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18 Tips to get college-ready

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Here are tips from experienced college-goers and a counsellor to help your teen become college ready!

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18 Tips to get college-ready

Your teen is now all set to enter college! Though you are excited, you may still have some jittery moments thinking about how your child will adjust to a whole new environment. Well, here are a few tips for your teen, from experienced students and a counsellor to help him/her prepare for D-Day.


(2nd year IT Engineering, Madras Institute of Technology)

  • THE PAST IS PAST, SO LEARN TO DEAL WITH THE PRESENT. For example, if you have enrolled in a particular course at a college, gear up to study that well, instead of thinking that you should have chosen some other course.
  • DO NOT SUCCUMB TO PEER PRESSURE. As an example, your friends may join a particular branch at a particular college, but that doesn't mean that you should also study the same subject in the the same college.You can still hang out with your friends outside of college.
  • DO NOT TAKE PUNISHMENTS AT COLLEGE SERIOUSLY. They are learning experiences which will teach you not to repeat those mistakes.


(2nd year Journalism, Madras Christian College)

  • DON'T THINK OF SENIORS AS YOUR ENEMIES, as they will provide you a better understanding of how college works. So be open to 'friendly' ragging and try not to be defensive.
  • BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS, and make new friends.
  • YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE two out of these three options: studies, social life and sleep. Choose wisely!


(4th year Biomedical Engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal)

  • DO NOT CARRY TOO MUCH STUFF with you. You may find it difficult to pack and unpack when moving.
  • YOU WILL MISS HOME AT TIMES, but remember there are others like you. And you can always keep in touch with your parents via Skype or phone.
  • RESPECT YOUR ROOMIE'S SLEEP OR STUDY HABITS as there are bound to be differences.
  • HOSTEL FOOD MAY NOT BE TASTY. But you must eat regularly to maintain good health.
  • MAKE LIKE-MINDED FRIENDS who will stay with you through thick and thin.
  • CHECK UP RULES with your hostel warden.
  • STAY IN GROUPS while visiting new places.


(a counsellor based in Chennai)

  • AS A STUDENT, YOU SHOULD EMBRACE CHANGE instead of cribbing about it.
  • COLLEGE LIFE IS ABOUT FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE. So learn to work and solve problems on your own. Don't expect to be spoon-fed anymore.
  • COLLEGE LIFE, TO A CERTAIN EXTENT, IS ALSO ABOUT FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. Learn how to handle money. If you stay in a hostel, learn how to manage the money you receive from your parents.
  • TAKE A COURSE OR SUBJECT THAT YOU LIKE AND HAVE A PASSION FOR. If you take a course that you are forced to take, you may not enjoy the subject as much.
  • SET SOME RULES AND BOUNDARIES FOR YOURSELF, and stick to them. Learn from any mistakes you may make.

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