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    Raising respectful boys: Daily conversations that can bring about a change

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    Written by Team ParentCircle and published on 23 January 2022.

    As a parent, your everyday conversations with your son can greatly impact his thinking, as well as his interactions with the opposite sex. After all, change really and truly does begin at home

    Toddler to 18+
    Raising respectful boys: Daily conversations that can bring about a change

    We are often guilty of 'gender stereotypes' knowingly or unknowingly. To raise respectful boys, we should stop using a list of words and phrases at home. We're calling it the T-12 rule since it is among the fastest ways to bring about a change.

    Boys have emotions too

    Wrong: Why are you crying like a girl?
    Right: You seem to be upset about something. Do you want to talk about it?

    Boys are as much responsible as girls

    Wrong: Boys will be boys (even if the phrase is used for fun).
    Right: Children will be children.

    Being brave isn't about being 'manly'

    Wrong: In tough situations, behave like a man.
    Right: In tough situations, be brave and resilient.

    Women can be assertive too

    Wrong: She is so aggressive like a man, at work
    Right: She is an assertive leader at work.

    Household work is not just girls' responsibility

    Wrong: Son, ask your sister to set the table.
    Right: Son, it's your turn to set the table today.

    Doing household work doesn't diminish stature

    Wrong: He is a henpecked husband. He does household chores.
    Right: He lends a helping hand at home.

    Girls are not the only ones who complain

    Wrong: What are you complaining for, like a girl?
    Right: What are you complaining about?

    Women can have muscles too

    Wrong: She is too muscular, like a man.
    Right: She is fit and healthy.

    Football can be played by both boys and girls

    Wrong: Why does your sister have to play football? It's a boy's game.
    Right: Your sister has a natural talent for the game.

    Boys can be as sincere as girls

    Wrong: You boys never do your work on time. Only the girls are sincere about their work.
    Right: A few of you never do your work on time.

    Women shouldn't have to be confined to desk jobs

    Wrong: I want her to take up a desk job. Leave the outdoor jobs to the boys.
    Right: She can choose what she is most comfortable with.

    Boys can feel scared too

    Wrong: Don't be a sissy. It's only a lizard.
    Right: The lizard scared you?

    You can take inspiration from these examples to come up with your own phrases in such daily conversations. The main idea here is to not divide human qualities, e.g. bravery, sincerity, building muscles, etc. by gender. This will help your son learn that there's nothing wrong with boys being emotional or, girls being assertive.

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