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    Ooty Weather: Tips To Take Care Of Your Child

    V Saravana Kumar V Saravana Kumar 8 Mins Read

    V Saravana Kumar V Saravana Kumar


    Written by V Saravana Kumar and published on 17 July 2021.

    Planning to go on a trip to Ooty to beat the heat this summer? Be sure you are well-prepared to take care of your child in the cold weather of the blue hills. Read on for a few tips.

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    Ooty Weather: Tips To Take Care Of Your Child

    Ooty is one of the most-desired summer travel destinations, with its refreshingly cool weather and enchanting natural beauty. But, you also need to take some precautions against the weather when while travelling to Ooty with your child. Here's a look at what you need to do.

    Clothing: The weather in Ooty isn't freezing cold in summer. But nevertheless, it possibly would be a lot cooler than your hometown. Hence, you would need to dress your child in light woollen sweaters and pullovers to protect him from the cold. But, always make sure that these are worn over a layer of light and soft cotton innerwear. Also, keep your child's ears covered using a monkey cap, to avoid frostbite. Gloves, sunglasses, caps, mufflers and shawls are also some must-haves.

    Footwear: A good pair of shoes or boots and woollen socks will protect your child's feet from the cold. These will also help your child enjoy a walk through the cold grassy lawns and hike up the hills with ease. Be careful not to choose high-heeled or slippery-soled footwear.

    Medicines: Your child could be susceptible to minor niggles like cold, cough, and sometimes, even mild fever due to the cold weather in Ooty. So, ask your child's paediatrician to prescribe some medicines to take along with you to meet any such eventuality. Travelling uphill and downhill might cause your child to vomit or feel nauseous; so, pack in some medicines for these as well. Also, keep a cough syrup and a cold rub ready in your kit.

    Skincare: The cold weather and direct exposure to sunlight might cause blisters on the skin. So, be sure to carry a cold cream as well as a sunscreen to protect your child's delicate skin.

    Thermos flask: Keeping your child hydrated is very important even in cold weather. At, regular intervals, make her drink small quantities of warm water or any beverage stored in a thermos flask. This would not only supply her with the required fluids, but also make her feel energetic.

    Umbrella: Hill stations like Ooty are known for showers of short duration every now and then. Although they perk up our mood and make the place seem more beautiful, it's not safe for your child to get drenched in rain. So, always carry umbrellas for everyone in the family, including an umbrella hat for your child.

    Napkins: The chilly weather might cause a runny nose in your child. So, carry a pack of paper napkins with you. Wet wipes too will come in handy to keep your child's face and hands clean. If you have a baby in your family, carry along enough diapers. But, dispose them off only in dustbins and don't litter the serene hills by throwing them away along the way.

    Snacks: It's always safe to pack homemade snacks whenever you travel with your little one. Although snacks are readily available everywhere, you can't always vouch for their quality and hygiene. So, carry sufficient quantity of snacks like homemade cookies, cakes, laddoos, and murukkus that your child can joyfully munch on. Also, take enough tins of baby food in case you take a baby along.

    Room heater: Although all the major hotels in Ooty provide room-heating equipment, it's always safe to carry a portable room heater with you. This would ensure that you are able to keep your child warm, no matter where you are.

    Here are some other safety measures you should take, even though they aren't related to weather:

    • Driving through the ghat roads can be tricky even for experienced drivers. So, if you are driving your own vehicle to Ooty, be extra-cautious while negotiating the sharp hairpin bends. If you are being driven around by a driver, make sure that he follows all the safe driving practices. With children in the vehicle, it is always safe to drive slowly and carefully to prevent altitude sickness or nausea.
    • While booking a room in Ooty, either online of offline, always look for hotels that have received positive feedback from fellow travellers. Also, check if they have the required facilities like easy access roads, clean rooms with heaters, restaurants that serve tasty and hygienic food, and spacious play areas for your little ones.
    • The lake in Ooty is a fantastic landmark that covers a huge area of 65 acres. Having a boat ride on its cold waters is a dream for every tourist who visits Ooty, and you may not be an exception. But, while doing so, ensure that everyone is wearing a life jacket and that the number of people boarding the boat do not exceed its capacity. Also, keep an eye on your child and make sure he keeps away from the edge of the boat.
    • Last but not the least, here's something you should do for the environment. Ooty, which is nestled in the Western Ghats, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has a very diverse yet fragile biodiversity. So, be a responsible tourist and make sure you do your best to protect Ooty's ecosystem by not littering, wasting natural resources, trespassing through reserved forest areas and following local conservation practices. This way, you do your bit to the protect mother nature and set a good example to your child to follow.

    The 'Queen of Hills' is always ready to charm your family, welcoming you with open arms. All you need to do is just keep in mind the safety measures discussed above and make your trip a memorable one, especially for your child. Bon voyage!

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