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Parental Control Apps To Monitor Your Child's Smartphone Activities

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Is your child addicted to the mobile phone? Are you worried about what she's actually watching? Check out these apps that will help you monitor, track and filter her activities.

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Parental Control Apps To Monitor Your Child's Smartphone Activities

We are in the 21st century where the Internet is a significant part of our lives. While the WWW has largely influenced us positively over the last two decades, the risks are starting to outweigh the benefits, at least in the last few years. At least, this is what most parents of pre-teens and teens believe. The 'vulnerable' youth now have access to pornography, unfiltered chats, crude and raw information and a highly opinionated environment.

According to the study, 'Digital Deception: Exploring the Disconnect between Parents and Kids', published by the leading antivirus company McAfee, teens spend more time on the Internet than their parents realise. The study reported that 92% of the survey respondents, all children and young adults, had at least one social media account.

Close to 25% of youths spend 5-6 hours online a day, when their parents think they only spend 1-2 hours a day. More alarming is the fact that over 86% of youths post personal information online.

Keeping track of your child's online activities can be difficult because questioning him would arouse suspicion. But you have a solution. Get tech savvy. Use mobile apps that allow you to monitor and block social networks and online gaming, and provide alerts and reports.

These apps perform several tasks - replace the default browser to restrict access to explicit material, track your child's location, monitor calls and text messages and more.

Let us take a closer look at some useful apps.

1) mLite - Family Phone Tracker

mLite is a popular cell phone tracking app, which allows you to monitor multiple things on your child's mobile phone. With mLite, you can:

Check every single SMS that your child sends or receives

Know who your child calls and gets calls from

Track the location of your child with a real-time GPS tracker

Ensure your child uses age-appropriate programmes with the help of the installed app's monitoring feature

Compatibility: iOS and Android

2) Kaspersky SafeKids - Kids Mode

Kaspersky SafeKids - Kids Mode helps protect your child from the dangers of the digital world. It has an array of features that provide screen time schedules, GPS safe zones, notifications of suspicious activities and summaries of your child's browsing history.

Compatibility: Android

3) Qustodio

This app tracks your child's online activities across a range of devices. One striking feature of Qustodio is that its real-time Internet filter blocks inappropriate content even in a private browsing mode. It has powerful social media monitoring tools, strong configuration and reporting capabilities.

Compatibility: iOS and Android.

4) KuuKla Parental Control

KuuKla Parental Control app lets parents restrict the way their child uses a device by setting PIN codes. After the app is downloaded and registration is complete, a PIN code is sent to the email address provided, which can be used only by parents to control the device.

You can monitor your child's screen time with KuuKla's time management feature.

Compatibility: Android

5) Family Time

Family Time is a must-have app for all parents. This parental app lets you monitor everything your child is doing on her mobile, and even controls certain aspects of phone usage. Its geo-fencing and location tracking features ensure your child is safe.

Other features of Family Time include a panic button that lets you know if your child is in trouble, app blocking, SMS tracking, access control, SOS, pick-up alerts, etc.

Compatibility: Android

6) Protect Kid Parental Control

Protect Kid Parental Control is an app that helps parents manage the time their child spends on his smartphone or tablet.

This app is available for download in two useful modes:

  • Kid's mode that can be used to block apps, set time limits and filter inappropriate websites by configuring the safe browser on your child's smartphone.
  • Parent's mode, with which you can remotely monitor the apps your child uses on his devices.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

7) Norton Family Parental Control

Norton, a familiar brand in the cyber world, is known for its antivirus and security programmes. You can install this app to see which websites your child visits regularly. This app enables you to restrict your child from accessing inappropriate websites. It also allows you to set up email alerts that notify you whenever your child attempts to access a website he should not.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

8) Net Nanny Parental Control App

The Net Nanny App was designed to let you know what your child is downloading on his mobile. It lets you know if he is viewing inappropriate content, accessing malicious apps that might pose a threat to his security or spending too much time playing video games.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

9) Parental Control Board

This app lets you review what your child has watched on YouTube, track her geolocation and block specific numbers. One of the most effective free parental apps, it has advanced features like setting time limits, restricting prohibited apps, blocking content, monitoring calls and messaging.

Compatibility: Android

These apps help you track your child's mobile use and prevent the occurrence of any untoward incident.

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