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    DIY: How To Make A Teddy Bear At Home

    Monali Bordoloi Monali Bordoloi 6 Mins Read

    Monali Bordoloi Monali Bordoloi


    Written by Monali Bordoloi and published on 13 July 2021.

    One of the most-loved toys of childhood days, the cuddly teddy bears have found their place in almost every household. Here are some simple video tutorials to make your own teddy bears at home.

    Toddler to Pre-teen
    DIY: How To Make A Teddy Bear At Home
    You really don't have to be young to find a friend in a teddy bear

    Teddy bears are one of the sweetest memories of our childhood. These cute and cuddly toys make their presence felt in every other household. It is most likely that you too had a favourite teddy bear, growing up. Teddy bears have always caught the fancy of the young and the not-so-young. If you've ever wanted to make a teddy bear of your own, this is your chance! You can pick your choice of material, and then personalise it however you like. Try making one with your child or as a gift for someone special.

    With schools closed and kids at home, parents are dealing with complaints of boredom from their children. This cute project could be the answer to keep them engaged and entertained. So, introduce the concept of making a teddy at home to your child and watch him erupt with joy. Rest assured; these craft activities would keep them busy. Have fun and spend some quality time doing it together. And your labour of love will be cherished by your child, no doubt! The best part is that you need not be a 'craftsy' person to make these bears. The tutorials we have compiled for you can be easily followed by anyone!

    Here is a compilation of five teddy bear-making tutorials that use material that can be found in most homes or procured easily. Just follow the easy instructions and you will have a nice teddy bear in no time!

    How to make a teddy bear at home

    When it comes to making a teddy bear, there are a lot of options in terms of materials. All you need to do is decide the size and material for the craft. These curated DIY videos make use of materials such as socks, towels, old bulbs, scrap fabrics and wool to make a bear. Scroll through the options below and figure out what type of material you have at hand for your teddy bear craft. You can also show your child the videos we have curated for you and then ask for her favourite one - this would surely build up the excitement for both you and your child.

    So, ready to go all artsy? Check out these videos:

    How to make a teddy bear from a towel

    Things you will need: One colourful microfibre towel, pink felt, eyes, ribbons for decorations

    How to make a teddy bear out of old bulb

    Things you will need: Old bulb, cotton, cardboard, ribbons to decorate and glue.

    How to make a teddy bear out of socks

    Things you will need: Old socks, preferably with no prints, cotton, ribbon for decorations, black marker pen.

    How to make a pom pom teddy bear with wool

    Things you will need: Different colours of wool, black felt, glue.

    How to make a teddy bear with fabric

    Things you will need: Fabric for the design, micro fibre, ribbons for decorations.

    Creating something with your own hands is always special. More so when you see the joy in your child's eyes. These engaging crafts is sure to keep you and your child busy. So, which one out of these teddy bear crafts are you most likely to try? Share photos of your craft projects with us.

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    Written by Monali Bordoloi on 11 June 2020.

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