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Now, a scientific and effective way to get a crying baby to go back to sleep

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Researchers say that approximately 20 to 30% of babies cry excessively and find it difficult to sleep for no apparent reason, causing parents a lot of stress. A recent study revealed that there is an effective way to get a crying baby back to sleep, and it’s something parents probably knew all along

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Now, a scientific and effective way to get a crying baby to go back to sleep

Japanese researchers say they have found a scientific method to soothe crying infants and settle them peacefully back in their cribs. The findings, published in the peer-reviewed journal Current Biology, were based on a study conducted with mothers and their babies aged five months and younger. The study recommends that to pacify a crying baby, an ideal solution is to pick them up and carry them around for five minutes without any abrupt or sudden changes in direction. After that, sit down and hold them for another five to eight minutes before putting them to bed.

Carrying a baby while moving about has been termed by the researchers as ‘the transport response.’ This method works in soothing babies and encourages them to go back to sleep. The results further showed that this walking-to-sit method even worked during the daytime.

Also, putting the baby down in the cot is stressful for many parents. No matter how gently or slowly the parents try to put the baby back in the cot, they wake up as soon as their head and body touch the mattress. As a solution, the scientists recommend that parents wait five to eight minutes after the baby is asleep before laying them back down, as they are more likely to stay asleep. Although they did stress that the result would vary depending on each baby.

The study showed that all crying babies calmed down, and their heart rates slowed within 30 seconds of the mother walking and carrying them. The heart rates of crying babies also slowed down when the babies were lying in a rocking motion. To read more about the study, click here.

Note: While the above-mentioned method may have been backed by research, it may not be the ‘only’ way to get a baby back to sleep. While researchers have warned that this approach may or may not work for all parents, there is no harm in trying it out.

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