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    How To Help Your Child Have A Good School Year

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    Here are some ways you can ensure that your child has a good academic year and excels in studies as well as extracurricular activities.

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    How To Help Your Child Have A Good School Year

    A new academic year brings with it excitement and anxiety in equal measure. While children are excited to meet their friends, new teachers and learn new skills at the beginning of the year, they are equally apprehensive about their performance, grades and the challenges they'll face through the year. As parents, you play an important role in allaying their fears and helping them have a good school year. Here are some things you can do to make sure that your child has a successful year at school and becomes a more confident and a happy individual.

    At Home

    Get organised: Organisation is the key to success. Ensure that your child's school supplies, books and notebooks are in proper order. Check his school diary every day for updates or announcements. Make sure his study space is free of any clutter and gets enough light and ventilation.

    Prepare in advance: Don't keep anything for the last minute. Whether it's submitting an assignment or preparing for a class test, ensure that your child does all his work in advance. This will not only help her learn but also become more confident and perform better at school.

    Set up a schedule: A set routine helps your child achieve his goals more efficiently. Help him organise his study space and ensure he devotes fixed number of hours for studying every day. At the same time, make sure he has time to pursue hobbies and unwind after school. Stick to a steady schedule during the week and be more flexible during the weekends. However, make sure you don't vary meal times and bed time by a lot during the weekends, as this will only make him feel exhausted at the beginning of the week.

    Ensure proper sleep: Your child needs her minimum quota of sleep every day to feel fresh and rejuvenated the next day. Avoid digital distractions before bed time and keep phones and other gadgets out of your child's bedroom. This will help in ensuring that she gets enough sleep every day. However, if she's having restless nights due to anxiety or other problems, consult experts to address the situation.

    Get talking: An open channel of communication is important for your child to have a good academic year. Show interest in his school work and extracurricular activities and be available to address any questions he has. Learn to listen to him and pay attention to what he's leaving unsaid. Be encouraging and patient, but do not coerce him to talk if he's unwilling to do so at any point of time. Give him time and let him know you are there to listen, if he wants to talk about any issues that may be bothering him.

    Ensure leisure time: With increasing academic pressure, it's important that your child finds time to pursue her passions and interests or simply relax and unwind after a busy school day. Help her have a healthy school and home life balance by setting aside some time during the day where she is free to do anything she wants. You could even organise activities that you can do with her after school. This will also help you bond with your child.

    At school

    Encourage him to participate: Whether it's debates, declamations or dance competitions, encourage your child to participate in all school activities as far as possible. This will not only help him hone his skills and discover his hidden talents, but it will also build his confidence and help him engage more with his peers and his teachers.

    Strengthen teacher-parent partnership: Your child spends a significant amount of time of her early life in school. To help her become a well-rounded individual, it's essential that you and your child's teacher have a good understanding between you. A strong parent-teacher partnership helps a child excel in school and in life.

    Get the school calendar: Go thoroughly through the school calendar and mark the important dates on your calendar at home. This will make sure that your child is always prepared for class tests and other assignment submissions in advance and, as a family, you can plan your holidays around the important dates as well.

    Ask for feedback: Always remember to ask your child's teacher's feedback on how he is progressing in school. If the teacher raises some concerns, ask for his help in addressing the problem. Keep the line of communication with his teacher open at all times.

    Participate: If you show an interest in participating in your child's education and school activities, it will teach her to take her school as seriously as you do. This will also help you network with other parents and help you understand better the school's philosophies and method of education.

    A parent's daily to-do list

    Follow these tips every day and make sure your child does the same

    • Make time for meals
    • Read every day with your child
    • Spend quality time
    • Teach a new word every day
    • Exercise and encourage your child to do the same
    • Eat healthy and ensure your child follows your example

    Help your child have a good year at school by following these tips, so he can look back at the year gone by and feel proud of his achievements.

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