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    Celebrating the day of love? Here are 5 thoughtful ways to surprise your family on Valentine's Day

    Sahana Charan Sahana Charan 3 Mins Read

    Sahana Charan Sahana Charan


    Written by Sahana Charan and published on 25 November 2021.

    Most people give material gifts on the special day of love. Do something different this year. Try these mindful ideas to share everlasting tokens of love with your spouse and children

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    Celebrating the day of love? Here are 5 thoughtful ways to surprise your family on Valentine's Day

    It is the time of the year when children are busy preparing for their forthcoming examinations, and parents are helping them with studies while juggling the pressures of work and home. Even when everyone is at home in the evenings, most of the family members may be caught up in unending chores revising the day's lessons, cooking and cleaning, preparing for that important presentation the next day and so on.

    Wouldn't it be nice to pause for a moment and reflect on your blessings? The beautiful family that brings you so much joy, the friends who stand by you in difficult times, the reassuring workplace environment, the elders who are always available for a talk — it is good to look at the things around you in a positive light to truly celebrate the meaning of love and life.

    In the same spirit, take some time out and make the week special for your loved ones. Celebrate Valentine's Day with small, thoughtful surprises that your children will love, and your spouse will cherish for a long time. Read on for amazing ideas:

    1. Write a letter of appreciation: In the day-to-day rush of living our busy lives, how many times do we tell 'I love you' to our spouse or our children? Making valuable gestures creates an ambiance of love in the house. Write a letter to your children appreciating them for the little things they do to make you happy, for the wonderful memories you have had with them and for bringing joy into their parent's lives. Also, write one for your spouse giving thanks for the years of understanding and togetherness. Put these quietly in their bags or shirt pockets when they leave home for work and school and witness their joy afterward.

    2. Gift an experience: We can give innumerable toys, clothes and gadgets to our family members but the magic that experience holds for them cannot be measured in money. Picnic lunch under shady trees with board games, a visit to a wildlife sanctuary, few hours of kite flying on the beach, a storytelling session for the kids and many such amazing experiences will make the day memorable for your family. With a little effort, you can plan an unforgettable experience on Valentine's Day, even if it is for a few hours. If you want to spend some well-deserved time with your spouse, a joint yoga session can do wonders.

    3. Keep something special in the lunchbox: Parents want to pack something special for lunch for their children occasionally, which will elicit cries of 'Wow!' and 'Yummy' from the kids. But time constraints may not allow them to do so. Valentine's Day is a good occasion to make something special and put it in your little one's lunchboxes that will bring a whoop of delight from them. It could be a homemade pizza or a slice of a delectable lemon cupcake with a fancy, colorful topping. It will be a happy surprise for them.

    4. Organize a surprise dinner: Having a family tradition of eating dinner together every evening strengthens the bond with loved ones. A sit-down dinner also allows you to know how the day went for everyone in the family. On the day of love, start the party with a dance session and for dinnertime bring out the favorite treats. It will be a good exercise to ask everyone how their day was and what they wish for on this wonderful day. This will also teach children to appreciate the small things in life and to be grateful for everything.

    5. Decorate the house: Plan an activity around Valentine's Day that will involve the children and beautify your house. All you need is some colorful paper, sketch pens, glue and a vivid imagination. Make bright red cut-out hearts, Valentine's Day-themed buntings, beaded streamers, shiny paper flowers and so on. It will not only give the house a festive look but also allow the whole family to spend quality time together at home.

    A home filled with love and laughter is the best gift you can give your children and this Valentine's Day, let the whole day be filled with cheer and happy banter.


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