Behaviour and Discipline

Okay, so whenever something goes missing in my house, my 3-year-old helpfully suggests that it must be the furry old black cats job. It was funny until the cat took away my wallet and I found it in my daughters toy chest two days later! I live in a joint family and such happenings usually attract a great deal of giggles. But Im worried if she will pick it up as a habit! How do I discipline her? ... more


Neha Verma Jul 15, 2018

Kids little play jacks usually create giggles in the family but as yet grow the same habits might cause eyes turning big ... make her understand slowly, that's lying isn't good and create ways in which she comes and tell u the truth... I know she's still tiny but learning good things at this age in only beneficial for her .. times are carving a niche around kids in diverse manners so keep a track of every single activity ... Hope this works .. Good luck

Devi Feb 3, 2018

One simple tip is to keep the cat as a guard for the things. Play the same game with the child telling that he will be the protect the stuff from the cat. Let him enjoy the other side of the game. Appreciate him often for doing the right job.

Arundhati Swamy Jan 31, 2018

Hi. Thanks for starting this discussion about a big-time concern of parents. Here are some links to articles on this platform, that help us understand why kids lie, and what we can do about it. Do let me know if they were helpful.

Sindhu Jan 30, 2018

I hear you! I have two boys,4 and 12. We got a pack of chocolates from a visiting relative. I hid the pack after giving them both a handful to share. I find the pack empty within two days. When I question them, the younger immediately starts to accuse the elder one. And Im sure its my younger son who is responsible for the missing chocolates. Like you said, although it sounds funny now, I wonder if he will continue doing this into his adult life. I clearly see he lies when he is afraid of consequences all we do is talk to him sternly. But my husband says we all mustve lied. But we turned out fine.