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Share your ME TIME Stories as a Mother!

Just for Moms

Share your ME TIME Stories as a Mother!

We all know the importance of having time for ourselves -- what we call as our ME Time. Share with us your stories and experiences about the importance of having some time for yourself and how you spend your Me time! ... more

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  • Jun 18, 2019


Mehek Chauhan Aug 7, 2019

ME TIME! Its something irrespective of who we are and how busy we are...we all need it. We're all just so bogged down with work that we fail to give ourselves importance. Time is running by and in a blink of our eyes, 7 months in 2019 is over! Its just this morning I realized that I have hardly spent time on myself and for myself. Constantly running around for the kids, for my husband, for work, and for family. I can hardly remember when was the last time I took out time to just relax and watch a movie, to listen to music, paint, catch up with a friend, do some shopping or read a book. I feel I have not just lost time, I've lost a part of myself which I enjoyed doing. Today i made it a point to spend ATLEAST 30 mins everyday for doing something for my own self. I'm glad I found this discussion at the right time and it nice to see so many mommies resonating with me..

Aishwarya Sezhian Jul 16, 2019

I find myself always racing against time. From the time I wake up, in my head, I have so many things that need to be done before school ( My daughter and I go for half day) and then when we come back there's so much to do, and in the evenings again there is household chores and tuitions which I take at home. I was completely exhausted and then I decided to just sit for few minutes each morning to drink my tea. I usually eat while cooking standing at the kitchen, or forget to eat in my hurry to get something else done. I also make it a point not to lie down in the afternoons for atleast one hour by myself, where I read a book or magazine. I think as mother's we are so caught up in the house and getting things done for everyone in the family, its very important for us to just breathe, sit and lie down for sometime. To catch our breath before we start again.

Shabnam Desai Jul 16, 2019

I was employed with a travel institute as a vice principal until my kid was 3 yrs old. Then I decided to take a break and give him all the attention required as a mother i felt which was very much due to my son.
But I realised that I was getting too involved, making myself so busy that I did not have time for myself . No outings, even no time with friends, oh not to forget my husband.
I then decided to make the best by planning and time management which plays a crucial role in one's life. Once you are at home means we have to work throughout the day.
I work from home now. I decided to take a school where my kid leaves early morining and only comes in the afternoon.
So I get the entire morning that's around 7 hrs which I complete the house chores, my travel business spend time with my hubby and also have time for myself. To do something what I like, watching a serial etc.
I also explain to my kid that , we all need some space, like when you need to play and enjoy with your friends mumma doesn't worry you. So even mumma needs that little time for herself. So he understands that. I spend quality time with him and my husband. Also have plenty time for myself to do what I like.
Even my husband is very understanding and gives me my space. We need to respect one anothers feelings and that creates wonders.
Time management is very important .

Rashmi Jul 4, 2019

Nowadays, in an everyday busy schedule it is difficult for most of them to space out time for themselves especially for a mother. Mornings are very hectic where husband and kids leave for office and schools. I first take a morning walk in a park nearby with cool breezing wind amidst the nature. I then use the gym of the same park. At the same time I also take out some time to call up my mother which makes a perfect start of the day. After coming back I start with my household chores. I also enjoy cooking breakfast while humming my favourite songs. I then drop my kids to school. I finish other work like preparing lunch, cleaning etc. Sometimes I go out for a movie or shopping with my friends. I also go for temple and this makes me feel peaceful. My favourite past time is watching some of the TV shows, listening to music etc which brings relaxation to me. All this makes a perfect 'me time' for me

Vicky Jun 28, 2019

I love spending the day with my kids and husband. They are very supportive, caring and understanding. However, when I wake up in the morning, sipping a hot cup of green tea and reading the daily news is something I cherish everyday. I go to the balcony, observe the trees, the screeching and chirping of the birds and just breathe in the fresh morning air before getting into the rigmarole of my enjoyable and hectic daily life. And, I really look forward to the weekends to spend time and indulge with my family!!

Meena P Jul 3, 2019


Reading your piece infused a breath of fresh air within me, honestly. Sometimes keeping up with home and school becomes such a task for me. But, true a peaceful start to the day helps us remain more calm and focussed throughout the day!