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Tips and tricks you need to know for an easy travel with kids this holiday season

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All parents worry about their children's safety while on vacation. With a little bit of planning and preparedness, you can ensure a safe and injury-free holiday for your kids. Here's how

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Tips and tricks you need to know for an easy travel with kids this holiday season

Passports, tickets, identification documents, travel guides, and the right kind of clothes based on the weather are all on the checklist of parents when planning the perfect family vacation.

But, what about the safety of your family members? While traveling abroad or within the country, if you have either little kids or school-going children, it is essential to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety. Children love exploring, they are always curious to find out about new places, and they get excited in a novel environment.

So it's likely that they may get carried away in a new and unknown destination, and wander away from the family or be involved in a mishap. As parents, it is necessary to understand this and prepare for such unforeseen situations.

It is a good idea to do some research about the destination to which you are heading. Learn about the culture and history of the people there and a few words in the native language. For example, how they greet people, what type of outfits are appropriate to wear, are there any words or actions that are considered inappropriate, and so on. This way you can avoid showing any disrespect or breaking any laws unknowingly.

Here are some effective travel tips to keep your child safe on holiday

1. Choose bright or distinctive clothing
Dress your child in brightly colored clothes and be sure to remember what she is wearing
Distinctive clothing can help you locate your child even from a distance or amongst the crowd
2. Make some rules
If your kid is a toddler or preschooler, tell them that he should always hold your hand and never let go
If your child wants to go to the restroom or a shop, make sure one of the parents accompanies the child
For an older kid, make it a rule to never wander off without informing you and to always be within your eyesight
3. Share emergency numbers
Make a list of all emergency numbers including your number, contact details of any trusted acquaintance living in that area, or the hotel contact numbers, and give this to your child
For a younger kid, you can put a wristband with the important contact numbers behind it and tell him how to use it
4. Decide a landmark for meeting
Whenever you visit a crowded place like a theme park or a railway station, choose a spot, for example, a shop or a statue to meet up in case the child wanders off and is not able to see you
Give clear instructions to reach the chosen spot and wait there for you, and not to go looking for other family members elsewhere
5. Teach to locate safe strangers
Tell your kid that if she is lost, it would be a good idea to find someone and seek the person's help
Your little one can ask the stranger for help in locating you. But, it is very important to choose a safe stranger from whom she can get help. For example, she can reach out to other mothers with kids or a police officer in uniform
6. Prepare to deal with unreliable strangers
If your child is very little, tell him that if someone is forcefully trying to take him somewhere, he must shout out and alert passersby. For example, instead of just crying out mummy-mummy he must shout out this is not my parent, please help
Teach an older kid to be skeptical about anyone promising to take him to mom or dad. Tell your child that you would never leave them alone, so they must not trust anyone saying this. As a response, they can say, my father is standing right there and watching me
Teach your children never to take any eatable or drink offered by a stranger without your consent
7. Do double checks
Planning to leave your little one in the kid's zone of your hotel? Or theme parks?
Double-check on the safety. Never leave your kid in the play area, game zone, or the pool area alone. Make sure that some adult family member is always watching them.
8.Use child safety gadgets
There are child-safety gadgets to keep your little ones locked onto you
There are also GPS-accessed wristbands to check if your teenager is in close range
9. Prepare kids in advance
Instead of just making rules and asking to follow them strictly, it is better to make your kids aware of the seriousness of being lost in an unknown place
Teach the smaller kids that not all strangers who look and talk well are nice people
Make sure your little ones also know their personal information like their full name and parents' name. You can also make them memorize the hotel name where you are staying
What to do if your child gets lost when on a holiday   
  • Don't panic! Call out her name she might probably be around.
  • Do a thorough search. Start from where you last saw them? Think what might have captured her attention?
  • Seek help from the authorities. They can help you search for the kid faster if you know what your kid is wearing. Knowing a bit of the local language will be helpful here.
  • If you are unable to locate the child, reach out to the police immediately. Wasting time is not going to help. Make the complaint and get a copy of the same.
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