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  3. Top 10 amazing benefits and uses of neem leaves: From treating skin issues to soothing tired eyes, neem is a herb that heals

Top 10 amazing benefits and uses of neem leaves: From treating skin issues to soothing tired eyes, neem is a herb that heals

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Do you know that the bitter leaves of the neem have healing powers? Due to its properties, neem has been used to treat several ailments. Find out the benefits and uses of this miraculous plant

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Top 10 amazing benefits and uses of neem leaves: From treating skin issues to soothing tired eyes, neem is a herb that heals

Pari Mukherjee, a college-going girl, is facing an issue that every teen faces once in a while - acne. She loves the outdoors and never misses an opportunity to go for a trek or a hike. However, these days, she is suffering from acne and skin breakouts which have caused her to stay indoors most of the time. Pari has been trying various creams, lotions, and face washes. But, the problem persists.

One day, Pari's grandmother notices her problem and suggests an inexpensive and effective remedy - Neem. Now, the regular use of neem paste has considerably reduced the acne problem of Pari and has left her skin free from eruptions and blemishes.

The benefits of Neem leaves are numerous. It has multiple uses. In fact, all parts of the neem tree are used in various herbal preparations. From diabetes to dandruff, the neem leaves are said to have a cure for all. Here's is how you can reap the advantages from this wonder leaf.

Dr Gowthaman Krishnamoorthy, a leading Ayurveda specialist, says, "Neem is one of the most versatile plants. It can boost our immunity to fight infections. Ayurveda says neem is excellent in taking care of ailments occurring because of excess pitta dosha."

He adds, "Patients suffering from chickenpox are recommended to sleep on neem leaves. These leaves are known to neutralize insects, mites and ticks. Neem is also used for blood purification."

Benefits of Neem leaves

Top 10 Benefits Of Neem Leaves

1. Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent

Neem leaves have anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, neem oil works very well in treating pain from arthritis. Neem oil or paste when applied to aching joints and muscles caused by arthritis, works very well. Neem oil massage can significantly reduce pain and discomfort in arthritis patients. Regular application can even increase flexibility in such patients.

2. Treats diabetes

It is said that the consumption of neem leaves lowers sugar levels. People with type 2 diabetes include it in their food to check their blood glucose levels. Regular consumption of neem leaves also delays the onset of diabetes in high-risk individuals. The chemical components of neem optimize insulin receptor function in the body and ensure that it is receiving appropriate amounts of insulin.

3. Treats skin problems

Neem leaves can destroy the bacteria that cause skin infections. This antibacterial property of neem makes it an excellent remedy for all kinds of skin problems. The paste of the neem leaves can be used to treat mild skin diseases like eczema, ringworms and itching. The paste also helps to treat dark spots on skin and in eruptions. Neem contains an astringent, which helps in skin tightening and thus delays the onset of wrinkles and aging.

4. Removes dandruff

Neem oil and extracts are commonly used in shampoos and soaps because of their antifungal and antibacterial properties. Neem acts as a tonic for hair, its antioxidant content strengthens the hair and eliminates dandruff. Neem also helps in keeping the skin hydrated. Neem paste on the scalp is also used to lice infestation in school-going kids.

5. Soothes tired eyes

A mixture made of neem leaves is used to soothe eye troubles like irritation, tiredness and redness.

6. Treats dental issues

Neem improves the gums as it removes tooth decay and treats gingivitis. Neem extract is used extensively in mouthwashes and toothpaste as the antibacterial properties of neem helps in treating periodontal disease and bad breath (halitosis.) Brushing your teeth with neem twigs also strengthens the gums and removes the bacteria from the gums. Neem twig can also treat swollen gums and regular brushing gives you whiter teeth.

7. Eliminates toxin

Neem also helps in eliminating toxins from the body by stimulating the liver and the kidneys. By eliminating toxins, neem can optimize the metabolic activities of the body.

8. Improves gastric conditions

Neem has proved to be beneficial in treating inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Reducing inflammation there helps in treating ulcers and a wide range of other intestinal issues, like constipation, bloating and cramping. To treat stomach flu and infection, neem could be safely used.

9. Repels insects

Neem acts as a natural mosquito and insect repellent. The best part is that neem is a non-toxic mosquito repellent.

10. Kills intestinal worms

Neem is used to kill parasites in the stomach. For long, neem leaves are in use as deworming food. The main advantage of neem as deworming food is that it not only kills the parasites, but it also removes the toxins that parasites leave behind.

Benefits of eating neem leaves on an empty stomach

There are several benefits of having neem leaves on an empty stomach. However, it is not advisable to have neem leaves throughout the year, Ayurveda suggests having neem leaves on an empty stomach during the month of March and April.

How to use it:

Dr Gowthaman Krishnamoorthy shares some ways of using neem.

  • A decoction can be prepared from the roots of the neem tree. It is used to relieve fever.
  • The paste of neem leaves is applied on the skin to treat acne and other skin eruptions.
  • Neem leaves could be added to the bath to get rid of any skin issues. Regular use of neem leaves in the bath can cure many types of skin diseases.
  • The crushed leaves of neem are applied to itching and

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