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    How can I get my child to stop playing when playtime is over?

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    When a child is engrossed in doing something she enjoys, including playing, it becomes very difficult for her to stop. So, if you get angry or threaten your child at this moment because you feel she is not listening and is being disobedient, your child may either ‘obey’ you out of fear, or she may start to cry and throw a tantrum. Here are some tips to help you handle such situations:

    • Make sure you discuss with your child how long she can play or do an activity, whether it be painting or playing with friends. Set a timer to let her know when time is up.
    • Children, young ones, in particular, find it difficult to suddenly transition from one activity to another. Give a gentle reminder – say 10 minutes before and then again 5 minutes before the time is up. This will give your child enough time to start winding down the activity as she prepares to stop.
    • Appreciate and thank her when she stops her activity at the planned time.
    • Direct your child to another activity that may interest her, something she can look forward to. For example, if she is out in the playground you can tell her that after she is done playing, you will let her play her choice of music at home.

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