gladly take into 2022, to help you evolve as a parent and a person.

Rules for the contest:
1. Only one entry per person
2. Send original entries only
3. Adhere to the word limit (not more than 150 words)
4. Participants are responsible for the content they post
5. The contest entries will become the sole property of ParentCircle. The content may be used for publication in the company’s online and print media
6. The decision of judges stands final
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Team ParentCircle Dec 29, 2021

Many Congratulations to our winners :)
Please check your registered email ids for next steps!

Team ParentCircle Dec 16, 2021

Thankyou all :)
The contest stands CLOSED!

Watchout this space for results!

Ruby Angel Dec 11, 2021

Two thoughts I got to learn ,cherish and carry forward to 2022 are the facts,after closely watching my kids are
1) Age is just a number,you have great things to dream and achieve no matter how old or young you are.It all revolves around how passionate you are in achieving it in the best way.Don't underestimate a child for his or her age ,similarly an aged person.My personal experience in how my elder kid takes care of my younger one at home during my lockdown working days enlightened me.
2)It is always better to be late than never in achieving your dreams.A good dream needs to be achieved in your lifetime,no matter how difficult it is.The process will be an inspiration for younger generation to achieve their's too.It will make us proud and give them a stamina to pursue their goals and help push their limits.
A parent definitely paves way for their children.

Saju Johnson Dec 8, 2021

The phase of life during this year 2021 made me realize the very fact that ,a life is not meant to be a rat race.All this while ,I was working with much strain and stress.So was my friend.But alas he lost his life,fighting corona.This struck me with a thought! Even if you work restless,you are going to pass away from this world bare handed.So take time to capture all the blessings around you.Your vacation breaks with your family,your day out with friends,spending your hard earned money to fulfill your own dreams rather than saving it too much for a future that you are uncertain to be alive.Please don't mistake it as pessimistic.It is a thought of finding hope in present than in future.After all children live a life with carefree attitude,so should we.Hope each of us can carry this cherishing thought to 2022.

Team ParentCircle Dec 9, 2021

@Saju Johnson

Great thought! Thanks for sharing :)

Preeti Agrawal Dec 7, 2021

Celebrate every day!
The one cherished thing being a parent I will gladly take into 2022 is our art of celebrating the daily simple delights. Every new day truly deserves celebration. Well, celebration doesn't mean party! It maybe simply smiling at each together, appreciating each other, doing the chores together, playing together, cooking together or eating together with gratitude or involving in some kind of creativity. No matter what, it's important to celebrate the every part. I am really enjoying the yoga and our dance workout with my two lovely children. Between the shuffling online and offline classes, we are happy balancing the challenging messes, experiencing and embracing the newness.
Our together time is absolutely blissful. We are learning together and growing together. And I will continue to make this happen again and again.

Team ParentCircle Dec 8, 2021

@Preeti Agrawal

Lovely thought Preeti. Thanks for sharing :)

Smitha.R P Dec 7, 2021

The one cherished thing from 2021 ,that I will gladly take into 2022 is Loving myself , that is believing in myself and keen to learn new things everyday . In times of pandemic I , I have participated in many online competitions for me and my children and won many prizes I am also proud to be contest winner from ParentCircle. , This has developed confidence in myself .and this improved my creativity and writing abilities.
I also developed love for gardening . I am happy to see my garden with more flowering plants . My daughters and my hubby feel of proud me .They say you are our strength .
I have learnt that along with family bonding ME time is also important .
"Being positive , believing myself" is the attitude I want to carry forward .

Jisha Varghese Dec 4, 2021

One thing I cherished,am cherishing and will be cherishing,and the thing I would like to carry forward to 2022 is the extra bonding time I got to spend with my kids.Had it been a normal year,they would be spending most of their day time at school and back home busy with their studious routine.But with online classes ,I have them around and am able to watch them learning new things,experimenting with their choices,yet doing well in academics.One thing I learnt from it is that a student's life is nothing that needs to be cocooned around academic books alone.Practical life has much more to get them prepared for a real world out there as they grow.Never pressurise them to get full marks in exams,instead let them learn the essence of what is taught,even if it is a late grasp.

Team ParentCircle Dec 6, 2021

@Jisha Varghese

Lovely thoughts Jisha, thanks for sharing :)