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uFaber’s Real School: Innovative schooling

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Real School’s curriculum is designed to give your child’s learning an impetus and prepare him for the future. Read on to know more about what’s going on in uFaber’s Real School

uFaber’s Real School: Innovative schooling

According to Article 28 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNICEF), “Education is the right of every child. It should be free and fair, with equal access for girls and boys.”

Education assumes significant importance in our country. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has halted access to education and created a sense of uncertainty in the education scenario.

1. Effects of the pandemic on the way children are now studying

The sudden shutting down of schools on account of the pandemic adversely affected both the continuity and the reach of education. Children, who until a day before were attending school, found themselves locked up at home, cut off from all avenues of learning.

Teachers and parents had no clue about how to carry forward the process of learning. But, as it happens during every crisis nowadays, we turned to technology to find a solution. And, we did find an answer — online education.

Within a matter of days, learning shifted from books to laptops and smartphones. Both teachers and students went online, and classes resumed.

However, this shift to an untested process on an unprecedented scale hasn’t been a smooth ride. Unprepared or underprepared teachers, lack of tools to prepare online content, absence of systems to monitor students’ progress, and impersonal teaching methods are a few hurdles that schools have had to cope with.

2. Evolution of Edtech

While schools and colleges are still fine-tuning their teaching methodology, it is a different story with Edtechs.

The COVID-19 pandemic provided Edtech platforms the perfect opportunity to expand their reach and diversify.

While previously, Edtech platforms were offering courses mostly for adults, during the lockdown, they began foraying into school education.

Edtech platforms began partnering with schools and colleges in areas like creating content, intelligent textbooks, assignment banks, assessment guides, and so on. A few Edtech platforms are also providing children with the opportunity to specialize in subjects like science or language or coding.

According to a report titled, ‘Online Education in India:2021’, by KPMG and Google, “The online education market in India is expected to grow to $1.96 billion by 2021, with 9.6 million users. The highest growth in online learning by 2021, according to the report, will be in reskilling and online certifications followed by primary, secondary supplemental education and test preparation.”

3. Introduction to Real School

As the pandemic shifted the focus from classroom learning to online education, it also changed our perspective of education.

Educating is no longer about sending our children to school, it is about preparing them to face the changes and challenges of the future. Parents are now beginning to understand that, as every child is different, personalizing education to suit their child's learning style pays the best dividends.

At uFaber’s Real School, along with quality education, children are also equipped with skills like problem-solving, leadership, critical thinking, creativity, imagination and innovation, and collaboration and communication.

4. Features of Real School

What sets Real School apart from the others is its curriculum. Designed by a group of graduates from IITs and IIMs, the Real School program is an amalgamation of multidisciplinary, project-based, and personalized modules.

The unique curriculum of Real School:

  • Has been researched and developed by experts
  • Is state-of-the art and dynamic
  • Focuses on skills that matter
  • Is hyper-personalized
  • Is interesting and relevant

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The curriculum lays special emphasis on STEM, because the future is about living in the technological age. According to a study titled, ‘Need and importance of STEM education in Indian schools’, published in the Indian Journal of Research in January 2017, “Occupations in STEM-related careers are some of the fastest growing and best paid of the 21st century, and they often have the greatest potential for job growth.”

Real School's well-rounded curriculum lays a solid STEM foundation in every child. Some of the topics covered by our curriculum include:

  • Product design
  • Urban Development and Public Policy
  • Research and reporting
  • Visual communication
  • Fashion Design
  • Robotics and Electronics
  • Mechanics and Automation
  • Human-Computer interaction
  • Storytelling
  • Programming and Mobile development
  • Sustainable development
  • Animation and film-making

Through boot camps, masterclass, and augmented learning, students in Real School get the best exposure and learning experience. Under the guidance of a personal mentor, every child acquires knowledge and develops essential skills.

5. Boot camps

Short-term training camps are not only fun for kids but also very effective in skill development. On these lines, under the guidance of a personal mentor, Real School organizes boot camps for children on various topics. A few of their preferred boot camps are on

  • Applied robotics
  • Programming and game design
  • Design and innovation
  • Communication

6. Real School masterclass

If a bootcamp is not what your child is interested in, she can opt for Real School masterclass. In fact, these sessions offer the perfect opportunity to understand a child’s interests and aptitude.

Real school masterclass consists of highly interactive sessions with 2 to 6 students. From cartooning to programming to public speaking to mental maths, children can delve into and explore topics of their choice.

7. How it is different from regular schooling and necessary for children to be future-ready

For most parents, educating their child is about getting him admitted to a reputed school. However, in the traditional schooling system, a child is reduced to being a passive receiver of knowledge. Not only does this put the brakes on a child's creativity and imagination but it also makes learning meaningless and boring. Memorizing lessons without an understanding of how to apply that knowledge in the real world leaves a child unprepared to face the future.

So, what is the way to go? Well, we need to educate our children in a way that equips them with future-ready skills. From understanding concepts to applying them in the real world, from identifying problems to problem-solving, from collaborating with others to leading them, from possessing a fixed mindset to applying creative thinking our children need to learn them all.

But, for this to happen, we need to rethink how we are going to prepare our children for the world of tomorrow how they are going to be future-ready.

8. Students' review

Real School has been vouched for by many parents. In one such review, Mayur Shah says,

"My kid was in awe of the robotics kit that he had received from Real School and it was unlike anything that he had ever seen. Being with Real School and being mentored by some of the best faculty out there, my son is not only interested in robotics and game development now but he has also learned to express himself better in front of us and others. His clarity of thoughts and expressions indeed prove that he has great intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, something that is very rare to see in a kid who is just 12 years old."

You can find more such reviews from parents here

Along with changing the way knowledge is transferred to children, the mission of Real School is to make learning student-centered. From designing a curriculum that is futuristic to mentoring children to providing them with the best learning experience, Real School is all about adopting a constructivist approach to learning.

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