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‘Infinity’ and ‘undefined’ are two different concepts. These are more frequently used concepts in many fields, especially in Mathematics and Physics.

Undefined means, it is impossible to solve. Infinity means, it is without bound.

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R.Kalaivani 2 days ago

Hi all,

Make a list of activities you would like to try that you feel would be more productive than your
current ones. Each day, add one item to the list.If interested DIY.


R.Kalaivani 1 days ago


1.No to snooze 😴 

Anu 18 hours ago


Why 'no' to snooze?

R.Kalaivani 3 hours ago


I'm listing my productive activities to be followed 

1.No to snooze- inorder to have a small win situation in the start of the day 

2.To maintain a day journal regularly 

R.Kalaivani 5 days ago

Try matching the Indian and British words.

R.Kalaivani 5 days ago

"If you want to master something, teach it." - Richard Feynman

R.Kalaivani Sep 20, 2022

Try your hand at these scrambled letter puzzles.


Cross out 10 letters in the above line so that the remaining 11 letters spell 

out a well-known English word. The word must be spelt in the correct 



Do the same with this line, but this time only crossing out six letters to spell 

a common word without changing the order of the letters.

R.Kalaivani Sep 20, 2022


Were these easy enough for you? If so, then you’ve demonstrated an 

excellent capacity to cut through visual noise and get to the core of a 


Team ParentCircle 7 days ago


Nice one Kalaivani..


Not sure about second though   

R.Kalaivani 6 days ago

@Team ParentCircle

Nice to hear from TEAM PC.

SUPERMARKET IS SUPER-DUPER answer Congratulations   

And the second answer is


We'll meet again.

R.Kalaivani Sep 16, 2022

R.Kalaivani Sep 16, 2022


Dear friends

Expecting your response. Thank you. 

Happy learning.

R.Kalaivani Sep 17, 2022


Team ParentCircle 7 days ago



R.Kalaivani Sep 20, 2022

Notification from CBSE

Subject: Sample Question Papers for Classes X & XII for the current Academic 

Session 2022-23.